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You MUST Market Yourself As A Graphic Designer 2019

You MUST Market Yourself As A Graphic Designer 2019

why is self-marketing so fundamental in
growing a graphic design business in 2019 I’m gonna supply all of the
knowledge the facts and the tips for marketing yourself as a graphic designer
welcome back to Satori graphics and let me kick off today’s video with a quick
question so how do you go from a hundred views per month on your work to 10,000
views on your work it’s all about marketing and in today’s video I’m gonna
show you some free also some paid versions of marketing yourself as a
graphic designer that you can do right now so it is 2019
and this is the age of social media and so social media is free advertising for
you your portfolio of work and your graphic design career you really cannot
throw out the chance of the utilizing and leveraging social media to market
yourself as a graphic designer so before I get into the content you need to be
posting as a graphic designer how is social media so powerful but
essentially social media is the sharing of ideas and information and if
something triggers someone emotionally then they are inclined to share that
post to everybody else on their friends list so you really want to be triggering
people to repost your submissions on social media and spread the word of who
you are and your accounts so it goes from many posts on many social media
platforms to many eyes viewing your work to more potential clients at the very
end of the video I’m gonna tell you the big secret on how YouTube really can
change your graphic design career in unimaginable ways so stay tuned to the
very end if you want to hear how YouTube has also changed my career – so what
kind of content do you only posting on social media well firstly graphics is a
no-brainer because as well regret for designers of course and
graphics really make that post that much more interesting to people rather than
just text on a screen so they’re more inclined to share it to other people and
it should be noted that all of your graphic design posts should appeal to a
specific niche audience just like with any graphic design project you need to
be appealing to a specific target market now wait a minute
target market we’re not actually selling something to people well
actually you kind of are you’re selling something for free as information but to
take for example a beauty blogger if you check out their social media posts they
often use colors and hues that are have skin tones and natural kind of colors
and the fonts used often are feminine and natural and also really really
genuine in nature this isn’t by mistake this isn’t some kind of coincidence they
are appealing to their target market by the style of their posts on social media
this is only going to enhance the share ability of their posts to spread the
word of who they are now a really big one for graphic designers is to be
posting imagery as in photographs of yourself your gadgets your tech and also
behind the scenes stuff as well if you let people and your audience into the
behind the scenes of your graphic design workflow it kind of makes it more
personal and also it shows that you’re an active graphic designer and you’re
ready to be taken on board for a project and also if you’ve got some new tech
like a new camera or a new laptop or something flaunting that stuff on social
media just to solidify yourself as a graphic designer
now you’ve probably all seen them on the internet on social media and that is
those motivational quotes you know like I wake up in a positive mood and go out
with a smile and your day will be bright it’s kind of things actually I’m all for
positivity I think it’s a really strong mentality to have but as a graphic
designer it is wise to post you know graphic design or art related quotes
these are gonna be very shareable and they’re gonna be interesting to people
in your niche and thus your posts are gonna spread around the internet that
much more and lastly for the content side of things
we’ve got humor everybody likes to laugh everyone likes a chuckle now and again
so posting humorous content it’s quite a good move that is if you’re wise about
what you’re doing because what you find funny
the next person might not find that funny so yet do be careful about what
you post in terms of humor so that’s the kind of content that you want to be
sharing on social media but what’s a strategy for really exploding and
growing your business you need to be linking away from your social media
accounts in your posts and on your account as well so maybe have an
external website with your portfolio work on and link
your bio and also in some posts now and again but just remember that everything
you post should fall in line with your niche target market and also your
branding as well because that’s quite important that you have a running theme
and style throughout the entire social media account I need to look at your
posts and realize oh that’s from so-and-so or oh that’s from her and I
need to know it’s from you and I used to have your signature within the style of
the design this is gonna make you stand out from the crowd and this is really
gonna solidify yourself as a graphic designer
and it’s something I’ve never spoken about before and actually I’m thinking
about utilizing this myself not for graphic design before business in
general and that is lead magnets if you don’t know what lead magnet is I’m gonna
put some links down description box below but essentially a lead magnet is a
free download that people can utilize for their own personal game but the only
way that they can download this PDF for whatever it is they have to give up the
email address as a kind of trade you want to grab the email address onto an
email list examples of lead magnets are maybe a mini tutorial or a FAQ sheets or
cheat sheets were like a list of top 10 gadgets in 2019 they’re going to enable
someone to have the next step to the end goal and that end goal was gonna require
many many steps but your download will fill in one piece of that puzzle so as
an example I could make a PDF cheat sheet of all of the keyboard shortcuts
for a debut illustrator and then someone can download that and just refer it back
to it whenever they need to and in return I get an email address
so once you’ve grown a large email list you can send out weekly emails you can
market yourself from there and say for example you’re gonna sell a business
card for 25 or 50 percent off this week so lastly it’s that big reveal this and how has it changed my career how can I change yours too I
started making videos about three years ago now actually and for the first year
I gained you know the most traction my videos are really really bad to be
honest with you they’re cringe-worthy material now a fellow bag but YouTube is
owned by Google and together they are the biggest lie
just machine search algorithm on the Internet in general everybody uses
Google and also YouTube to search for things they want to know find out be
entertained whatever you name it people are searching millions and millions of
times every single day on these two platforms and because now I’ve got
traction after grinding so hard on this channel I get emails literally every
other day asking me to work on a project because someone has seen my video on
YouTube either they’ve come across only to directly what if Google something and
my videos come up you can see how powerful this is because I’m actually
turning down jobs left right and center mainly because I have no time and I’m
working on different projects right now but don’t get it twisted it does take a
lot of time to actually get to a point where you have ten thousand a hundred
thousand five hundred thousand subscribers on this platform I think it
took me about five months to get my first thousand subscribers or one
hundred account remember now but then it started to snowball after that I
calculated I spent around seven thousand hours making YouTube content over the
last two and a half years or so yeah YouTube is a mountain and is a grind but
social media and social media platforms they are less of a grind but they are
still things that require a lot of time and effort and patience but back in the
day you had to pay for advertising you had to pay for this kind of exposure in
2019 you guys have got it completely for free if you do it properly there are
other things you can look into like Facebook groups and also Facebook paid
advertising and even you can advertise on YouTube here you know these this
adverts you see at a star of a video there are so many different ways to
market yourself for free and also you know paid ways to do you think you use
social media to the fullest or do you think you need to spend more time
working in your game right here on internet I’d love to hear from you down
below so do let me know what you thought today’s video and also what you want to
see on my channel go ahead and kill it on social media and until next time guys
design your future today

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  2. Great work Satori on your YT. I think I subscribed to your channel when it was still in the 2 digits! And now its in the 200+k. 3 years paid off indeed.
    I so wanted to do YT but I'm an introvert. Still looking on a way to make it happen though ✌😁

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