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hey guys so basically yeah who just won six hundred and ten million dollars in a lottery scam scam case basically the file just lost it back in two thousand eight so a few years ago quite significant time ago basically the lawsuit was against some nigerian and tie group basically what they did was through december two thousand six and may 2009 they started you know sending people emails in mass well 11.7 million emails to be exact that apparently were regarding a lottery that the person is 10 and then that do it have to pay like a feet or something for it in order to get the money or something something of that um so yeah years and years later yahoo finally won this is some this is significant money for them and you're probably what 610 million dollars nuns aren't really for a company well yeah it is sort of considering um yahoo has you know been sort of you know going down the hill in their profit department this 610 million dollars should help them increase their net loss because they haven't report been reporting and earning their have been reporting losses um so hopefully this helps yahoo um really i mean it the i don't think this is going to help Yahoo stay alive i think i'm still putting my estimation on Yahoo's death in around to doing after two years around four years give or take the year four or five maybe three bombs in forres in like you know there but yeah may hopefully this helps them yeah who survived probably not but you know everyone can hope I'm cinemas comment rate and subscribe

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