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What You’re Saying Vs. What They’re Hearing

What You’re Saying Vs. What They’re Hearing

When we’re crafting our
communications with our audience whether it’s our clients,
our customers or our partners, it’s very important that we’re
considerate of the perspective of our reader or listener
over that of our own. Everyone has a perspective. Everyone has a set of knowledge
or understanding about what something means. Across all sectors there’s
specific language, terminology, expressions,
abbreviations, acronyms and colloquialisms that are just
simply understood by everyone who’s in that
same area. And more often than not, if
you are in a particular sector, you probably spend time with
other people in that same sector who share the same understanding
of language and knowledge. The trouble is, sometimes
we forget that not everyone is in the same loop,
and we’re susceptible to falling into the trap where
we assume that everyone knows what we know. This can lead to ineffective,
unclear and even misinterpreted
communications. And this problem is not just
limited to technical language but even just general statements that are simply open
to interpretation. So remember when you’re crafting
any type of communication, be aware of the perspective
of your audience and consider how they may
interpret what it is that you’re saying. By understanding who your
audience is, and considering their
perspective, along with being clear and
articulate in your messaging, you’ll ensure that your
communication is more effective and meaningful. Let me know what you think in
the comments below and be sure to follow or
subscribe for more videos on creative and brand strategy. I’m Philip Agnello from
Philip Agnello Creative Consulting.

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