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The Stanley Parable Responds to Your Letters and Emails

The Stanley Parable Responds to Your Letters and Emails

In the months since we announced The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe… we’ve been hard at work, and had little time to share updates. So I thought it would be nice to take a moment… to respond to a few of the letters and emails we’ve received from you, the fans. Let’s open up the mail bag and have a look. Here we have a letter from Tim Richmond, who writes… Well goodness, Tim! Thank you very much for your thoughtful concerns around the final quality of the game. But let me put your fears to rest. We gave ourselves plenty of time to make exactly the game we wanted to make. No compromises! Now it’s true that there is very little time left in the year… but we intend to stick by our commitment to you, the gamers. Promises of a 2019 release were made, and those promises will be kept no matter what. You have my word. Your concerns are
noted, but not necessary. Let’s look at another one, this one from Alma Redmond, who writes… Now Alma, I really do appreciate the extra thoughtfulness… but the truth is that we’ve experienced no complications or compromising external factors whatsoever. To characterize a game’s development as anything other than a steady current of unhindered forward momentum would be grossly inaccurate. I always appreciate when others feel shame on my behalf… but in this case, it’s strictly not necessary. Would it be nice to have a little extra breathing room, just in case? Hm, sure, I suppose. But really, we’re fine. Okay, our next email is from James P. who writes… Wow. I’m – I’m actually quite moved by the vulnerability of this letter. To have such naked faith in us to deliver a product of such high quality… and to be so willing to wait a little bit longer for it is – – is this truly the level of trust that our fans have in us? That they are so quick to sacrifice their own short-term gratification for the health of our game and our studio? Well I have to say, I’ve never felt so deeply connected to our fanbase before. Yes, yes, I too can take a stand. I will give our beloved fans what they’ve been asking for… what they’ve demanded across dozens of other emails and hand-written letters exactly like these. I will be a champion for you, the People. You have spoke to us loud and clear… thousands of voices ringing out in a single unified chorus… echoing one message over and over. And that message is… You spoke these words to us, and we are listening. Rise up, gamers. Rise and make your demands. Rally behind these words, etch them in your soul, die for them if you have to. Let nothing stand between you – all of you – and this valiant future you have collectively willed into being. A future where The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe comes out in 2020. Together we will create this world, for the People, for the gamers, for you…

100 thoughts on “The Stanley Parable Responds to Your Letters and Emails

  1. Just found out there's gonna be an expansion to Stanley Parable? I'd be excited but I have 2 more years before I can get "go outside" ;_; nooooooooo(last played sept 23, 2016)

  2. Only the Stanley Parable could ever pull off a delay announcement like this and make it come of as something truly great.

  3. S'alright. I understand. Just as long as I know that I am getting more content for The Stanley Parable is enough to keep me going.

  4. The only question i ever wanted answered is…Will there be an extended version of a broom closet ending? As perfect as it was in the original game, i wonder if you manage to make it even better.

  5. OMFG, that voice in my head, again. And again.
    I want more of it.

    In 2020. Or a bit later. If it requires that much waiting.

  6. "A fantastic game that is late is only late up until the very second it releases, but will forever remain fantastic, while a terrible game pushed out earlier than it should be will always be remembered as terrible."

    Now read that as Kevan Brighting's narrator voice. I think it fits kinda well.

  7. A few years ago when I was around 14 or 15, I sent Kevan Brighting a fan letter because I loved his voicework in TSP. I got a custom sound byte in response, as well as a phone call that was likely made at like 3 in the morning his time because I live in the US.

    He's such a kind person, and I believe that this kindness is what inspired him (and only him, no other team members were involved in the decision) to personally delay the game.

  8. ~First letter~
    Oh, this is nice. I appreciate this little addition to my day, thank you.

    ~Second letter~
    … It's going to be delayed, isn't it?

    ~Third letter~
    A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is forever bad.
    please take your time.

    I'll wait.

  9. So let's be real. The main reason that everyone is ok with a delay is because majority of us haven't got the achievement for not playing for 5 years

  10. All I want to know is if the game is being delayed BECAUSE people asked for it, or if it actually needed to be and this was just a hilarious way of telling us XD

  11. I would be mad at them. But this is the right choice. There are far too many games being pushed out before properly tested and fixed. * cough * FALLOUT 76 * cough *. But I have to agree that in order to make this the best game ever, they're gonna need more time. I'm willing to wait.

  12. another INCREDIBLY SERIOUS suggestion:
    delay until 2040, probably before summer, when total immersion into artificial reality would be possible, so that humanity could fully taste that groundbreaking masterpiece

  13. Im concerned that people are going to overhype it and then hate it because it doesnt give them irl god powers, super smarts, a girlfriend and shoot laser beams at terrorists even when it’ll likely be a perfectly fine game.

  14. I forgot this was releasing but dammit if this didn't remind me how much I love this game. Honestly thank you I'm 100% for the delay if it means a better game. >.> now if I could just play it in VR..

  15. Since I played the stanley parable for the first time, I truly, deeply regretted waiting for so long before trying the game. I regretted not being there for it, not being when it needed me the most. When I could have helped it. But I bought it in the end, anyway, and everything changed after I went outside. I truly discovered life as it was supposed to be, as the sun shed its light directly onto my skin, the greenery of the trees and the gray and silver and golden and reddish colours of the multitude of houses kept busting into my eyes in its reality, and the blue sky covered all that was above me, aside from the rare and sometimes not-so-rare clouds of white and grey before the rain, and there, too, I felt what it was to be out in the shower and under the rain, the extasy of feeling my clothes stick to my body and the gentle coldness of the water and the air embrace me so gently.
    How much I hated it.
    Which is why I am so happy to be here today, to be able to see this thing once again, but this time, unlike my father, to be there for it in its moment of glory, and, unlike my father, to be patient with it, until the game and the developers feel ready to deliver what they have dreamed of. Because I am aware it is beyond my own dreams, and I know it will surprise me like the last time. But even then, I am anxious to see and feel what thoughtful or fun message it might have.
    In any case, now I know it can't be as bad as going outside.

  16. You guys dont even have to make games. You could just make videos with this voice actor and just create short stories using Stanley Parable assets. Seriously. Try one. Itll work.

  17. This video is clearly not trying to tell us anything and the mails are clearly true…. yeah….
    crys in despair for them wanting more time

  18. Hello,

    You obviously seem to think highly of your fans, such as myself, which I appreciate dearly. To even go as far as to dismiss your previous statements regarding the deadline of THE STANLEY PARABLE: ULTRA DELUXE in an attempt to acknowledge the requests of your costumers truly shows you value them more than your personal renown. Therefore, I would now in fact be willing to spend considerably more money for THE STANLEY PARABLE: ULTRA DELUXE than I would have previously.

    Hence, I kindly request you to increase the price of THE STANLEY PARABLE: ULTRA DELUXE by four times.

    Best regards,
    A loyal fan.

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