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Google I/O 2009 – Programming With and For Google Wave

Osinga: Hello, everyone. Hi. [laughs] Um…whoa. This is a little loud. Welcome to the API talk, the talk where we explain how you can program for and with Wave, how you can build applications that interact with Wave. Before I get started, I’d like to remind you that you can put feedback on this presentation […]

DVF [through Google Glass]

[SPEAKING FRENCH] DIANE VON FURSTENBERG: When I was younger, I did not know what I wanted to do, except that I knew the woman I wanted to be. I wanted to be on the go. I wanted to be able to pay my own bills, and I so much wanted to be independent. My goal […]

Google interns’ first week

Google interns’ first week

MATT MALONE: The first time I saw the campus, it was incredible. There’s volleyball nets and colorful umbrellas. And you see people walking their dogs. It feels kind of like a playground, a big playground. KIM DAY: The atmosphere around Google, it’s definitely very eccentric, but also very academic. MALE SPEAKER 1: At Google, we […]

Link Value for SEO is Changing | Canonical Chronicle

– So the way Google values links is changing and SEOs everywhere are like. (slapping) In this week’s Canonical Chronical we are going to explore the changes in how Google calculates nofollow links, the public experiments that Google are doing with search profile cards, FAQ markup guidelines changing and a brand new lighthouse extension for […]

International Women’s Day: A Moment In Search

International Women’s Day: A Moment In Search

The world is searching for gender equality more than ever before. gender equality in gender equality in india gender equality in australia gender equality in south africa gender equality in in america gender equality in china gender equality in pakistan gender equality in philippines gender equality in sweden gender equality in nigeria gender equality in […]

Office 365 Essentials: Office Message Encryption

Office 365 Essentials: Office Message Encryption

– Welcome to Office Essentials. If you’re looking for an easier way to send and receive protected messages, in the next few minutes we’ll look at sending protected emails to anyone inside and outside your organization on any device with Office 365 Message Encryption, or OME. Encryption rights protection can help you with data security […]

Introduction to Crash Course Navigating Digital Information #1

Hello and welcome to Crash Course: Navigating Digital Information. My name is John Green, and you may know me from my various channels on YouTube, all caps tweets about Liverpool Football Club, Q&As about books on my website, or elsewhere on the internet. I spend a /lot/ of time online. In fact, in some ways, […]