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SMS Marketing Click to Message Feature -Join Facebook

SMS Marketing Click to Message Feature -Join Facebook

Hey, everyone. Derek Johnson with Today, I’m gonna be showing you one of our
new features, which is, click-to-message, which actually when people click on the link
that we provide you, it’s going to actually create a text message on your phone, with
the key word in the short code pre-populated, so then the consumer all they have to do to
opt-in, is just click Send, and then they’re in. So what I’m gonna show you is how you can
use this on Facebook, but you could use this in email, Twitter, social media, anywhere
you want, but Facebook is really easy for me to show you. So, what I’ve done, is I’ve created a click-to-message
link, and I’m gonna show you what that looks like here. Essentially, in the opt-in short code, I’ve
used 33733, opt-in keyword is, Join4, and link description, that’s just a private information,
nobody else sees that. Just like you can, kind of, identify what
link is which. So then what I’ve done is, I’ve copied and
pasted that link into Facebook in my profile. And let me bring up my phone here, I’ve mirrored
my phone. So, as you can see, here is my Facebook profile,
and I’ve put this link into my profile. So, this is the profile, but you could run
this in a Facebook ad, you could run this, you know, in an email that you send to subscribers,
and essentially, when they click on this link..and I’m going to do it on my phone here, watch
what happens. Then you click Open App, it opens the text
messaging app on the mobile phone, it pre-fills in the short code, your opt-in short code,
and then it pre-fills in the message, which is the opt-in key word. So in this case, it’s Join4. All I have to do is click Send, I will go
through the opt-in process just like normal, and that’s it. I’m opted-in to the SMS campaign directly
from Facebook, which it’s pretty cool. So, now, you don’t have to say on Facebook
or email or Twitter, “Hey, guys. Get out your phone, text, you know, Join4
to 33733.” You can just put a link in, they click it,
they click Open App, and then it’s automatically pre-populated into the text message. Doesn’t get really easier than app for your
consumers to opt in from things like Facebook, Twitter, email, different communication channels
like that. Anyway, my name is Derek Johnson from That’s our click-to-message feature. If you have any questions, definitely let
us know.

1 thought on “SMS Marketing Click to Message Feature -Join Facebook

  1. I’ve watched many of your videos. Great content! I’m very interested in learning how you compare to the two SMS, MMS platforms I’m currently using. I’m a loyal user of FYF ever since they started.
    I do believe that GARY Vee is correct that SMS is going to have its day in the Sun soon. I want to maximize that opp.
    You’ve been in this space fire a decade so I imagine you know a thing or two. If you can help me fast track to understand your position in the market, I would appreciate. Ciao

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