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Safe Mail Services Review

Safe Mail Services Review

Dustin Slade here in denver i want to make a video here talk about
and email marketing solutions called safe mail services review and i really think this is the pretty
decent program to do you know marketing uh… look at this rate here simple way
to effective lee delivered your email campaign over ninety six million
recipients per month three point one million targeted
recipients daily ape-like desist and you can puttin the steam now you know which is pretty cool so you can send all kinds of different flash presentations and colors and
formats and uh… pictures and you want to put in there and that’s
a html and to talk about that one second anna percent spam free service uh… and never get it spam complaints from
marketing your system here uh… emails don’t bounce back sis important to note you can save your dad’s for future demands so you you can just go back and click please at again and disservice this signal services is one-time membership the thirty nine
ninety five so you’ll be able to remake payments of uh… just make one payment of thirty
nine ninety five and you’ll be able to make an email once
per day of uh… three point one million targeted
recipients and it’s kind of changing in an upgrading all the time uh… mama take into the back office now
to take a quick peek at this once you login you’ve got a couple
different options when you want to send the madden all you
have to do is uh… click on the senate nad mug and one thing i want to someone you with
this one you use uh… the original i’m using google chrome browser and when
you use this browser and you will not be able to use the uh… eight chennai editor moldy can’t understanding this
safe mail services review and so uh… yeah when you have the very basic set up
to thirty nine ninety five you can come in and pastes indeed gmail message you can see this message here its end it sends an email out once per day and then you have a couple different
uh… ways he can do you can go upgrade and uh… uh… if you want to you can go little bit bigger and so you can do uh… uh… disincentive to threaten the camp well i did is upgraded so that i could
have uh… the ability to write in if each you know
what you now enhancing the second i wanted the fire
fights we can see this html editor the stair and you can also grady n to do do um… and executives recounts it she can make
to you know and per day uh… reaching over six million people
per day what’s your you know lists that are so you can help create analyzing i’d like to talk about this is
the uh… affiliate program anything in into the philly at the area
and he reaches interior and pagan and you have to go to pay here you have to sign up within the camps through them they have a bunch of different affiliate
marketing tools i mean videolan okay here that you can watch and kaitlyn
idea from them and uh… once you have that account you go back to your uh… steve now services and you live in a reward generate leads
for you might lead will generate d cold at uni generate dhtml in this link you just
can’t copy paste and that will created a have always for you to advertise people to
get to this sitemap services and when the cocaine
use is the piano direct sixty percent of all revenue that you make training your bank
account so not a bad service um… the billy dee you know that many targeted customers per day and i think that’s pretty amazing um… i’m i’m and positive for second take it
over to firefox seeking to see when you sending that if u do not upgrading you know it’s you know you can uh… using its united area and put it in and it’ll give you an intelligent creative now if you’re not great with html you want to seize it like your personal
work press blogger other it’s united there’s webpages and show you how you use firefox instead
of this google proper google chrome browser like i’m using now
so and secondly right back okay were back were locked in fact and he’s going to show as you uh… are gonna make and ads through the editor here if you cut grade you have the ability to use this uh… it’s you know editor right here which will make your
you know it’s a lot prettier and make it links clickable things like that uh… suffer person doesn’t know it’s
email well this is awesome and how you get there is once you login
equally adding your profile you’ll be able to go down and look at
your membership and upgrade your account and what you are bigger camps and came to the executive for another nine
ninety five for one-time fee for life or even go to execuse three were for execuse tree you get uh… the
same ec now building tool and you get uh… needed to use eager to blast emails out for every twelve hours instead i have no
way of being twenty four hours to do that many members so you double the
amount of expose you do for adding another nineteen ninety five activists want to do no once per day and i prayed to the uh… html editor that way when you send
them an now they knew going here safe and sincere typing and have we want uh… elitist eleven you can use like more uh… work for us account and just simply do simple kind have almost like in your gmail and uh… make it so it’s live and so pamlico makes it really easy to use and in that way now that into more cyclical and samir stuff when you look at gmail i
know the billiard preview it and have them you can click on it and it’s an actual linkedin mouseover
link that’s workable excel and i think that’s an important update
at think about to do when you’re seeing this program and i also think it’s it’s worth it to
may be considered mean philip for this particular service but not a bad thing when you’re going to
talk about targeting that many users and you just that you know talk and i
wont and senior marketing budget that’s not bad look into this
safe mail services review so and look forward to in scenic
questions you have if you have a right any other help please let me know please
upton and at the family values’ who’s like
insurance here uh… favorite social media today so much and i look forward to
helping out teacher does the same anderson

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  1. Don't waste your money on this! All the leads are DRIED UP! Keep your $40.00 and spend on something else! I've been scammed!

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