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Organize Mail and Email

Organize Mail and Email

Alright, while Ken’s getting our finances
organized let’s get over to Lynda and see if she can get the rest of our area under
control. Alright, I’m going to do my best, Mark. I
know I need it at home. Do you have a lot of muck in your life? You can add space to
your life, really it is possible. This morning we’re going to show you how to get organized
and save time. Joining us to help us is Kathi Burns, known as the Master of Muck and the
founder of Add Space to Your Life. Well thanks so much for being with us.
Thank you. Well we have props here. We’re going to show
you! Now you show people how to organize their life in many ways from image to the fridge
to the garage. But this morning, we’re going to focus on mail and email and how it piles
up. Mail.
I think mine is about this high, it’s just junk mail. I think that I’m afraid to throw
away because there might be something valuable in there.
Typical. That’s very, very normal. And mail is the biggest muck of all in my opinion because
it comes in every day and deluges us and deluges us every day and it gets into piles unless
you have this strategy. Okay, so let’s talk about the strategy because
it is hard to clean up the desk and time consuming. Very. So you don’t want to get into that position
so the number one rule, don’t pick up your mail unless you have two hands. Two hands
is critical because what I want to do is I want to sort the mail as I’m getting it from
the mailbox. Right. And most of it you can throw away.
Absolutely. In fact 60% is usually a bunch of junk.
Okay, now so anyway, the number one dilemma is old statements for taxes and things like
that you’re talking about? Yeah, but you know are you supposed to throw
away your social security statement that you got if you already have one? I mean, do you
have to keep all of them? Tax receipts, what is the government going to want if you’re
audited, that type of thing. I think people are really worried that if
you get some kind of offer from a company for a new credit card, that your information
is going to be somewhere on there and some one else can take it. But you were explaining
is, it’s really easy to get the information from all sorts of places.
Everyone has their own degree of security. In my opinion, if it’s just my name and address,
I’m not going to worry about shredding it, I’m going to recycle it because I can find
out anybody’s name and address and anybody could swipe that. But if it has your bank
account number, your social security number, then of course you’re going to want to do
something with it. I think this title, the Five Finger Mail Sort.
Can you explain that? Okay, what I like to do is I like to have
two hands again, one hand has my mail and as I’m going to find it, I’m going to sort
junk, oh here’s a bill, here’s a bill… So you make it like a file folder kind of.
Absolutely, right in your fingers. Alright, very good. So in two hands, two minutes?
Yes, it takes about two minutes. Like you don’t want to do the mail when you have your
dog or a kid because you want to have the time to actually devote to sorting it, separating
it, so whenever you’re walking into the house, you know where it goes.
And don’t even bring the junk up to the desk. Absolutely not, in fact have a trash can or
a recycle bin right outside your door, in the garage if you park in the garage or if
you walk in through your front door for the mail right at the front door you can tuck
it behind something. That way you can just trash in the trash.
Very good, now what are action papers? Talk about those.
Action papers are papers that you have to deal with, like here’s an invitation. So I’m
going to put the invitation right into my Upcoming Events file. I’m going to put my
bills to pay right in my bills to pay file. You see everything is vertical…
And you’ve titled everything ahead of time. Yep, absolutely. So that’s your action papers,
papers that you actually have to deal with. Okay, so this is a really good spot on the
desk to have so
you can see how to organize that and then go through once
a week would you say?

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