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Ayye! what’s good what it do? Kay K coming
through with another video for yall! hey y’all welcome back to my channel it’s ya girl KK
and I’m back with another reaction video today I’m reacting to this fake a**
beef that Jamila life with Jamila Yanni bonnie Yanni bandit B bag one
scan one whatever the hell and um miss BB and nieces world honey they
just call themselves pranking the whole entire YouTube how y’all feel about that?
At first I didn’t know how to feel about it cuz I was confused for a minute when
I seen all of them pop up on the screen I was like wait a minute
are they finna just like duke it out right here that’s really what I was
thinking like how in tha hell this gonna turn out I was waiting on like a straight
Jerry Springer on live. I was like they about to be talking all over each other &
everything but once I seen what was going on I was like that is very
creative that’s very creative and now that it’s all over and it’s out in the
open I’m comfortable with giving my reactions
on all the fake beef because I was sitting back like I’m not gonna put my
opinions out there because I ain’t trying to you know insert myself in
somebody else’s beef and then I find myself into some drama
so that’s all that’s going on ya’ll that’s why ya girl has calmed down and I ain’t even
like really trying to react on other people’s lives like that because I’m at
a different place in my life to where I’m just like you know I got my own
stuff to be worried about but um here’s what I did think about the beef though
as it was going on I was like this is so pathetic I thought it was just super
pathetic I thought it was super childish and I honestly didn’t know how to feel
as I was laughing because it was like Yanni & BB asses is just hilarious they’re just hilarious
period & I mean you know when things are funny you gonna laugh so I felt like you
know like damn. I did drop a few comments in BB section comment
section because I’m like you know I was like I rock with BB and so I was
like you know whatever I’m not gonna pick sides none of that and I was just
really confused on how to move honestly because I rock with all of them I like
life with Jamila I rocked with nieces world and I rock with BB so I was like
umm and yannis channel I just recently found her channel so you know that’s just
something a Yanni whole lil vibe is new to me I haven’t really got to
know her channel her vibe outside of the drama no shade none of that but I just
you know I just been watching your reaction videos but um yeah ya’ll I’m
glad that I didn’t insert myself but one thing I was gonna do I swear you could
ask my husband I kid you not I was getting ready to do prayer meeting I’m
dead serious we were about to have church over here
I was about to pray for the whole youtube streets because I’m like this is so
ridiculous like it is no way that grown women can be acting like this you feel
me I mean we got grandmothers out here showing they bare asses
we got momma’s out here setting bad examples for their children I mean it’s
just ridiculous so I was like you know what babe people gonna think that I’m
playing with God but I’m not I really want to hold prayer meeting and then
once I seen that it was fake & all that I was like ooh im glad I didn’t go on there making myself look stupid but umm no forreal though so that’s really just really quickly my thoughts my opinions on this whole little fake youtube
beef I mean I really you know it’s like it is what it is it proved a lot and the
thing one thing that I learned from it which I want to thank you guys is I see
that I am wasting a lot of my energy watching y’all don’t take this wrong but
watching other people’s content when I need to be focusing on mine
creating my own content you feel me like yea it’s interesting & all that but I’m
gonna have to unsubscribe y’all keep on on with all this drama and I understand
this was fake drama yea but I’m just talking about all these other drama
channels that keep popping up in my feed I’m just gonna have to be like boot boot
boot boot boot unsubscribed because I don’t even want that kind of energy like
honestly like it was difficult to stay subscribe to all of you ladies
while this was going on honestly because I was like dang like you know I was
really confused I think that y’all confused a lot of your loyal subscribers
like of course there’s a lot of people out there thats messy and they want to see
you in drama and that’s all that they’re on your channel for but people like me who rock
with all of you who enjoy all kind of content from comedy to do it yourself –
drama – entertainment like you know I enjoy…it depends what type of mood I’m
in whatever but of course I’m subscribed to ya’ll and I was just really like really
though like people are finding the smallest things name-calling and just
doing all you know the most like man but I hope that y’all the message they were
trying to stand with that you should you know don’t pick sides and all that now I
don’t feel like I pick sides ever but in the same token is like when you don’t
pick side it seems like people they kind of like look over you they
don’t know how to respond they don’t know how to deal with you. You feel me?
because it’s like oh dang she was just in my chat now she over here in somebody
else’s chat now she over here in somebody else’s chat yeah that’s me I’m in
everybody chat because like I said before way in the beginning like
probably a year ago when I started my channel I don’t rock in a clique never
have and apparently I never will because that just never been me you know I just don’t enjoy seeing I don’t enjoy seeing people fighting people hurting each
other’s feelings and just you know what I’m saying I’m the type of person I
don’t enjoy that I didn’t really know I understand that it’s gonna happen I
understand that life is not always gonna be peaches and cream everybody not gonna
always be positive and stuff but I can if I want to and that’s just all that I
was choosing to do so yeah I thought that this would be a good opportunity to
explain to my subscribers who have been sending me messages telling me like oh
it was such a Spitfire when you first came out what you think about all this
drama that’s going on while you’re not doing a reaction video while you’re not
talking about the drama the drama the drama this is why I’m not talking about
the drama because whenever I talk about the drama I become part of the drama and
that is not what I want in my life you feel me if I’m gonna do drama I’m
gonna do strictly drama y’all will see a drama channel if I ever choose to just do
such thing but that’s not me it don’t give me good energy I’m not here to
ramble but that’s just my whole thought – my opinion my reaction on this whole
fake YouTube beef you feel me so um yeah one thing I remember BB said was
that you should have you know she was like y’all should’ve made your videos
about this y’all should’ve use this time – what’s it called – like basically to
get your views up get subscribers and stuff like that you feel me I kind of…naw I look at that a different way because it’s like you feel me like it’s
to me somebody make a video that person is looked at it oh you’re messy oh your
this your that you feel me? whatever
ya’ll so yeah that’s my thoughts that’s my opinion on this whole YouTube fake Youtube beef
so now it’s kind of like up in the air you guys like what y’all believe now?
Are y’all gonna be able to believe anything else that these ladies say? is any of there content gonna be believable to you from now on? What about everybody else on Youtube? Has this made you start looking at vloggers totally differently where you just don’t believe nothing anymore? What’s your thoughts? Ya’ll please let me know how this has affected you If has affected you at all. Did it affect you in a good way or a bad way? Because I’m seeing that some people um are losing subscribers over this. fake beef um some people were ya know they just….you know it had people showing there ugly side pretty much. so…I’m kinda like you know as I’m thinking more about it, it’s kinda like I don’t know ya’ll….IDK cause ya’ll put ya’ll subscribers in kind of a lil messy place. You know? like…ya’ll really did like, you say don’t choose sides but at the same time, it’s like whenever. So they didn’t do this in this beef but um it has been done before like people will call out there subscribers like oh…for instance Breanna perfect example Brianna Michelle she was all up in everybody…you know what I’m sayin…picking sides & everything & nobody said oh Breanna I seen you over there in BB chat, now you over here in my chat. You feel me? I didn’t hear none of that in this fake beef but that’s usually how it goes that’s why I think a lot of people didn’t really wanna speak on it didn’t wanna give there opinion didn’t wanna give no thoughts on it. You know what I’m sayin? but yeah. I’m done rambling &….idk ya’ll. I really don’t know how I view YouTube anymore. umm all I can say is…all gas no brakes comin straight out the gate that’s The Scott Squad in 2020. Period. so…know what I’m sayin? I don’t know what else to tell ya but Subscribe join the squad
and hit that like button and turn on ya notifications bell
stay tuned for more videos always be do stay true & you do what you do baby I’m out


  1. Hey kayla booโค you lookin cute ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ I agree with you! You made some very good points! I'm at the point in my life(50 in march) where I'm just like ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿค”โค๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ depending on the situation! If it dont involve me,I'm good! I have come to enjoy you,and we watch some of the same ladies! I can always not click on a video,ya know! But I loved ya insight on this topic! โค

  2. Yup I started getting an attitude. Now Iโ€™m like yโ€™all was playing? Now I feel like Iโ€™ve been played. Thatโ€™s why I unsubscribed from Olivia. Iโ€™m not amused.

  3. You're so much drama on here these days. I have been subbed to you for over a year I think and I love it. I wonder if you ever checked up on my content sometimes. I do lots of diy projects and it's a family friendly channel.

  4. Yeah it didnโ€™t sit well with a lot of ppl & itโ€™s YouTube I only look at it as entertainment & itโ€™s really some ppl on here that are honest & have amazing content.. I will say Iโ€™m happy it was fake. but it also was a BIG TURN OFF as well ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

  5. Hey girl respect how you feel how ever alot of people feel how you feel but they say they rock with you but they laugh at you in other people chats that are talking badly about you and your family they entertain the mess and lies so if they don't like it why do they do that.

  6. I feel some type of way you don't do your supporters that way! yanni is really a theif and it was definitely a coverup on her part I peep game period it shows the stuff they said about each other is how they really feel deep down and it's sad they to old for pranks.

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