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Mrs Samantha Friend / FNA Mail #8

Mrs Samantha Friend / FNA Mail #8

Hey guys welcome back. It is me
Mrs. Samantha, the Christian Mommy, Grammy gamer. Snd today it is mail call day. We
got FNA mail. We got a bunch of FNA Mail.Well let’s go look at it!
Mrs. Samantha the Christian mommy Grammy gamer. So if you’re new here and
you don’t know what FNA is, it’s where people get too excited when
they’re typing in chat instead of saying I’m a fan they say I’m a FNA. So I’m a
FNA now I’m a FNA of you guys so I went to the post office finally and got a ton
of FNA, Dun Dun dun. So we’re gonna go over that I got one from Gayle
Crabtree she’s the sweetest ever I got one from Kittel ooh looks like his kids
did art on it look at that kid lose the color channel is just adorable I’ve got
a wild goat well that’s not a while ago but yeah it’s for a while good and while
the guys got this cool thing where she you can order postcards that is the
neatest thing ever like I’ll put that down in the description because it’s
hard to find postcards nowadays so apparently there’s a place you can
actually order postcards so really we’re gonna look at that alright so what
should we start with first well I guess we will start with the cool postcard
this is some wild goat on this well go to me at mine fair that’s me I can’t see
you can’t see my face me affect you oh and Kittel oh Kittel oh yeah Kittel Oh
huh get Lu we’re playing crash e something crash
erodes Cresci carts crashing cars y’all tell me down in description what we were
playing you all know these people you know what we’re playing and then this
picture on the bottom I love it it’s my favorite well I got to get my nails done
hey smile okay sorry but here’s the back part I’m gonna read you what wild goat
said howdy hiya hello I’m so happy to have met you and just to have known that
I think you are totally amazing I think you’re totally amazing okay was so much
fun to get to spend time with you and to get to know you way better than just
watching you on YouTube that’s true never change just no sorry can’t help
that thanks for being my friend all thank you for being my friend while
coats the best take care and hugs to you wild goat oh my goodness oh it’s touch
note here it is this is the thing touch note you can or
you can literally order postcards that is so cool thank you wild goat
we met at mine fair where we hung out together as the Phenom for this is her
frisbee she gave me a frisbee and how well throws her should I thought it cat
no I can’t I love the kitties now throwing frisbees at cats and the next
one is from oh holy mackerel it’s from well good me me enough well go
too big for NAS okay hi hi no there’s no hi this is sa hi I can read I swear it
was so much fun to meet you it was it was so much fun I cannot wait for more
adventures with you same you are so awesome so happy to be your friend wild
goat cuz I had be your friend too she’s got the sweetest kids they went to the
angel oak tree and whatever state we were in when we went to mind fair and it
was a big old tree I mean Maggie didn’t get to go we had a errand to run but
next year next year probably maybe won’t be there but next year I will be able to
hang out more I’ll plan better oh we’re gonna save that for last
alright and now this one’s from kit elude was the great art from his kids
that is so awesome tell me did you did they do the art kit
Alou tell me down in the description and mine
fair cuz we went to my affair Oh kit Alou okay well where is it
I’m wearing his bracelet from mine fair says get Alou gaming positive nice
bracelet me and I’m old okay I want on the other hand actually I have effect
two O’s bracelet on the other hand where you are where you are where you work
boom boom people so there you go but kit Alou get lose on the set miss amantha
appeal box yes that’s me oh if you guys needed to know where to send friend mail
I’ll put it up on the screen P o box P o box feel box
I know it’s I know what’s going on no I know I know P o box cool actually if
you’d like to follow me on Twitter and Facebook there there he knew this to me
at the Facebook and Twitter I’m also on Instagram but I don’t have a fancy thing
to put up on the screen okay KITT alert that might be too loud got
stuff falling down oh my goodness okay I love your kids your kids are the
sweetest it says dear miss amantha it was so much
fun meeting you I am so glad you were there love art princess one of his
daughters whoops can’t see it okay put P o box you
got to go you end away damn you don’t you okay one of his kids is called art
princess she likes art obviously oh I think you are princess that is so sweet
thank you so much let’s see what this on my left miss amantha it was so much fun
to meet you thank you for hanging out with us and he says kk 7 which is Karate
Kid 7 I assume that’s his age don’t give out personal information but that was so
sweet that is good training right there Sinan
thank you notes Wow appreciation and respect – you get loose and your
wonderful wife I just didn’t get to meet her
alright and the last one is from Gayle Crabtree she is the sweetest this tells you how often I check my p.o
box this is a Christmas card its January where did you send this oh no I feel so
bad Wow Oh December 20th okay okay okay so it went too bad jingle all the way
miss amantha wishing a very Merry Christmas to you and your family may the
New Year see all of your dreams come true blessings Gayle Crabtree Thank You
Gayle that’s so nice that is so nice I guess I’m gonna have to get on the ball
next year I got people sending me thank you notes Christmas cards and I’m just
sitting here low thank you all so much for cinema phenomenal you’re the best
I need to write letters out myself I have friends I have friends with me Oh
boxes mm yep yep so if you guys don’t know who’s up for now for our this is I
met the Phenom for ya mine fair cuz we’re at mine fair together I love this
postcard I wish I could put stuff up in the thing right family friendly
youtubers kit Alou effects wild goat and Miss Samantha oh wow it’s actually gotta
are things on there not I guess if I hold it still you can see it better so
yeah that’s it thanks guys for watching if you have any mail to send to me send
it to the PIO box it’s down in the description and somewhere on the screen
suddenly suddenly peal box I will see you guys in the next live stream or the
next video or at the post office

15 thoughts on “Mrs Samantha Friend / FNA Mail #8

  1. I didn't think anyone sent actual letters anymore. I remember doing this with Captain Chesapeake back in the early 80s.

    I'm happy again. 🙂

  2. So much awesome mail! That is so cool! Love it… thanks for sharing and I hope you get lots more.
    Smashy roads is what we were playing RadDad is pro!

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