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[Method:CRM] Send Email App

[Method:CRM] Send Email App

Hello and welcome to Method Tutorials! In
this video, we will show you the Send Email App. The Send Email App is used to send emails
from Method. Unlike our Email Campaigns App,, this app is not used to send mass email blasts
out. Rather, it is used within the flow of other apps that require individual emails
to be sent as you interact with your contacts Let’s go into the Send Email app. I would
hope you know how to send an email, so let me point out features specific to Method. The contact is whom you’re sending an email
to. From the dropdown, you can search for one of your contacts, it will show you if
that person has an email associated with them or not. I’m going to email Bob Crenshaw. Beside it the more link will display more
email options and let you add other emails, CCs and BCCs. Next up is the Email Template. You don’t
need to choose an email template, but there are a number of stock templates for you to
use. I’ll keep it blank for now. At the bottom you will find a checkbox to
create an activity for this email. It is in your best interest, and a best practice, to
create an activity for every email you send out, otherwise the email is not recorded anywhere
else within Method after you send it. By creating an activity, it will log your interaction
with the contact. When I click send, it will send the email
and it will also bring me to the activity it created! Let’s take a look at this activity! If you expand this section called Email Sent,
you will see what you sent out. If you have internal comments about this email,
you can include them here, and as can be expected, the type of activity is “email outgoing”. If you wish to schedule a follow-up activity
to this email, by all means, check follow-up and create another activity. Once you hit save, you’re done! That’s
the Send Email App! If you have any questions, leave a comment
on YouTube, check out our documentation, post on our forums, or you can tweet us, @MethodCRM. Thanks for watching, and have a great day.
Bye bye!

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