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Marketers, Don’t Stress Over News Feed Changes! Social Media Minute

Marketers, Don’t Stress Over News Feed Changes! Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. Brands and media companies
around the world get extremely paranoid about newsfeed changes. Whether it’s on Facebook or on Instagram. They’re constantly afraid
of not being visible and of course, Facebook
or Instagram or other platforms control the way they serve video. This is, of course, very logical. Facebook has recently rolled
out a test in a couple of countries called the Facebook Explore Feed. Many companies, while they did
see a decrease in reach of up to 60%, they actually saw that their clicks
were fairly stable on their website. This was media companies in particular. Now I don’t understand
what companies get so surprised about. This is not the first
and definitely not the last change that there will be in the newsfeed. And we look at the past years
of newsfeed changes, whether it was the preferential treatment
of certain posts, the media companies, or that the brands have to pay more. This is absolutely logical and Facebook will keep
evolving their News Feed. They’ve been consistent in one fact. They really optimize
the quality for the user. That’s why they’ve
grown, over the last years, from one billion to two
billion monthly active users. Because they organize
themselves around user interests and that’s exactly what you should do. You shouldn’t be paranoid
about the next big newsfeed change. You should watch it. Monitor it, analyze it and benchmark it. Of course, you can’t be flying blind. Was there a big change?
Was there not a big change? If something’s impacted on my page,
is it the impact of the whole industry? The only way
to find that out is to be equipped with a platform or tool that can do that. Such as Socialbakers, there are others but Socialbakers
is definitely the best at that. You need to measure the numbers. You need to look
at the data and understand it. Compare it to the rest of the industry. Has it impacted the industry or not? If not, you have a problem. If it has, you all have a problem. That’s what you tell
your management, your boss. “Look, we don’t have a problem,
the whole industry has a problem and we gotta figure out
how to stay on top of it.” There’s one only way to stay
on top of these constant changes. Which is innovate. If a new format comes in, like stories,
figure out how to live and fit the format. If live video
comes in, experiment with it. Do it, commit to it, see how it
works, see how it works with numbers and measure and monitor through data. And of course, constantly
benchmark this to competitors. Compare the data.
Compare the numbers. Without context, data means nothing. You have to understand it,
measure it and benchmark it. Good luck and see you next Monday.

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