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Make A STUNNING Vector Mountain In 5 Minutes *Illustrator Tutorial*

Make A STUNNING Vector Mountain In 5 Minutes *Illustrator Tutorial*

in today’s illustrator tutorial learn
how to design a vector mountain in quick and very easy steps indeed now one
really awesome place to learn new skills is skill share I’m giving away two
months of free access to the premium version totally for free you can make
great use of their classes and learn the skills that are going to enable you to
get to where you want to be in your career or your hobby so stay tuned to
the very end of the video and find out how to get two months free access to
this awesome opportunity now to start our mountain poster design we need a
background I’m going to press M for the rectangle tool and then create a shape
that covers the entire artboards pressing Shift + X will flick the stroke
over to a colorful fill and I’m going to add a gradient and this is going to be a
free-form gradient which is actually only doable in illustrator CC however a
standard gradient would also work just fine now I often use the lines function
with the freeform gradients but for this design here I think I’m going to use the
points option and just use two or three color nodes this shape is going to be
the sky background and I’m going for a kind of late afternoon
kind of sunset vibe so the bottom of the rectangle is going to be brighter than
the top of the design you can obviously you know do what you want and maybe a
nighttime sky will look pretty cool so for that you’d use dark purples as an
example we now need to create a bold flat shape for the mountain itself
so press a P for the pen tool and then draw a shape similar to mine here that’s
a good idea to make small changes in direction on
your vector path to create a realistic Mountain outline I have a guide running
down the exact center of my artboard so I can finish the peak of the mountain
centered on my design I’m then going to add a color fill to
this shape and we’re going to make use of these swatches window today because
it is going to become important later in the design process but add your color to
the swatches library simply choose the color in the left color palettes and
then drag and drop it into the swatches panel so for my Mountain I’ve elected
for a dark muddy purple kind of color and this is going to represent the lack
of lights being cast onto the mountain itself next we were going to add the
highlights to really set off the design but first select everything and then hit
command or control 2 on your keyboard and this will lock down the shapes of
your design using the pen tool make shapes like this on your mountain and
then add a gradient fill the trick here is to have one side of the gradient
white and the other side the exact same color as the mountain and that’s
achieved by heading into the swatches the change the opacity of this side down
to zero also adjust a slider until you see your
gradient fitting for your design and also you can press a G for the gradient
tool which will give you more room to be precise and to adjust your gradient now
I did spend quite a while adjusting the shapes of these highlights and unjust in
the gradients to so D be patient and do take your time with this part of the
design process we’re now going to make a moon and you can obviously make a Sun or
a full moon but I want to make a crescent moon for my design so I’m gonna
press L on my keyboards for the ellipse tool and then hold down shift and click
and drag like so now to duplicate the circle hold down the alt option key and
then click and drag again which you see me do billions of times in my tutorials
but for the new circle make it a tiny bit larger and then place it position it
like so then select both circles and in the
Pathfinder window use the minus front option you can then add the color fill
and place it on your design now I actually lowered the opacity a
little bit so the moon kind of blends into the design in a subtle subtle way finally add typography and whatever else
she feels going to work for your design now if you do go ahead and make this
yourself do tag me on Instagram or Twitter and I may very well repost your
work and remember guys if you want to learn useful skills for your design and
career or hobby make 2020 the year you master them by
taking classes on Skillshare made by professionals in their relative fields
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easily structured manner to fit your schedule using my link down in the
description box below you can have access to skill share classes for two
months totally for free so it has never been a better opportunity than now to
become a better creative in the desired field that you want to and today this
video was a poster design in Illustrator and there is actually a handy poster
design course though I found los Skillshare by Tammy Hooker so do check
out skill share link down below and grab yourself two months of access to the
premium version totally for free also subscribe to our channel for weekly
graphic design content and have a great weekend and until next time guys design
your future today peace you

33 thoughts on “Make A STUNNING Vector Mountain In 5 Minutes *Illustrator Tutorial*

  1. enjoy the tutorial and hope you are inspired to be creative. Also check out Skillshare linked above, and grab 2 months for free access to the premium version totally for free

  2. I looked on Skillshare and have to admit that the site and it's courses looks interesting.
    But I couldn't find anything about the regular prices you have to pay after the first 2 free months.
    Does somenody know the prices for Skillshare?

  3. I just love how people manage to make such pretty things with that simplistic style and i bet if a less skilled person would try this on his own – it would be a complete garbage, so there is really a lot of skill to it, even when its THAT simple.

  4. ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿ˜Ž niceeeee technique! Love the colours you picked. Snow gradients ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜ ive got a few results from your recently added tutorials, ill be sure to credit you when i post them on IG!

  5. Simple yet stunning, there's really something with minimalist art style. Gonna try to make one. Thanks for the video man. thumbs up!

  6. Your tutorial on skill share not free bacause at the time of singup website required paypal account or credit card payment so tell me how it's free ?

  7. This is awesome, Yeah am gonna start using Skillshare this month, thank you Satori graphics I love your Minimal Approach to design.

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