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MAIL ROOM – EP 4: Glitter Bomb & Advertiser Friendly Toy

MAIL ROOM – EP 4: Glitter Bomb & Advertiser Friendly Toy

Matt: Merry Christmas, everybody we have a- Ryan: happy holidays Matt: a big mail- Ryan: (Correcting Matt) happy holidays Matt: we have a lot of mail, uh Matt: it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these Matt: and our PO Box got very full Matt: so we, uh..let’s start Ryan: I’m going to start with this one Ryan: (mumbling) Matt: is it just a piece of cardboard? Ryan: here’s, okay this says- Ryan: that’s actually really good! Matt: it’s my cat, banana, on a..on a banana Ryan: that’s really good! Matt: (high-pitched voice) what is it? Matt: what is this? Matt: it’s a big, black cock Ryan: yeup Matt: wow Matt: well, uh, Thank you? Matt: is that scented? Ryan: no, that’s just what- that’s just rubbery…stuff Ryan: *laughs* Ryan: from the Cyndago days! Matt: Woah! *window breaking sound effect* Matt: here’s a big one! from someone from Massachusetts Matt: 3-D glowing planets *stutters* I don’t know Matt: fun straws.. *in awe* woah Matt: here’s a Wii game, called “fling smash” Matt: aw, she works in a Toy store, and gave us some cool toys, thank you! Ryan: thank you so much! My favorite one is the straws, what’s your favorite one, Matt? Matt: the s- Ryan: Blue’s my favorite color, so im going to go for the blue one Matt: let’s see what’s in this one Ryan: *reading* if you have a youtuber as your profile picture, *laughs* change it. Ryan: there’s another one, *reading*, fill me up and straddle me spaghetti Matt: what’s this? Ryan: *groaning* Matt: nice little gold, uh, gold tube Ryan: Matt, that might be.. please don’t be Ryan: DAMNIT, I KNEW IT, I FUCKING KNEW IT! i knew it, Matt, i fucking knew it Both: *sigh* Ryan: well Matt: there’s glitter everywhere, it’s all over the carpet, it’s all in my shoes Ryan: we’re not a fan of you Matt: they’re laughing their ass off *vacuuming* Ryan: reading, please open carefully Ryan: oh shit Matt: whoop Ryan: you okay? Matt: ha! Ryan: what? Matt: oh wow Ryan: oh, from the story you told Matt: it’s a re-creation of the uh, street sign from the story i told in an episode, the street sign that says “memes way” that i know about Ryan: and a post card from our home town, from our home state Matt: oh wow! Matt: i don’t even need to steal the sign anymore Ryan: *laughs* Matt: oh, because i said in the episode i said steal it and mail it to us, but this is good enough! Ryan: someone actually found it, they took a picture of it Matt: yeah, i saw, someone actually found it, they put it on our sub-reddit Matt: thanks, we’re in forth grade Ryan: laughs Matt: it comes with a little hat Matt: these are going directly in the trash, thank you Ryan: *laughs* Matt: did we get anything good? Ryan: *excitedly* yes.. OH YES! FOR DAYS MATT! COME ON! Matt: we just ran out! oh shit, woah Ryan: jesus christ Matt: woah Ryan: and to top it on Matt: oh, nice! a little pikmin Ryan: *yells happily* WOOO! Matt: i’m going to open this one from China Matt: *nervously* what is this? Matt: *reading* soft shaft with dazzling diamonds. it’s another sex toy Ryan: well, does it work, Matt? Matt: it’s already been opened Ryan: wait, what? Ryan: *gasps* DUDE! Matt: Herobrine scared stiff book 2! Ryan: diary of a farting creeper!? Matt: laughs Matt: Herobrine saves christmas, I love this one! Matt: we’ve got games Ryan: A pezz dis- Matt: so that’s why it smelled bad, check it out, we got grilled tuna fillets, in little bags, smells real bad Ryan: great Matt: um, but we got some games Matt: *reading* Tony Hawk’s proving ground. We’ve got ATV off-road fury Matt: Madagascar, for the PlayStation 2, and Simpson’s hit and run, a very fun game, Matt: so Thank you Ryan: i swear to god Matt: it that another, it’s- Ryan: Herobrine goes to school, *sarcastically* thank you! Matt: ah, some swedish delicacies, Thank you Matt: looks like a bunch of different swedish candies Matt: OH, DS games! the best delicacy of them all Ryan: *studders* that’s how you shove things up your ass Matt: it is Both: *laugh* Ryan: if you wanted to… Ryan: woo! Matt: what is it? what’s it going to be? Ryan: i just spoiled it for myself Matt: woah! Ryan: yeah Both: it’s Donkey Kong country Matt: that’s awesome! Ryan: *sighs* Matt: oh yeah, it’s a little light up uh Super Mega light up painting thing Ryan: i bet ya in the dark this would look pretty fuckin rad Matt: not in the light, well it still looks rad in the light, but Matt: Penis candy Matt: yeup, it was made by a child Ryan: there might be money in it, they might’ve given us their parent’s money Ryan: there’s another package from lego Matt: well, lets open it up Ryan: it’s just random parts Matt: yeah, a skeleton body with shaft, carrot top, skeleton arm number 3, roof tile apple with leaf, element separator Matt: mini lower part Ryan: Jesus Christ Matt: Yeah Matt: ahhh, oh, what do we got here? Australian Candy.. there’s the vegimite Matt: as if we don’t already have enough vegimite, thank you! Matt: wow, from Australia? Ryan: and it’s… what is it Matt, what is it? Matt: oh wow, it’s a copy of Wallice and Gromet, uh, one of the DVDs, in little shards Ryan: *laughs* thank you! Matt: thank you for taking the time to send this all the way from Australia Ryan: we’ve got the 3 legendary birds Matt: oh, woah! Ryan: holy fuck, that’s awesome Matt: that’s awesome, Thank You Ryan: wait, this says “Ryan, and Matt, please read off camera” Sure thing Matt: it’s a picture of dog shit, and it says ” my dog did this after i watched the last PO Box video”, and uh a World’s best Mom magnet, Thanks Matt: now I have something to give my mom for christmas Matt: and you do, too! Matt: (reading) Clip part of the corner, stick the straw in the corner inhale powder through straw, careful it’s- Ryan: (cuts matt off) do not cough(?) if you experience heart burn Ryan: this is fucking cyanide, they just put cyanide little things, and expect us to.. Matt: you wanna try it? Matt: i probably should not be… Ryan: yeah, really shouldn’t do this Matt: this is a white powder we got in the mail Ryan: it’s better(?) we know what that is Ryan: Give me a try! Matt: *reading* greetings from South Africa, oh my god, this is actually from South Africa.. Ryan: wait, really? Ryan: did they adopt those kids for us? Matt: *reading* Dear Matt and Ryan, i was going to send you actual items Matt: not hair, but the postal service in South Africa is Matt: notoriously sketch AF, if this post card makes it to LA Matt: i’ll send you guys some things i have here Matt: umm, wow, I can’t believe people in South Africa watch us, holy shit Ryan: That’s incredible Matt: that’s cool, Thank You, Kaitlyn Nashwhitz Nash- Nashl Na- Ryan: well, that seems to be everthing Matt: wait, we got a pets global post card, um Matt: for premium pussy cat food, Thank You, i get it, because it says pussy in the name Ryan: well, Thank You everybody, who ever sent something, it was a fun video, hopefully it ends soon Matt: yeup

100 thoughts on “MAIL ROOM – EP 4: Glitter Bomb & Advertiser Friendly Toy

  1. Ok but ATV Off-road Fury is a game I grew up playing with my best friend and it’s a treasure to me. I’m not saying you need to play it(it could make a good one-off) but please play that shit. Omfg.
    Also I love you dudes. I just started listening to your podcast the other day and I’m already on episode 20. You guys make my day. ❤️👌🔥

  2. "Merry christm-"
    "Happy holidays…."
    "Merry christm-"
    "*H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S*"

  3. 2:23 I was going to say, give it away to some random kid, but 2 adult men wandering the streets, offering a random child a teddy bear doesn't sound like a good idea. Maybe just give it to a friend with kids. Lol

  4. What I love about your comedy, is that you cut right after the joke, so most of your reaction is cut out and leaves it for the viewer to react to. It catches you off guard while the rest of the video is going. It makes it quick paced and refreshing which is hella nice. 👌👌

  5. Oh my god, those Minecraft books reminded me of these shitty ripoff books I got a year or two ago. “Diary of a farting pikachu” and someother thing in the same line.
    Anyways I fucking loved this, never stop making great content

  6. 3:55 it's been almost two years since I though of this but someone should make a version of a Michael Jackson with this woOH

  7. Somebody should make a "Matt it is all in my shoes compilation" From Glitter to Bugs, along with the rest of the compilations ofcourse.

  8. Is it just me or did the mood change with the painting? It was a nice ass painting but I think we can just all agree the thought of then makes us all a little sad, I think it's funny that nearly everyone here had nothing to do with our passed copadré but we all miss him, respected him and he has a place in all our hearts.

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