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Logo Design LIFE SAVER In Illustrator You NEED TO KNOW

Logo Design LIFE SAVER In Illustrator You NEED TO KNOW

I have an awesomely useful time-saving
technique that you can use for logo designs or just any designs for that
matter when you’re working in a daily illustrator so today’s video is going to
save you a whole lot of time when you’re working on a logo design project but it
could also be applied to icon designs web page graphics or any kind of web
graphics for that matter so firstly we need to make a folder that is going to
be our destination folder for all of the logo files
now I’m going to use a previous logo project as an example for today’s video
and in that project I designed a logo for a drone a mechanics company called
best boola the client wanted their logo as a black
design but for the purposes of today’s tutorial let’s also have a color design
on the left because many Legos do you actually have color and so also you’re
going to want to send their clients a black design and also a White’s design
as well the time-saving tip relates to saving these designs as SPG’s pdfs JPEGs
and PNG s all at once with different scales and transparencies if we can do
this in one go it’s gonna save us so much time
in our graphic design workflow in Illustrator so to achieve this we need
to make use of the export screens of function which is right here so firstly
let’s set up the destination folder and Link any exports to the exact location
now he creates it at a star the video next notice I have all three designs
checked in the export window right here now this ensures that I’m going to
export all three designs with the relevant dimensions and file formats
that we’re going to decide very soon the prefix is going to be the start of the
file formats name and so I’m going to use the title of the brand that I design
the label for I’m not gonna leave an underscore to keep things really neat
which you will see later you can then click the artboards name and i’m gonna
type in the color of each design this is just gonna help me with the file names
being fully organized later down the line as you will soon see so now that’s been completed this is
where the real time-saving features come into play we can add multiple file
formats scales and other things like resolution and dimensions 1x is the
exact size of the design and say 2 X is obviously twice as large and 3x is 3
times as large and so on in the file formats we have SVG PDF JPEG and all
same choices of PNG as well JPEG 100 has the highest quality of all the JPEG
options so we’re not ready to have a PNG exports at the exact scale for all three
designs but let’s go ahead now some more the suffix section would also appear in
the file label title and that’s going to relate to the scale or the settings that
you’ve decided on in the suffix menu so I want to export for PNG s and then I’m
going to move on to the JPEGs the first jpg is the exact scale as the original
design and so I’m gonna type in at 1x before we zoom ahead and show you the
last parts of this function notes that right here you can change the layout of
the export window which is going to be helpful when you have many many are
boards so I have all of my files ready and waiting right here and it was
actually a really really important setting that I forgot to mention if you
go ahead and click the gear cog icon you’re going to access the file format
settings for each file formats so as an example I probably want the PNG is to be
transparent and have no background as such and so I can set that up for right
here in the window I also can change the SVG settings and also the PDF preset as
well so it is really really worth remembering these settings here as it’s
going to determine the final outcome for your design files so we’re ready to go
and it’s just a case of clicking the export button and I am I have 10 file
format settings in place across three designs so I’m exporting 30 designs all
at once now it really used to despise the
process of setting up a client’s design because they may take such a long time
to label each design file and then save it to the relevant file format and so on
export screens is such a lifesaver an illustrator and I hope you can make use
of it in your graphic design workflow if you wanna keep learning essential skills
of illustrator or just about being a graphic designer in general do subscribe
to my channel for weekly graphic design content and of course guys until next
time and design your future today peace

36 thoughts on “Logo Design LIFE SAVER In Illustrator You NEED TO KNOW

  1. This tip is so useful for saving time at the end of a logo design project, but can be applied to various other kinds of projects in Illustrator.
    Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe out there

  2. Advanced technique here SD..

    Surly newer guys should master the longer version first, get a handle on what's going on..


  3. Hey Tom glad to see you. I wanted to ask how can I build my portfolio as I'm a beginner. Should I offer my work for free? Or something else maybe….

  4. Thank you Sir Tom for this helpful information. I had always wanted to use this feature, but was unsure of how to use it effectively. Thank you for sharing this. As always have a great day.

  5. WOW!!!! LOVE the little gear to set default file format details in the export to screens….never dawned on me to click that little icon!!! POOF!!!!! You never disappoint!!!!

  6. Have you tried this method to save JPG? It shows a different color. like- if the main color is 100% black after saving the JPG it shows dark gray!

  7. Ironically, your clickbait title wastes a lot of MY time. Clearly state what the time saving tip is in the title instead of ambiguously calling it an important tip that you NEED to know, just to farm views instead of informing me of whether of not I even know the tip in the first place.

  8. классный видос. обожаю дизайн и 3Д моделирование и поэтому создал свой ютуб канал где показываю свои работы. Если интересно заходите.

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