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Launching Your Digital Marketing Career – Nathan Tanner – Stukent Expert Session

Launching Your Digital Marketing Career – Nathan Tanner – Stukent Expert Session

hello everyone welcome to another
Stukent expert session my name is Trevor Erikson and I’m
pleased to introduce our expert speaker today Nathan Tanner he’s currently a senior HR
product generalist at Linkedin and a best-selling career strategy author with
his latest book being titled “Not Your Parents’ Workplace: critical lessons for
interns and young professionals today” Nathan will be showing his knowledge and
experience on how to launch your digital marketing career in today’s workplace
without any further ado let’s turn it over to Nathan thanks for the intro to
kick things off I want to tell you a quick interview story when i was in
college I applied for a lot of internships and after many rejections i
finally got an interview at one Fidelity Investments I remember putting
on my suit and tie and driving to the office there i met with to financial
advisors and a few minutes into the interview one of them asked can you tell
us about a time when you showed initiative my mind went completely blank
and I couldn’t think of anything to say and I SAT there awkwardly for a while
the only story that came to mind was about a girl who is in one of my classes
I thought was beautiful i wanted to ask her out but I was nervous and eventually
I worked up the courage showed initiative and ask her out and I I knew
this was a dumb I shared it anyway and when I finished I knew my hopes of
landing that internship were also finished the interviewers were polite
but I could tell they were wondering who decided to interview this weirdo in who
shares dating experiences and an interview well as no surprise i didn’t get the job
i did end up marrying the girl but that is a story for another day so why do you think I tell this story
today we’re talking about career development skills networking is a skill,
interviewing is a skill, finding a job is skill these are all skills and
regardless of where you’re at today you can improve these skills through
consistent diligent practice quick intro on me my first job out of college was at
a company called lehman brothers i joined in 2008 just months before they
went bankrupt not only was it the largest bankruptcy
in history but it essentially started the financial crisis and prepared
propelled the u.s. into a recession and I worked in various finance positions
for several years before making the decision to pursue an MBA at BYU and
after a lot of self-examination I felt that a career in HR would be a good fit
and I was thrilled to get an internship at LinkedIn this led to a full-time job
which is where I’m at today and during my final year the MBA program i
published not your parents workplace which is a career strategy book for
college students and young professionals and much of the material we’re going to
discuss comes from my book I’ve been able to mentor and teach hundreds of
students and i know the lessons i’m about to share will help you
successfully launch your career and as a marketing student now is the time for
you to start building your brand it’s not enough to just have a resume having
a professional presence online is critical and linkedin is the
professional profile of record if you don’t have a linkedin profile it’s time
to create one go do it today as you build your LinkedIn profile make sure
the picture you use is professional as for the content of your profile a good
place to start is to take your resume and paste that data into the relevant
sections of your profile this creates a foundation and in time
you can further build out each section of your profile here are two great
resources that can help the first on the left is the linkedin profile check list and the second is the LinkedIn
ultimate cheat sheet you can find both with a simple google search a few stats did you know that profiles with a
picture will result in 14 times more profile views and those who lists skills
on their profile received 13 times more views most importantly if you have a
fully complete and optimized linkedin profile you are 40 times more likely to
receive job opportunities via LinkedIn needless to say taking time to craft a
complete relevant profile is well worth your time I love this quote here from Steve Jobs
good artists copy great artists steal interestingly i think jobs actually
stole this quote from pablo picasso but the application of this quote at least
with regards to linkedin profiles is that you should leverage the work of
those who have gone before you identify digital marketers who you respect find
classmates that recently graduated is there anything you can steal from
these profiles now of course you can’t copy sentences word for word but you can
certainly adapt their work for your own purpose it’s a it’s a great way to start
building a profile always remember that you own your job search there’s likely a list of companies that
recruit for marketing positions at your school this is a great place to start but don’t
limit yourself here’s a quick exercise that might help
you with your search set aside 30 minutes of uninterrupted time completely
block it off on your calendar then make a list of every company you’d like to
work once again don’t limit yourself to only companies
that recruit on campus next of those companies identify five of them on your
list that you would love to work at for each of these companies make a list
of every person you know at the company speaking with friends and family
is a great place to start so is your alumni database look for ways
to be resourceful if you don’t know anyone at the company try linkedin if
you pull up the company’s page on linkedin you can see who in your network
works there those are your first degree connections and equally important you
can see which one of your connections know someone who works there those are your second-degree connections
and your connections can actually make introductions to these people but what if you have no clue what
companies you want to work at in this case the LinkedIn alumni tool is
especially valuable and i’ll do a quick demo so once you’re logged into LinkedIn
up in the top left corner hover over my network and select find alumni this will
take you to the alumni tool from here you can see I went to brigham young
university but your respective University will show up at the top and
then in these fields here in the middle of the page you can see there are
different criterias you cannot you can screen for in this example I’ve
identified individuals who work in the phoenix arizona area that’s important if
there’s a specific location I’ve identified individuals who studied
marketing and individuals who have the skill of social media marketing and then
at the bottom there’ll be a list of all those individuals from your university
so let’s say I want to click on this individual right here at the bottom his name is Scott Cowley I can see a quick
glimpse of his profile here i can connect with him directly but since I
don’t actually know him what i want to do is find individuals who know him who
can make an introduction at the bottom of the screen there are 18 of my first
degree connections people i know who also know Scott these individuals can be really really
helpful in making introductions so that’s a great to a great way to use the
Lincoln alumni tool strongly encourage you to check that out now let’s talk
networking too often networking gets a bad rap when people hear the word
networking too many of us picture a guy like this networking is not about just shaking
hands and passing out as many business cards as possible no effective networking is simply the
practice of building genuine relationships why is networking so important well
seventy percent of jobs are now found through networking I’ve literally
applied for close to 1,000 jobs and I’ve never found a job from simply applying if
your strategy is oh I’m just going to apply for a bunch of positions see what
happens you’ll likely end up with an average job or no job at all be
proactive and don’t sell yourself short I found the targeted networking works
much better than just attending networking events While networking events
can be helpful time is a limited resource you want to develop
relationships with those who can best help you additionally i found that professionals
are much more responsive and helpful when you approach them with specific
relevant questions. the informational interview is the most underrated tool
for building key relationships if there’s one thing you take away from
today’s session this is it an informational interview is simply a
meeting between you the job seeker and a professional the best advice on
informational interviews comes from a very surprising source pitbull the goal
of the info interview is not to get a job but to ask for their advice you want
to learn about their career the industry they work in and specifics about the
company they work for by seeking advice you avoid putting pressure on the
relationship the majority of people love sharing advice as long as their approach
in the right way build a genuine relationship now and the job or money
will come with time a successful informational interview includes the
following five steps in your initial email with the professional provide a
one-sentence summary of yourself share why you want to speak and request
a few minutes of their time to ask questions about their company and work
experience make it clear you’re just asking for advice and thank them in
advance for any time they can share their likely to be very busy so be
flexible with your schedule once you schedule the interview it’s time to prepare spend time learning
about the professional and the company when researching the company it’s
helpful to know what products and services the company offers information
about the CEO as well as basic information about the function: marketing
in which you’d like to work you don’t need to memorize details of
the company’s financial statements but a little research will genuinely convey
interest and improve the quality of your conversation don’t forget to do some quick research
on the individual linkedin profiles can tell you a lot don’t ask questions that are easily answered by
glancing at their profile a rule of thumb is that if something is listed on
a linkedin profile it’s fair game to bring up in a professional way when
starting the info interview here’s a general outline that might help
start by thanking them for their time remind them that you plan to chat for 15
minutes or whatever time you said in the email and ask if that’s still ok
consider asking before ask a few questions would it be helpful if I
shared a little bit about myself they’ll likely say yes this is your
opportunity to provide a brief summary of your background share a little bit about
yourself allowing this allows the professionals
to get to know you better and taylor the responses to your
situation remember you’re the one driving the conversation it’s your
responsibility to make sure that it’s engaging it’s critical to ask good
questions consider asking about their background why they joined their current
company what a typical day looks like an advice they have for someone starting a
career in marketing the better questions you ask the better the conversation and
the more they’ll be able to help you with the allotted time has passed thank them for their time and wrap
things up don’t forget to follow up sending a handwritten note, emailing
gratitude is that it’s a great way to do that if they eventually help you find a
job or made an intro to someone else keep them updated we had a great
conversation and want to stay in touch send an invitation to connect on
linkedin and make sure that you personalize the invitation professionals
are far far more likely to accept your invitation to connect if you
include a personalized note remember that your goal isn’t to make a contact
you are building a relationship after talking to people at your dream
companies you may learn that you don’t don’t have enough experience some
companies unfortunately won’t give you experience unless you already have
experience this can be incredibly frustrating thankfully there are several ways to
gain that needed experience internships are a great way to go if you
can find one ask yourself are there any course
projects that are relevant is there a marketing related case
competition you can enter is there a professor that needs help on a project
is there a local startup that needs help with their marketing if you can’t find
paid work consider working for free while this may not be ideal unpaid work
can be a great entry point for your career do high-quality work and this will lead to paid opportunities
your LinkedIn profile should be so much more than an online resume you can add
videos, slide decks, articles and other types of media on your profile showcase
your work and start building your brand here’s a profile i love here you can see
under the education section there’s a press release for a club where this
individual was a president as well as a project that that he worked on this next
profile great bullet points highlighting education and extracurricular activities
as well as a research project here all the way to the rule that he wrote and it
was relevant to the career in the direction he wanted to go in it’s important to develop your
competitive advantage the framework i’m about to share comes from Reid Hoffman’s
book, “The Startup of You” and I expand on this further in my book if you want to
compete in a global workforce you must act as the CEO of your career and take
control of your professional future you can develop a professional competitive
advantage by answering questions regarding your assets your aspirations
and the market realities your assets are what you are inherently good at what do
you have going for you this can include soft assets such as
knowledge skills and connections as well as hard assets such as cash and
investments for your aspirations think about where you want to go in the future what do you want to do who do you want
to become and lastly market realities what will people actually pay you for and where is there a market demand ask
yourself where you fall in this diagram where you fall in this Venn diagram some
people can answer these questions easily for others it may take years I want to close with a quote i believe
is relevant to today’s workplace it is not the
strongest or the most intelligent that survives it is the one that is most
adaptable to change you have a long career ahead of you so take time to
invest in yourself become a lifelong learner continually look for ways to
improve and always remember that you are in charge of your career development alright thanks Nathan for that awesome
expert session we’re going to link up all of the important resources and notes
that Nathan spoke about in this expert session and just a quick reminder to go
out and follow Nathan online you can do so from his website at
and you can also follow him on twitter at NHTanner and don’t forget on
amazon you can find his his latest book “Not your Parents’ Workplace.” once again
Nathan appreciate your time today and good luck to everyone in their future

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