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Is Creating A Social Presence Hard? – Social Media Marketing Tips – The Expert Plumber

Is Creating A Social Presence Hard? – Social Media Marketing Tips – The Expert Plumber

We’re back with Ask The Experts with Texas
Green Plumbing. Roger Wakefield and his friend Ryan Harper
with Propelio. And I guess let’s go ahead and jump into. Alright. Do you enjoy social media? Sometimes. I’ll let you go first. I’ll say sometimes, you know, on one hand
it’s like, you know, I’ve been accused; man, you’re always on there. It’s like you think if I wasn’t working I’d
be on it that much? Like I do it for work. Like anytime I just do some silly post or
silly live – I do live and drives, which is probably not safe but you know, but, yeah,
I may not be, I might just be goofing off, but it’s mainly for getting your name out
there, staying engaged. And enjoy it? Yeah, I guess I do, but sometimes it’s hard. Like we were talking before, like we met through
LinkedIn, but the last two weeks have been just so busy at work that, what’s the first
thing that slipped? My LinkedIn videos just because I totally
forgot about them. Yeah. You know, and it hurts, but I gotta get back
on it. And he talks about live and drives. We don’t recommend you try those at home. He’s a trained professional. I’m not. It’s also in the Department of Public Safety
Handbook that that is not a good thing to do. I drive a black Toyota. I think there are signs out right now that
says horns up? Exactly. Horns up and cameras down. Ready for kickoff are we? I’ll tell you what, I love doing social media
now. I love doing the videos, I love doing the
radio shows, I love going out and coaching and talking to people and, you know, e video
that stuff. And I still remember the very first time,
and it was for American standard that I had to do a Facebook live, and I had never done
one and I was supposed to do that on a installing a toilet. And I had the tripod set up, have the iPad
set up and we get in and I go back there and all of a sudden I realized I can’t get it
in the restroom enough where I installed the toilet to get a good shot. So, and I’m supposed to go live in like five
minutes. So I’m ripping the door off to try to scoot
it back a little bit and I get it scooted back and all of a sudden I’m burning up. I go to the air conditioner, it had jumped
up to 74 because it’s the middle of the day. I’m trying to turn it down to like 47 and
it won’t cool down quick enough. And then I go to hit live and I don’t have
enough wifi connection. So it’s searching for a connection. And so I shut it all down, pull it all back
up, do it again. Of course by now I’m five minutes late, so
now I’m really sweating and then I get a connection. And I start to go live and the guy starts
mowing the yard and he mows right outside my window. And I look up and my wife is there and I look
up at her and she says, do you want me to go get him to stop? I’m like, yes, please. Now. So yeah, but now it’s fun. I mess up. I’ll say this is the best part about social
media and doing the live videos or doing any kind of video content is; the goal for me
is to make it look easy. And all that stuff is on the backside, like
that’s a secret. Like if you saw my how I do a live and drive,
you’re going to be like “oh my God, are you stupid?” Because most people would just put a – are
their phone. If y’all want to know the answer that text
me later and I’ll… I have a – I have an audio board that I have
mounted to my windshield that I can run a Rode mic into my phone while I’m driving home
at night with a light in my face. That’s a little intricate. Yeah. But you know, the one thing I’ll say about
all the video stuff and all the social media for me, you know, we were talking about; I
said sometimes do enjoy it, sometimes. If I could wrap it up in one word, it’d be
humbling. Because we do live in a bubble. Like when you are doing your video there,
if you’re not paying attention to the comments, you’re just an idiot talking into a phone
or an idiot talking to a camera. But like once you start engaging, that’s the
word of the hour. It is humbling to see what kind of effect
to see that you actually helped somebody replace their own toilet without having to spend thousands
of dollars or whatever. It’s a good feeling. So that whole, the ability to change somebody’s
life for the positive. It’s a cool feeling. I guess with the all all said and done, you
know, with your, with your videos, Roger, you know why? Why do you teach people, I guess, if you will,
to fix their own plumbing? Let’s look at it this way. Like I said, I’m not the cheapest plumber
in town, so if somebody calls me and wants me to change out a flapper, I’m probably not
the right guy. Our company’s probably not the right company. But then again, on the other hand when we
come out there, we’re not just going to change your flapper. We’re going to evaluate your plumbing system. We’re probably gonna do a minor rebuild. We’re gonna check the flush valve to see if
it needs to be replaced too because it might not just be the flapper, it may be the flush
valve. But when we come out and do the flapper, we’re
probably gonna do the fill valve because we’re already there. Go ahead and do the minor rebuild or if it
needs it, a major rebuild and change that to. And if you don’t know what those are, go to
The Expert Plumber on Youtube, watch the videos. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. That’s awesome. I literally show people step by step how to
do it. My thing is if – you know, I told you the
lady I taught how to do her toilets. She told me, I promise you if I ever have
a plumbing problem, I can’t fix. I’m calling you. Because people buy from people they know,
like, and trust. I’ve saved that lady a thousand dollars. She – and here’s what I tell people. She’s just not going to call you, she’s
going to get her friends to call you. You Bet.Yeah, because she did she. She told me, look, I put it on Facebook. So here’s the deal and here’s what I teach
people; whenever I’m doing a coaching class, I teach people social media and video is the
way to get people to invite you into their homes, their cars, their offices, their – go
on a walk with them through the park or jogging, and they will invite you in to let you talk
to them about what you do and they actually listen to you. Kinda neat. And real quick, just because earlier we were
talking about the top two things that we could recommend and in the commercial break, you
know, plumbing is so big. I don’t think people realize how important
the pipes on your, on your house really are. Like it’s one of those hidden things. It’s like if you let it go water, like look
at the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon essentially is just a little
river that’s been there for gajillion of years. So if you have a pipe that’s cracked, if you
have any kind of plumbing issues, if you let it go without an expert to come in and fix
it or look at it or give you recommendations, your house eventually will implode. And here’s the thing, and this is the one,
one of the biggest things I recommend for buyers, whether you’re an investor as a buyer,
whether you’re a homeowner as a buyer, if you’re buying a house, spend the money to
a sewer and water test. We charge $350. I don’t know what other people charge some
charge more, some charge less. To do that $350 test we can tell you whether
the water lines or sewer lines are leaking under your house. You’ve said this once before – more than once! As an investor, investors are inherently cheap. We are cheap. We don’t want to spend money on anything,
but I’m telling you what, $350 to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a headache, you know,
that’ll be the most. That’ll be the most expensive house that you
didn’t buy. And you’ll thank Roger for telling you not
to buy that house. Real quick, you know we don’t have much time,
let’s get the website out. It’s That’s Roger Wakefield, our expert plumber
for Ask The Experts. His phone number is 972-442-4101. And Ryan Harper is with Propelio and that’s You know, wrapping it up a little bit. Roger, what – What would you like our listeners
to know from our expert plumber? The most important thing that I would tell
them is pull over right now, pull out your phone, get on Youtube, go to The Expert Plumber,
subscribe to that channel. If you subscribe to that channel, you’re going
to learn things. It’s going to teach you things that you can
do at your house. It’s going to teach you things that even if
you’re not the person to. If you’re Ryan and you’re like, look, I’m
not rebuilding the toilet. I’m not touching anything that may have ever
touched poop. That’s fine. When you call a plumber, you’re going to at
least know about it. If you’re going to know what that plumbers
talking about, you’re going to know what he should be doing. I had somebody send me a quote the other day,
the verbiage of it, because they were repiping under their house and I read through it and
I called the guy back. I said, number one, I’ll tell you, I don’t
think this is accurate. I don’t think it’s right. I don’t think they’re really going to do this
job. I said, and if you look, this is in Plano. They’re not pulling a permit. They’re not getting it inspected, they’re
not having an engineer report, and these are things that are required. It’s almost like calling a handyman to do
your plumbing, guys, that’s not good. You’re going to get screwed. If I can have like 20 seconds – 10 seconds. If you were, I don’t care where you are in
the country or the world. If you are listening to the radio and you
hear hey, come to this three day workshop. Come to this free workshop, free, free, free,
free, free. Learn how to real estate and it’s free. It’s not free. What they’re going to do when you get there
is there going to try to charge you a thousand dollars to go to their three day weekend. When you go to the three day week and they’re
going to try to charge you $10,000 to go to a week long thing. At the week long thing, they’re going to upcharge
you to go to a $30,000, $50,000 program. That’s the secret. That’s what they want you to do. Sorry, I don’t mean That’s what I was going to do. or 972-442-4101. That’s or I’m Anthony’s Sumilia with Roger Wakefield
and Ryan Harper. Ya’ll have a beautiful day and Hook ‘Em

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