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Three words to describe myself… ummm I’m persistent. Creative and driven. Organised. Funny. A little bit obsessive compulsive. And a perfectionist for sure. Adventurous. Ahhh my favorite meal… Anything spicy Anything Mexican. That’s a really hard one. I don’t know. Nothing better than a steak and veggies. Chicken schnitzel with veggies
and mash potato. Ahh actually Thai. What I’ve learnt working at
Grand Stand Events is… To evolve with the industry and
build more efficiently. And you don’t know how strong you are
until you have to be. Just how to have fun at work. Resilience that’s the word. That nothing’s possible without having a team that works together. Insight into the
office at Grand Stand Events… Making things happen. It’s not what happens in
Vegas stays in Vegas but we definitely have a lot of laughs. We work hard and we
get to be part of the results. What gets me up in the morning? You know what let’s just leave that one? Definitely my kids first and foremost. I just wake up. The desire to make a difference. The school run, love a sleep in
on the weekend. My biggest dream would be… To live life to the fullest.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. To be happy and be surrounded
with good people and family. Leave a lasting impression. To be successful in something creative. Hi I’m Colin Saggus, I’m the Project Manger
here at Grand Stand Events. What is my role? My name is Lauren, I am an Account Manager
at Grand Stand Events. Hi my names Rod,
I am the Warehouse Manager. I’m Emma and I am the Senior
Accounts Manager here. I’m the Managing Director or the Director? I’m Amanda and I’m the Event Co-ordinator. My name is Christian McNally and I pretty much do whatever girls tell me to.

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