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okay guys, good morning and welcome
back to the vlog, Chase is texting me. We woke up early, I had my dentist
appointment today. I had made it forever ago to get my permanent retainer put in
and then I showed up and they’re like oh it didn’t come in we called you to tell
you we cancelled it. They did not. I would remember a canceled tennis women because
it would’ve made me happy because I don’t enjoy going so now we’re up early
so I have Savannah we just decided to go ahead and go buy McDonald’s and she
wanted a bacon egg and cheese biscuit and I got a egg white to light McMuffin
so we’re just gonna make it a little morning have breakfast together and then
head back to the house but I thought I was gonna be telling you guys about my
retainer but and they dropped them all on that one so that’s kind of how it’s
been in this process like I went to them for years for like teeth cleanings and
like I think a chase has been there like almost his whole life they’re really
good on that side but as far as then bizzle inside I feel like it’s it’s just
been a lot it’s been crazy so mistakes happen though we’re gonna
eat and then head home okay guys we are back home like I said
we went to McDonald’s and we were eating it we brought it home to eat
Savannah’s just watching her it’s science she’s watching her science
lesson and just finishing up her biscuit so it’s like a project day and sometimes
if we do them she’ll go ahead and go on like she’ll watch how to do the lesson
and then go on to do it and sometimes she’s like I don’t care we’ll just skip
it so I think we’re gonna just skip it today but she just wanted to watch how
they made it and then it’s nice with this Bob Jones
there’s things I love about it things like don’t but one of the things I like
about it is you get a workday after a project so if we have to spend all day
working on it or need to go into two days and allows that or if we don’t do
the project we just kind of get two days off which is kind of nice and that’s
typically what we do just to kind of give ourselves a break I felt like when
you’re in public school you get like professional days and Martin Luther King
I don’t know you get a lot of like one-off days and we can’t really take
those it’s hard for me to take one day off it’s easier to take a week off at a
time because our lessons are kind of planned as a week so when we can take a
day off or just like one of the lessons we can’t really take the day off that
even just skipping science a few days it’s just kind of nice so I do need to
pack at some point today I’m gonna start laundry and we’re gonna start packing
when you guys are seeing this we’re currently coming back from our trip but
I’m pre filming so we don’t have to film on our trip because I just want it to be
about savanah it’s her birthday weekend and I just wanna be able to spend time
with her so I’ve got a pack I got to get our luggage down I need to get probably
laundry clean because we’re all bad about like we wear the same thing over
and over so we probably have plenty of outfits to pack but the ones we are
wanting are probably dirty he’s before them anybody else like that so I need to
do that what else I’m about to hear in a little bit I’m gonna pause this and
actually switch over and I think for my cleaning video for you guys and I don’t
know but let’s get today started your soul what do you have okay guys I just
finished up my cleaning video that’ll be coming up shortly got a lot of fun
videos coming up so definitely make sure you are subscribed to this channel but
also my until vacuum do its part channel I don’t know what it is but 2020 just
feels so good I thought I’d be so tired after doing vlogmas that I wouldn’t have
it in me but I feel like I’ve just come out like 2020 with a bang I don’t know
I’ve just been loving the videos and stuff that I’ve been putting up and I’ve
been trying to focus more on that so you guys are loving the intro I’ve been
trying to like answer those I answer every comment down below so I’m trying
to get back to you guys but I did Kri like it was my design and my idea but I
actually had somebody else come in and film it and I’m editing for me so and
she did amazing and she’s the one that takes like our family pictures when we
have them done which we need to do soon just because George we’re sitting
outside so he’s playing with them George needs to be in our family photos so
we’ll be doing that at some point I’m sorry he’s bumping the table but yeah I
have like a decorate and clean with me for Valentine’s Day I have a whole house
cleaning I don’t know there’s just so much I need to declutter some areas but
I feel like you guys are just loving my videos this year so thank you so much
for all the love and support thank you for like liking them thank you for
sharing them you guys have you can definitely tell you guys have been to
join them so I just appreciate it so so so much but it was hot I was hot
from cleaning it is so weird I know I talked about this put on my last vlog
but it’s like beautiful here it’s been in like the I think the high today is 60
and there’s no Sun so I thought oh it’s gonna be cold and chilly but it’s not
it’s just beautiful so I need to take the boys on a walk here in a little bit
in Savannah and then but what’s crazy is like Oklahoma weather for you it’s been
like 62 and 60 and then we leave a Saturday to go to Dallas Texas for
Selena’s birthday and Friday night it’s like
and so I think there’s chance of like tornadoes on Friday and then like
Saturday or like late Friday early Saturday there’s a chance of like 1 to 3
inches of snow the weather is about to get bad and that’s the day we’re driving
so if it gets really bad we’d cancel it but it would have to take a lot we
rather just like take her time and drive down there slowly the first appointment
isn’t until like 2:15 so we could take the entire day to get down there but
savannah would not be happy if we had to cancel so we’re gonna do whatever we
have to to get down there it may just take us a while but that’s what’s going
on and that’s kind of why I’m pre filming all these videos because I just
want to enjoy the weekend with her these boys they’re crazy out here this weather
just like makes them frisky so oh I’ll show you the outfit you guys my last
vlog Savannah’s pin pal got her this cute
little shirt she’s wearing it today it’s super cute though really super
super cute I’m like does it come in my size I would totally wear that oh and
another thing I came inside I’d love to do like an Ikea shop with me so
depending on like weather and a time and just scheduling if I can make it to Ikea
and film like a video and just it may not be real long because I don’t know
how much time we’ll have but and just kind of pick up some few things like
some of my favorites that I love to pick up when I’m there I’ll try to do that so
definitely let me know down in the comment section or like this video if
that’s something you want to see you definitely like this video and if I get
a lot then I’ll know to go ahead and like if I film it then all no delight go
ahead and edit and put it up I know that’s not like a typical vlog but I
think it would be fun to do or maybe I’ll vlog that last day coming home once
we’re done with all her party stuff I don’t know I’m gonna take my camera just
in case because you never know but I would love to head to Ikea just because
we’re never near one so I’d love to go by there I love IKEA but we’re just not
there and shipping to get things here is crazy so that’s actually what I need to
start doing I need a walk around and I kind of need a surf their website and
see if there’s anything I need so while I’m down there and I’m hoping if ingress
crossed I have time to run by there it’s savanna I’m like it’s her birthday
weekend so I don’t know that she wants to go by there but it’s also like we’re
never here so if we have time we’re going to the only reason we want
is Tiger is going to be going to my mom’s house but we’re actually gonna put
George he’s going to well he was going to a patio cabin so he’s going to stay
at like a little doggie hotel type thing and I had got him a room you come in I
got him a room with like his own door and patio think you know that’ll be good
it felt so good lately he can come and go as he needs to but now it’s freezing
and I don’t want him to be cold in a little room with a door so we switched
him to another one without the door but I just don’t I don’t like leaving my
dogs places but George and my mom’s dog hug George is just so excited and tugs a
very old and just kind of hurt and can’t walk much and like George wants to play
with them so it’s just better that like he goes and spends the night which I
think George will love it to be honest I think they even have like flat-screen
TVs up for him to watch and he’ll have his own special bed and we’ll take all
his goodies and toys but that’s the learners and I wanted her to get back
just cuz I don’t want him left there too long but I don’t even use my like nice
expensive camera I feel like iPhone cameras are so clear
so if you’re wanting your like Instagram page to look really good even if you’re
like an influencer or not the best way to do that is get a filter there’s even
like free ones on Instagram so just pick one of those and stick with it and then
all your pictures will start looking the same and it just looks very professional
and like pleasing to the eye now especially if you want to like make
money on Instagram and all that I would definitely start making your page look a
little bit prettier so Instagram has free ones
I know blog meg has a pretty you know well priced one I use the Alex Garza
filter that she created and it was a little bit more but I love it I love the
coloring it does I still have to make a few tweaks depending on the lighting
like sometimes I changed the warmth or I change like how bright it is because
sometimes my house is already bright and then her filter makes it bright and so
it’s too bright so I’ll turn it down but that’s
I use and then your photos start to look the same even if you’re in different
Lighting’s or different part of your house so that’s how you do that and I
think that’s just fun to do even if you’re just a stay-at-home mom it’s just
a creative way to like have something fun to take pictures of your house if
you’re out Fitz and make your page look pretty I don’t know I think it something
fun to do she’s so creative she wants her doll to have an outfit to match and
this is a shirt she had pretty much grown out of it was just getting too
short so she is cutting it up and designing clothes for her American Girl
doll so creative I wish I had your brain I’ll show you an end result but look at
this already I think that was just she’s like cut holes in the arms she’s
pinned in the back like that actually looks like a t-shirt and it’s just the
bottom like she just cut off the bottom of this shirt way to go what’s her name but this one’s
Brooklyn okay Savannah for Christmas got this
like mannequin head so that I’ll take it over the baby okay so that she could
play with her hair and Savannah has her set up in here what she looks so cute
and then something I can see out the window but chase just got home for her
boys I’m gonna take you out here to show you
she doesn’t have blinds of his blinds broke and when I was in there as a
beauty room it wasn’t a big deal and then when we switched rooms like look at
that how creepy that that’s hilarious she’s just staring Sammy I did almost
hit my brakes we should put a light on her at night she looks like from the outside
that’s hilarious creepy what’s her name Esther’s watch in the house you better
not try to bug us get ya okay I’m about to ask you a few
questions about the house and decorating but we’ve lived here almost four years
and I still don’t know what these do like I come in here and I have to hit
all four of them to get one line that I want to turn on
I think Chase is the same way okay I have to be very careful what I’m showing
you because they’re stuff I can’t show you yet but here’s my dilemma well let’s
start over here I think I’ve already had this conversation with you guys kind of
so we were talking about the mirror up here which we’re not gonna do
but you guys like this green wreath up here but in order to make that happen I
really feel like this is deja vu so I’ve I’ve have two over say ship with you
guys I’m so sorry but I like this up here but I think my green plant does
better here because when I have my green plant right here my other ones over on
this side of the house and I just feel like it’s too much so I like when this
is in the dining room and all then I’ll put my wreath up here I don’t know I’m
gonna rearrange this real fast so kind of see it before that they’re all a
tiger and hold on and then this side and I’m gonna rearrange – you guys can tell
me which what you like better I just got one thing on my mind uh-huh
baby one day I’m gonna cut you open mind okay now it looks a little more plain in
here but I do think I like that better let me let George in well first you want
to come in good boy okay so this that’s kind of how
this side looks I mean I love the green up there but I think that still looks
fine and then this way I kind of like the idea
there’s something about a picture the signs on the greenery right here I don’t
know I just think it flows really well and then these two aren’t competing
because there’s not like a plant here on a plant here there’s like the gold so
let me know do you guys like it better the first way or the second way because
I’ll rearrange it if I have to won’t I don’t make me do it George we’re trying
to let him have as much outside time as possible oh you’re gonna fall off be
careful it’s gonna start raining and it’s gonna rain for quite a few days so
we’re letting them get outside okay guys I kind of forgot about you guys again
it’s a little bit later I think I’ve been saying that every one of my vlogs
we just dropped Sofia off and we’re gonna head into Chili’s for dinner we
wanted to do a date night pretty often this year so that’s what we’re doing
baby what you get okay
it’s allowed but I hope you guys can hear me do you ever come to Chili’s get
the skillet queso with flour tortillas it is the best thing ever okay we’re out so actually um I don’t
think I ever got to talk about in there we like to get the two for 25 and you
get an advertiser to share two entrees and then a dessert to share so it’s a
pretty good deal if you’re doing like a date night we did AB at the case kill it
to it cuz that’s not on the list but there cheesecake is so really good but
while we’re out we’re gonna go ahead and run by Ross and home goods on target
it’s just nice when Sabinas not with us just to like and especially the thing of
the day when you worked all day I just want to go people yeah and there’s leap
down the aisles kid you don’t usually enjoy going to a bunch of stores with
your parents so well and she’s with Grandma so she’s having the best evening
ever exactly we can enjoy going shopping a little bit let’s head over there and
see what we can find nobody is that Ross tonight these are
probably just the workers what is going on I have it to myself you’re saving it
for you here I come Ross here I come last time
we came though it was like like nothing nothing within her so hopefully they’ve
restocked since like Christmas and the new year this is insane to me
like where did everything go do people really give purses as Christmas gifts
like this many purses okay this is the only thing I picked up I really love
this stuff I actually got it free one time and a grocery pick up they just
gave it to me and I’ve been obsessed ever since so Walmart Market or
advertising totally worked but last time I ordered it they gave me the blue lid
one and I didn’t think much about it and then I just realized it’s like an actual
lotion and on a cleanser and so I went ahead and picked this up it’s the huge
one how many ounces is this I get nine point five and it was only $5.99 so if
you guys need a good makeup remover this will get anything off like anything oh
you guys always asked me how I get my lipstick off like my aunt Colorstay this
is what we’ll take it off so here’s all the knobs we bought for
our kitchen cabinets and bathroom countertops so 4-pack is $9.99 but if
you’re getting like a $15.00 for 6.15 for 6 bucks oh and sometimes they have
on like in the bigger suds they don’t right now yeah this one right here let’s
missing a knob you get that probably half off take it to the front oh it is
it’s actually discount already ornate but they always have really cool knobs
here just to kind of add something to your house so much cheaper than Lowe’s
or help you yeah they really are they’re so much cheaper they have some really
neat shower curtains you guys always like my white ones because they have
detail oh so it’s 2014 it’s got a lot more
design this one’s cool that one’s the one exactly have 17 that’s 17 oh yeah I
bought it from here so that’s probably the same brand have a cool gray there’s
one 410 this is too plain I think that’s more like a liner confusing I know so chase which ones
would you call mine she’s always wanted one little ego perfect with my house I
know right I somebody tell me why these are out it is January make it stop this
was insane okay I’m not against the flip-flops but
I’m against the baton psa’s okay we were in target by the way I think I showed
you those swimsuits and I don’t think I ever said well we were going but chase
is up here if you need it just seen you guys should see the skimpy bathing suit
you got my speedo turned out okay okay I think I’m gonna go ahead and end this
here we got to go pick up Savannah so thank you guys so much for watching and
hanging out with us do not miss our til vacuum channel we have so many cool
videos coming out I don’t want you to miss them and I’ll see you guys in the
next one. bye


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