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How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Money In 2020 w/ Lian Zheng Wen

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Money In 2020 w/ Lian Zheng Wen

– Hey, welcome to my new video. My name is Vova and I’m an
active seller on Amazon. Today I have a very special guest for you. Today I’m accompanied by Lian Zheng Wen. And Lian owns a Digital Marketing Agency, which helps small businesses
and local businesses generate leads, clients, and eventually, get more sales and up their revenue. Today’s video topic is
gonna be how to open a Digital Marketing Agency with no money. So Lian, man, please
introduce yourself to us. I’m really happy to have you
here, we’re in Singapore. – Thanks for having me here, man. – Yeah, and we’re in Singapore now, and it’s my first time here, and– – We finally met after
a year, I don’t know, like, it’s last August, I think it was. – It’s a year and a half. – A year and a half, yeah. – And, yes, I’m happy to
introduce the special– – Thanks for having me man. – Friend and a special person. – Yeah. – So please, man,
introduce yourself to us. Tell us about yourself. Tell us your story, man. I think we’re pretty excited,
I’m pretty excited, man. – I’m excited too. Right. So my name is Zheng Wen, and you know, I did something which I didn’t
think I would do, you know, just a few years back. I was trying a lot of different stuff. And, you know, setting up
a Digital Marketing Agency with zero dollars wasn’t
something I really expected to do. And it was kind of more
out of desperation, right? ‘Cause, you know, a lot of
people especially, you know, especially people who
are listening, right? Entrepreneurs or Wantepreneurs, right? You know, they are looking,
a lot of them don’t have much capital to start if they’re young like me, and you know but they have
like, such huge dreams. And you know, whereas,
you know, if you’re doing things like drop shipping,
or Amazon or, you know, any like physical product
thing, you kind of need at least a small amount
of money, about 1000, 2000 to just kickstart your business. And you don’t even know if
it’s you know gonna work. So, you know, I did Digital
Marketing Agency, you know, just because I have
some skills in Facebook. And you know, I really enjoyed it, man. – That’s awesome. – Yeah, and you know,
it’s out of desperation that, that I kinda did it… – So you kind of started
’cause you wanted to work, you were a bit desperate
to do something ’cause you wanted obviously, you
have tried different things online as well. – Yeah, he would know about it. – Yeah, we actually met a
while ago and we became friends and actually I’m very excited to interview this special man today. And so Digital Marketing Agency, man, I don’t have a Digital Marketing Agency. So could you tell us what is
a Digital Marketing Agency? Like what it is all about? How does it look, what is it, what
is a Digital Marketing Agency? – Okay, so super simple
in layman’s terms, right? A Digital Marketing Agency, you
know, it’s just kind of like you as a service, selling your
services to a local business, you know, you start
small for local business, or a small business, you know, that can afford your services. You know, it’s not much, it’s
like 1,000 or 1.5 thousand. You know, to help them generate
more clients, more revenue, because these are the kind
of people that you wanna help and you’re especially using
Facebook ads or Instagram to help them market. So you’re not necessarily doing like, things like flyers anymore, you know, those like super outdated, you know. I still have a friend,
weirdly enough that does. I think I’ve told you
this before actually. I have a friend who used Facebook. Oh, sorry not Facebook, newspaper ads. – Really? – Yeah. And I think for one print
on the Street Times, I think it was like, I think
a few hundred or a thousand, just for one print, like
you could spend them on ads, and get back like 10 times
more, an infinite amount of revenue ’cause he had zero, they’re like absolutely no results, you know. So I thought you know, that’s what a Digital
Marketing Agency is, right? You help other businesses
generate leads, generate clients, on Facebook. – So you can start a
Digital Marketing Agency, if I understand it right, if you have no capital
in generally, right? – Yeah. – You can do it by having
some specific skills which we’re going to be
speaking about as well. And then essentially do it
with zero money up front, like, can you tell us a
little bit more about this. Like, how does it work? Like how you start a
Digital Marketing Agency with no money whatsoever? – Okay, cool. So I’m really glad you asked. There’s something that
I wanted to, you know, share with you guys, was that, you know, if you wanna start
something with no money, expect to put a lot of hustle into it. It is something a lot
of people don’t share. So how I basically started
was, I sent emails. I sent I think, every
single day I sent about, I think 200 emails every single day. – Wow man! – Yeah. And that’s just the start. So your have follow up sequences, and you have to reply if they reply you. So I was like sending out 200
new emails every single day. And I was replying, I
was doing the follow ups. Of course, follow ups, you
know I consider a new email, right? Not a new email chain. So, I was spending like,
two to four hours every day just sending emails to people, you know, hey, are you interested in my services? I have this, I have that, you know. It’s relatively cheap, right? You can do it for free,
totally free one, if you just, you know, just log on to like, say, if you’re interested in dentist, right? Which is what I started with, right? So I have a spa client, as well as a dentist So, what I did was I
scraped all the emails from wherever I could find,
Google, LinkedIn, or, you know, all these kind of places. And I had, like, I think
right now I have like 1000 email, right? So every single day, I
would just message them and message and email them. There’s some people who get
back to you, some people don’t. But, you know, and chances
are is that, you know, they won’t get back to you, right? – Of course. – But, you know, I think
that’s where you have to put in the hustle,
to just start working. And, you know, that’s essentially how you start it with zero capital. And you know the funny thing
about this is you don’t even have to worry about paying for a domain, because you can just
use your personal email. – Personal email? – Yeah, I mean, obviously
gets you lower results, but you know, zero dollars
spent, zero dollars. – So to sum it up, when you
wanna start a Digital Marketing Agency with no money you
have to put in a lot of time. Because you’re starting with
no money obviously, right? You have to put a lot of time, and you don’t even need domains, you don’t even need a website. Actually you can send cold
emails to people, and therefore, hopefully some of them
will get back to you, and some will not. – Yeah, it’s number– – That’s a really
interesting question, man. So you do send them,
some reply, some don’t. But where do you find these emails? Where you find the people? How would you know that you’re sending? Or do you find the businesses on Google or how do you do that? – Well, I’m glad you asked man. Okay, so what I did was super primitive. It’s no secret sauce, no special sauce. So you know, if I ask
a stranger, you know, could you help me find,
let’s say you know, we’re like here right at the Starbucks enjoying a cup of coffee. – Oh, yeah– – If I asked you, how would
I find Starbucks’ email? Right? How would you do it? You just log onto the website, and you will probably have
like an email contact there. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t logged on, but most businesses do
have their email there, you know, their numbers
and everything, man. It should be under contact us. – Yeah. – Right, so the secret,
if there ever is a secret, is find a website, you know? So what I did was I just searched for list of dentists in Singapore. – Oh, wow! – And I just I scrapped
you know, all their emails, and I just, you know,
I think to get an email was like five minutes. You can imagine for me
to get like 1,000 emails. – 1000 emails. – Yeah, you know, you get pass over time, get more efficient, and there
are better ways to go about it but it was how I started. Not sending that’s from a computer, I’m not even sending emails yet, but collecting a good
list, and then slowly sending them out, you know. So it really is, I would
say, putting in the effort and using a little bit
of creativity, right? I don’t think it takes too much creativity to go like google all dentists
in like Nashville, Ohio, I don’t think it takes too much. – Yeah, all right. So again, to wrap this part up, you can find different emails
or different businesses by for example, if you wanna
give Digital Marketing Agency services for dentists in
order to help the dentist grow his client list, to get eventually more sales, you will go to different
websites of different businesses that you wanna promote in your area, find their emails there, it’s not an easy, you gotta work manually, right? But nevertheless, it does work, right? – It does work yeah. – Yeah, and some people will not answer as he mentioned earlier,
some people will answer, and eventually you get
people, you get those follow up emails, right? – Yeah, follow up emails. – So somebody answers you for example, and then you already
have kind of an email– – Email sequence, you know. I think the secret really
is in the sequence, ’cause my reply rates for the first email. Sorry, open rates for the
first emails are about 50%. – All right! – Which is actually not high. ‘Cause I know people who
do 80, 90% open rates, and within that 80, 90% they have like, I think like a 20% to 40% reply. – I understand, wow. – Yeah, so they get about 20 or 30 replies every single hundred emails they send out. You know, and obviously, I
didn’t have the money to, or rather I didn’t wanna spend the money. Or, you know, if you don’t have the money, you can just write your
own sequence, you know, YouTube, how to write email sequences, cold email sequences,
cold email outreach. And you’ll just get seven,
at least 7, 8, right? And just send it to them
every single day, yeah. – I understand. So yeah, again, it’s a
lot about manual work, and you gotta hustle to get those emails. But you find them on different
websites of those businesses that you want to promote. I have another question for you. So, for example, it sounds interesting, this Digital Marketing Agency
idea, but who is this for? What type of person would suit
to open this kind of business or this kind of venture,
what do you think? – Okay, so I’m really glad you asked. So, just a little bit into
my story was that, you know, the reason why I started
entrepreneurship was because I was, you know, at first it
was something to prove. But, you know, my family had, you know typically people people are
like, I have something to prove, I don’t wanna work nine to five, I’m different from these people. And I’m sure a lot of you
guys can relate, right? – Yeah, probably. – I know, he definitely relates
and I relate as well, right? But that didn’t get me,
you know, and that made me start businesses, but
ultimately, I settled on Digital Marketing Agency. And, sorry. I’m so sorry, what’s the question again? So mistakes, right? – It’s awesome man. I think part of a healthy interview is to get excited a little bit. Because we wanna help
others who are watching. – Exactly, right? – And yeah, it’s just fine. So the question was like, who is this for? Who should or who has the
chance or who should try this kind of venture,
this kind of business? Yeah, that kind of thing. – Okay, right. So, okay, so to bring back the question. So, you know, if you’re someone who like, doesn’t have any money, but
you know, for whatever reason, you have that burning
desire to start a business, and you know there are so many
options, email, affiliates, you can start a YouTube channel, you know, you could do so many other
options, drop shipping, Amazon, Amazon FBA, it’s a huge
thing for him by the way, it’s a huge thing now, right? But all these more or less,
require at least a little bit of capital, it’s not a lot, you know. The barrier of entry is a lot lower. But you know, I think
agency is really for people who wanna start with little to
no money on the online area. For whatever reason, you know, your family is not doing very well. And you wanna help out
you know however you can, you don’t really confine
to the nine to five job. You know, you want to
break up the social norms. I think, you know,
people like us, you know, we can relate to these kind of things. And this is good for a start, you know, ’cause you have a lot of things to do, expectations of clients always
are hard to handle, right? So, eventually, you know,
it’s a good starting point for people who wanna start an agency with no money down at all. So I think that’s good. You know, you have that little bit of entrepreneurial spirit,
you can try it out. And I think of all the online things, just my personal opinion,
this is the easiest one to get into, yeah. – So again, the Digital
Marketing Agency will be good for those who wanna do something,
so to say entrepreneurial, to start their own kind of venture, kind of business with no money. That’s what’s interesting. You don’t need money– – Exactly, right? Not like the rest. – Mostly, of course, with time
you can scale it with ads– – Of course, ads and everything, yeah, but it’s a different story. – But for example, you
cannot start what I’m doing. You can’t start Amazon
FBA with zero money. Like at least, I’m not
aware of this kind of way, maybe there is. – Anyone who tells you so it’s, you know. – Probably, no.
– Probably not. – I would say that depends on the kind of, but for the private label what I do, you need healthy amount. At least five to 10 K bucks
to start with a product, to get it moving, to go through
the failures of the product which will definitely will be there. I don’t know anyone does
well in Amazon FBA and haven’t had any kind of mistakes which is pretty interesting. But which brings me to the next question. So, all right, so we
realized that we can do it with no money, we can do it
if we wanna try something, you wanna you know, break
from the chains maybe that are holding you in, you
know, in your job or whatever. But what skills are needed for this? What does one need to
have in order to do that? Because obviously, you do
need to have something. – Yeah, something to offer, right? To your clients. – Yeah, to offer. – Okay. So I think, you know, not
just in this business, but in every single thing you
do that’s online marketing, you need get really good
at that one core skill you know, which is what I think people
have been referring to as the one high income skill. So for Dan Lok, right? His one high income skill
is closing, you know. And he finds like a
multitude of ways to monetize that one particular skill, right? So for me that one skill you really need, it’s not like even like writing emails, it’s not a cold outreach,
but I think what’s important is being able to fulfill
what you’re trying to sell. And you know, for my
agency, we do Facebook ads, and Instagram ads, and for those
of you who are running ads, you know that they kind
of go hand in hand, they’re both under Facebook, right. And, you know, I did spend
a lot of time studying about Facebook. And I kind of had, maybe I was lucky, a little bit of a sense, because
I was doing drop shipping. So that’s how, if you’re
asking, so if you’re wondering, that’s how I know it needs money. But I tried Amazon FBA as well. You know, I didn’t
exactly reach, you know, achieve what I wanted to do at Amazon FBA, ’cause I was kind of
lost, I didn’t really know that you needed that much
more of capital to start. So, you know, there wasn’t
enough capital to sustain for my mistakes, right? So that’s why, again. – The skills man. Yeah, the skills that are needed. – Right. So a high income skill. You need that one high income skill. And for me, that will be Facebook ads. For you, it could be cold
emailing itself, right? So imagine if you are
working for a dentist, and you could–
– All right, I see. – You know, scrape emails off
of everyone near the area, then send out cold emails,
things like that, right? – So you can essentially, for example, you have sent emails to different
dentist, agency, dentist businesses in your area, right? And eventually you have
closed one business who decided to work with you, right? And then for this business what
you can do is you can email different clients, find people. – For them.
– Yeah, for them. Via email or via, as Lian
mentioned, via Facebook ads, and also he mentioned that
you gotta have one skill that you’re very good
at, as you mentioned, the dude Dan Lok has a very good
skill in closing, right. – Closing, yeah. – But if you have
generally, it’s always good to have one skill that
you are very good at. – Very competent. – And for example, if
this is Facebook ads, and you have experience
with Facebook ads obviously, that’s the skill that you
are using for in order to help businesses generate their leads. Can you tell us a little
bit about Facebook ads, just like generally, what
does it mean Facebook ads? How do you generally help
people get more clients via Facebook ads? Just like, yeah, just let us know how. – Okay. So I’ll give you an example. For one of my clients,
which is a spa client, what we do is, okay, so there’s
a two part of our strategy. Okay? The first part of strategy
is Facebook ads, right? And obviously, you’ll need a
website to send them to, right? So one thing I’m really good
at is like you mentioned Facebook ads. So, you wanna target people
around a 15 mile radius, okay. So that really depends on where you stay. You know, in Singapore, I
target only a one mile radius. Only because, you know, I
know people in Singapore. I know that ’cause I live here. The lifestyle is super
busy, and I know no one is gonna travel across Singapore. By the way, Singapore 15
miles, if I’m not wrong, it is more or less how big
Singapore is, 15 mile radius. So it’s like a 30 mile like the
whole of Singapore, I think. If I’m not wrong, I don’t know
by miles, but last I checked. – All right. – Singapore is pretty small,
so I know the lifestyle. People here don’t wanna travel that much ’cause they’re busy, nine to five jobs. Singaporeans are known for
being very hard working. So you don’t travel super
far for let’s say a spa or a facial or a dentist, so
I only target one mile radius around the area. But that’s a general idea,
you don’t wanna target like the whole world, right? They’re not gonna run ads
for the whole world just ’cause someone from America
is not gonna come to Singapore just for face lifting, or,
you know, things like that. So, then what I do, is I target interest. So let’s say people who are
say around this Starbucks, one mile radius, and
people who are interested in coffee, right? – Yes. – Or they’re interested in drinks, or they’re interested in
having a recreational time with their friends, right? Depending on the ad copy,
and I sent to a website. You know, it’s a simple offer. I collect the email first
and I go and ask them, hey, so you know, Starbucks
is running this promotion, it’s a one for one, you wanna come down? Essentially ask them that, right? – I understand. – But, you know, you always
have the email to fall back on if you don’t manage to sell it on them the first place, right? So let’s say you go there,
you key in your email, hey this is a cool offer, right? And then you go there
and then they ask you, hey, you want a one for one? Maybe not right now, so you close it. But what? Starbucks now has is your email. – Yeah. – They now have your email and they can always talk to you no matter what. Unless you opt out of course then. – Yeah. – Yeah, but that’s basically it. Yeah, it’s two part of Facebook
and then building a funnel. – So you send people in the area, again, depends on what kind of
business you wanna help, it depends on where you
live, depends on you need to understand the country,
the place where you’re at, you need to understand
the people of course, there’s a lot to whoever you’re targeting. – Comes with time and experience. – Yes, definitely. And with Facebook ads definitely you’ll be getting better and better
specifically with this skill. Right? And as you see, I kind of
lost the flow, but yeah, Facebook ads is essentially
one of your strongest skills and you are sending people to a
squeeze page where we wanna get their email, right, with
some specific offer, and then they opt in, they get the offer, and you continue with the
email follow up, right? That you said previous.
– Exactly. – In order to sell them for
example, with the dentist. We’ll continue sending
them offers, promotions, general content, I believe, right? – Yeah, exactly. – In order to eventually nurture. – Nurture. Nurture. Sell. Yeah, so I think one
thing Gary Vaynerchuk says is the jab, jab, jab, right hook. So essentially, it’s kind of like that. One thing you have to be,
you know, somewhat decent at, I would say, is learning how
to give value to people, right? So just like this interview right here, brought me to you guys and
he’s brought you guys to me, you know, I hope you’re learning
some stuff from this right? – Yeah, I’m learning
definitely, I learning. – It’s great, man. I am super excited to
share this with you guys. So one thing that Gary
Vaynerchuk is really good at, you’ll see his social media,
he’s always giving value. And then once in a while, he
hits you with like a right hook like a promotion, hey,
come and buy this from me. And generally, it’s a
cheap offer, you know, until he starts to build your trust, and that’s more on the back end. You won’t see unless you
are actually used that. Then he sells you on
like, high ticket items and things like that. This is generally how it goes. – Again, we nurture, you know,
the person that has gotten inside our funnel, so he has
gotten through a Facebook ad, to our squeeze page with an offer. Hopefully he took the offer in
terms of giving us his email and he gotten, for example, I’m
not sure if that what you do with the dentist, but some
specific article or ebook, something that gives them value, you continue dropping value through email, and then bam, you give them
some sort of promotion then. That’s pretty interesting, man. And that’s like for me, I
don’t have obviously a digital marketing agency, but I did
learn from you about it. I do have an option to, it’s not exactly a Digital Marketing Agency,
what I do is I create different designs and pictures for Amazon sellers. But most of my sales
come from word of mouth. Like I did create different pictures– – Referrals? – Yeah, that’s it. I didn’t run ads for that whatsoever. And I do give a lot of
time for each client and that’s what I do. But yeah, it was definitely interesting to learn this kind of thing, man. And then to kind of wrap
it up, I guess, you know, the one’s that are watching,
hopefully have learned some good stuff. Because as I mentioned, I
did, and thank you again for sharing man. Thank you for coming
here to is awesome place. – Thanks for having me, man. – Where are we in Singapore, by the way? – Where are we? We’re somewhere like Bouna Vista. Starbucks’ a little bit
off South Bouna Vista, it’s a little bit off center of Singapore. But you know, I hope you like it, man, it’s a nice place. – It’s cool, yeah, I do like it. And man, I wanna ask you like,
tell something to our viewers that maybe some of your
successes and failures because you’ve tried, you’ve
been hustling for a while. a few years at least now, right? – Yeah. – Tell us some success,
some failure, that you know, that you went through and
it enhanced your journey in order to enhance the journey
of our dear viewers man, shoot. – All right. Okay, cool. So it’s a little bit more back story about me, is that I started when I was 16. So I’m 22 now, and I
started when I was 16, knowing, just knowing that I
wanted to do or run a business, right? ‘Cause it came from me seeing my parents honestly work so hard. And my mom, you know,
and I’m like so emotional when I share the story. Like I would wake up
every day and see my mom starting to work at nine, right? So she works at my house. So she’s something like an entrepreneur, but it was a family handed down business. So it wasn’t like
something she started out. – Oh, I see, yeah. – Yeah, so she would start working at nine and she would only break for
meals, lunch, dinner, breakfast, maybe not even breakfast. She would work at nine all
through to 12, you know, then she would maybe have
supper, but throughout. Right from nine all the
way to three at night, for a good maybe four years,
she was working non-stop. Every single day, except Sundays, right? But, you know, and I
remember I would ask my mom this question, I’d ask her, hey mom, like when do you go to sleep? Because I mean, I’m
concerned for her obviously, and you know, I was like, and my dad also he works super hard, right? And I see him working late at
night even when I’m sleeping, I’ll wake up at two o’clock
and he’ll be there working. And it really breaks my heart to know my parents are working so hard. But you know, and I know
their job is was stressful. So I started wanting to
learn more of business at 16. And you know, I tried and
failed for I would say a good four years, four
or five years, right? – It’s normal. – Yeah, so for are you
guys, four or five years it’s the time to go. You know, if you wanna grow in this, be in it for the long haul,
don’t go for the fast cash, you know, you’ll find it, the
motivation dies after a while. So you have the mindset,
you’re coming in this heading for the long game, right? I think this is the most important thing, is that a lot of people think like, oh, you know how to start a digital agency without like, no money. But then they kind of have this mindset, that it’s fast, it’s quick
money, which is not true. – Not true.
– Not at all, right? I hope you guys take action, I really do, but just know that it’s
not gonna be easy, right? So they’ll be times when you. There were times when I doubted myself, I cried at night, you know, thinking like whether I’ll make it, you know, what do my parents think of me? It’s been five years, no
results, I’m a failure. It’s a lot of mental things going on. – Definitely. – Even when you build
up the courage to start your first business, then you know, the universe tests you, right? You know it’s gonna fail, you
know, then it hits you down, and you go like, what’s
all the motivation for, you know, I failed my first business. After all that motivation,
I tried, and I failed. But I think it’s important
that you pick yourself up. So my very first business
was Instagram service, and I was a little small shareholder. But what happened is that, you know, the team kind of fell apart and they left me with like
nothing, essentially right? Because I thought,
going into it, I thought I would be learning a
lot, and I did right? But I thought there’ll at
least be some monetary returns. I think after I spent a good, almost a year, then it’s just like there was nothing man. I didn’t get any return from it. You know, I learned a
lot, but I didn’t get any money returned for me. So I considered that as
something like a failure, then I tried drop shipping, right? And then I spent like a
good, I think, four to 5000, and I tried Amazon. I spent another good 4000,
you know, only to find out, you know, like this, like
that’s actually how we met, we met on Amazon, right? As he was helping me with the services, great by the way, I super
highly recommend it still, you know, super helpful man. And I really appreciate for you. Appreciate it of your effort
man, giving value, right? Yeah, so like I was
saying, I failed on Amazon and I tried an agency. So this isn’t my first time. I tried an agency. – Oh, really? – Yeah, I tried working under my friend. You know, I was having like such
a hard time closing clients. There’ll be days where I’d
go out, and I was meeting four clients a day, and I failed
closing all of them, ’cause my sales isn’t
really good, right, at all. And I’ll be out like 12
hours, a day, closing clients, coming back home with zero money. And because I didn’t have
any money, I wouldn’t eat, the whole day. And I was going out, closing clients. And you have to be high energy
and everything, you know, and it was a really stressful
period for me, right? So, if anything, I really
hope that you know, entrepreneurship is not easy. – Yeah, man. – But actually, it’s super worthwhile. – So yeah man, thank you
for sharing your story personally with us, and
telling us about your successes and failures because I
don’t think that anyone that has gotten any work with
business or all this entrepreneurship path as did not fail somewhere. Like it’s just not possible. And I think that, as I hear you speaking, somewhat failing is good. It’s not that fun in the moment, but when you look back– – Look back it’s a very
fulfilling journey, you’re right. – It should have happened, man, it, you know, kind of connect the dots, kind of thing. And again, thank you a lot
for sharing your story, sharing your– – Welcome. – Knowledge, man, because
again, I’ve learned a lot from you Lian today. – Thank you. – And man, let our listeners know how they can best contact you. Hopefully, they have liked
the interview content. So let them know how they
can best contact you men, in order to get to know you more, or get some more of your services with the Digital Marketing
Agency that you offer man. – Okay, cool. So, right now, you can only
contact me through Facebook and email, ’cause I’m trying
to keep my company lean, right? I don’t wanna like spend
expenses on anything else. You know, it’s cool, right? So Facebook, the link will
be down below, I believe, and my email as well, right. So just those two ways, basically. And I reply to everyone, you know. Just drop me an email,
I reply to everyone. – So yeah, we’ll have Lians’
contacts in the description of this video. We have the email and the
Facebook, so you can contact him, know more about him, know
more about his business. And man, thank you all for coming today. I really appreciate it man. – Thanks for having me. I really appreciate as well. – I’m really happy to
meet you eventually here in Singapore after a while. And yeah man, thank you all for coming. Thank you. – Right, thank you so much.

5 thoughts on “How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Money In 2020 w/ Lian Zheng Wen

  1. 0:00 – I introduce Lian Zheng Wen.
    0:55 – Lian tells us his story.

    2:22 – What is a digital marketing agency?

    4:05 – How to build a digital marketing agency with no money?

    6:38 – How to find clients for a digital marketing agency?

    9:50 – Who should do digital marketing?

    13:41 – What skills are required for digital marketing?

    16:31 – Ideas for digital marketing agency Facebook ads (+email marketing techniques).

    22:31 – Stories of Lian's failures and successes.

    28:20 – How to contact Lian Zheng Wen?

    Thank you for watching! Please like the video and drop a comment if you have any questions for me or Lian, we'll get back to you! Also, please share the video with people who might be looking for this kind of content. Cya in my next video =)

  2. Good inspirational content. I think its good that people consider different sources of income, it means that you are not dependent on one source. Vova is putting on some size is well lol 💪💪💪

  3. Hey Vova! (This is the account with the weird-ass name)

    Thanks a lot for having me on this interview, I really loved it and how it turned out.

    Definitely learning a lot along the way, I should be heading to Phuket the end of this month. Let's do another interview there again my man! 🙂

    I hope people have some takeaways from this interview, i'm not sure how awkward i might appear to be!

    Vova… You're a beast! 🙂

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