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HOW TO become an Advertising Copy Writer

HOW TO become an Advertising Copy Writer

hang out for a living and I write stuff
the two things I love doing hanging out and screwing around with people and writing and I combine that into a career that
actually pays I’m Mark McKenzie. I’m the associate creative director here at Brokaw Advertising So, I’m a copyrighter by trade which means i right concepts and
produce ads television ads radio could be
outdoor print stuff online anywhere you see advertising odds are
I’ve probably done some of that work. This is kinda what
we call the green table area You can see why. There are green
tables. so people have meetings here sometimes there’s two or three meetings
going on here once the budget at different tables Or you can come down here to work and
concept… which is usually one writer and one art director
sometimes we gang up have more than one writer more than one
our director is that something needs to be done quickly For me a love concepting. I love sitting with people creating things. The entire process and not just coming up with the
ideas but then making that idea a reality. Once
you think up a TV spot it’s thinking through
the copy. You have to go through it with a fine-tooth
comb many many times, present it to multiple
people make sure that they like it too which can also be fun and a challenge. This
is called Brokaw Motion, our motion graphics department We have three different motion
designer’s. What that means is just like moving pictures or illustrations
or anything else they’re designing stuff on screen
that can be used in videos that are online or might be
in television ads too So this is my desk, it’s a standing desk.
My laptop’s not here because I like to stand when i write. Its covered with different projects
that work on for different things that I find for inspiration. Watch things and read things and listen to things that you
probably wouldn’t, you don’t think you would like. Find a reason to have an
interest in that and why you might like it because you never
know when something you’ve read anywhere could be from a magazine a
block a text book I read art books when I’m working just to
change my brain around and to have something come out of
something months or weeks afterwards just expose yourself to as much stuff
as you possibly can

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