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How to Add a Tag to Multiple YouTube Videos all at Once

How to Add a Tag to Multiple YouTube Videos all at Once

Hey Derral here, so you’re interested in getting
more views to your videos, right? And get those videos better ranked on YouTube. Well
you should really care about tags and how to properly use tags for YouTube videos. Now
in this video I’m going to show you really how to save time by adding the same tag to
multiple videos on your channel. Now this is really simple, it’s just a few clicks,
plus at the end of this video I’m going to give you a secret tip to really help you get
better ranking for your older videos. Plus I’m going to share with you my other video
on how to properly tag a video. Now let’s take a look! Now it’s really easy to add tags to multiple
videos that you have on your YouTube account. Now to do this we mouse up here to the top
to this gear, click on this and come to the video manager. Now this is where we’re going
to see all the different videos that you have on your YouTube channel and let’s go ahead
and select a few videos here, because this is the way you’re able to add a tag. And you
can literally add it to all your videos that you have. So I’m going to hit the three right
here. And let’s go ahead and click up here to tag and right now I want to make sure that
Derral Eves, that tag is on all three videos, so I go ahead and click that. And also want
to hit those as well and I’m going to hit apply. Now by doing that I’ve been able to
add tags to those specific videos. Now also if you want to add new tags to it all you
need to do is type in new tag or whatever your tag may be and click create new and it
will actually create it for those specific videos. Now here’s a really important concept that
everyone needs to understand that wants to get more visibility on YouTube. YouTube uses
meta information like tags to rank your video. Until they are able to collect enough information
on their own and make their own assessment (ie watch time, right?). Well you can add
new tags to old videos and it forces YouTube to reevaluate your video. And I bet a lot
of people didn’t know that. And I know that that’s a great secret tip that you want to
subscribe to my channel because I got a ton of tips like this. And I give you tips because
it’s my goal on my channel to make you successful on YouTube. Now I have a lot of great videos
over here on the side. Especially one on how to properly tag your YouTube videos. You really
need to see this, make sure you watch my videos, subscribe to my channel, and of course, share
with your friends because when you’re successful, I’m successful. And when you’re successful
your friends are successful, something like that, right? Of course it is. Alright, thanks

81 thoughts on “How to Add a Tag to Multiple YouTube Videos all at Once

  1. 4th view yes also nice video and you explain really well 😀 and can you plz check my channel out if you have time

  2. Derral,  This was another great video.  I have been watching and applying the tips.  Thank you for all of the help. My channel is about a family playing games,  and your tips really are awesome.  Thanks Again!!!!!!!

  3. Can you say my channel name in the next video a please I am trying to get more views and subscribers. Thanks for your time

  4. Derral knows his stuff when it comes to youtube video optimization.  Just watching this channel will put you leaps ahead of your laymen competitor.

  5. This is really good stuff to know. Gotta have good tags! I wonder if one of the videos already has the tag if it just ignores it or puts it twice?

  6. Thanks Derral for another great tip!  I have been having trouble subscribing to some people.  I click subscribe and it works, but then when I leave the page, the subscription does not hold.  This has been happening for over a month.  Any ideas? 

  7. In this video, the place where you add multiple tags is great, and I have used it for doing such. However, a couple weeks ago I do not see the tags button anymore that you demonstrated in this video on my dashboard anymore, please help me find it or how to add multiple tags with an alternative method. Thanks. 

  8. hey Derral.. I have a newer You Tube back office which has a different layout.  The process is similar but the keystrokes are different (if you want to update this video).. or is there another more recent one?  Either way.. excellent and helpful tip. 

  9. Youtube layout has been changed, can you please do some new videos to add tags please, your videos are very helpful. Thanks.

  10. Did Youtube change it's format? I am in the Video Manager on my page. I see a "Actions button" but no tag drop down like you have in the video.  I am a verified partner so I think I have access to all features.  Help please . 

  11. @Derral Eves… Awesome! but i do have one ?, can you tag someones name, because i saw where you said you tagged your name?

  12. @Derral Eves .. one more question, can you have multiple accounts under one email, and become a youtube partner for both accounts.

  13. @Derral Eves What happened to this function? The uploads menu has changed to videos and the list of tags drop down menu is gone. It's very frustrating now to have to go through the menus and add individual tags, submit and then re-select everything again to add another. 

  14. There is no tag button in the new version of youtube.  It seems its using the term "bulk action".  Could you update your video on tagging multiple youtube videos all at once?  thanks!

  15. Thank you so much, what a timesaver! I love you videos btw, you have helped me alot, thank you for that too =)

  16. Thank you for your video! I was trying to add multiple meta tags to multiple videos, but in my uploads I dont have the tag option listed next to Actions. Do you know what is wron? Can you help?

  17. This doesn't work for me. I'm in the UK and I used to be able to add tags to multiple videos, but not any more. The procedure you demonstrate just takes me to the YT upload page with no other options. I'm finding this really annoying. As recent as one month ago people are commenting how helpful this video is, yet it doesn't work for me. I've been looking for this option for at least 3 years now. That was when this feature was removed from YT here in the UK. Could actually be longer than that.
    Anyone else out there having this issue? More to the point, anyone out there have an answer to this problem?

    Edited info
    Just been scrolling the comments and it appears that others are having the same problem, yet you do not reply to these questions. You only seem to be answering the positive comments. Can you please give an update on this problem

  18. Just found a way for those who are not finding this useful.

    Go to 'Video Manager'
    Click on all relevant videos needing tags
    Click on 'Actions'
    Click on '' More options'
    Click on 'Tags'

    You'll see a little box that says 'append'
    To the right will be a blank box. Add your tag in here.
    Click the BLUE SUBMIT button on the right side of the screen

    Your tags should now appear in your videos

    Your welcome

  19. Derral, you save my time, if you come to Shanghai, call me , I'll buy you a Shanghai meal.

  20. There's a new way of doing it now. Select your desired videos and click on actions. There's a button called "More Actions" and when you click on that you get a variety of options, including the "Tags" option. Hope this helps.

  21. You just made my life so much easier. Just imported 80+ videos from Twitch and was going to do this manually!

  22. way old..I'm so sick of irrelevant videos…come to my channel soon..where Im gonna start doing reviews on click bait channels and BS videos..YouTube needs a huge clean up…and I'm sick of pewdiepie copying other people too..enough of that crap..popularity should be first come first serve..not some guy with more subscribers months later gets all the hits now..

  23. old video & the interface is different now but i was still easily to figure out how to do it thanks to your video.

  24. Does it make a difference if you add the same tags to your channel as well as individual videos?
    E.g. I can see that this video has "YouTube" as a tag, but you also have "YouTube" in your Channel Tags.
    However, "derraleves" is not in your channel tags, but it's in the video tags.
    So, if your channel tags help all your videos rank, why use them twice?
    I've been searching for an answer to this question to no avail. There doesn't even seem to be an answer in YouTube's Creator Academy.

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