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How Much Does A Logo Design Cost In 2019!? (Explained)

How Much Does A Logo Design Cost In 2019!? (Explained)

so today I’m gonna answer a question I
get asked so so often and that is how much should you sell your lugar designs
for and also at the very end of this video I’m gonna show you five pretty
notorious logo designs and how much they actually were sold for it so as a quick
example how much do you think the Twitter logo was designed and sold for
was it five dollars was it fifteen dollars was it five million dollars say
I stay tuned to the very end of the video because we are gonna have some fun
and see what kind of price ranges are involved with notorious logo designs
sponsoring today’s video is mini notes the best place to plan and streamline
your next graphic design project famila note allows you to generate ideas and
concepts with ease and then to evolve those creations to final design
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later in today’s video and just how helpful Milano can be for your creative
design process so to keep things really brief and simple for today’s video you
can essentially bore down how much your logo design is worth to a potential
client or a customer to three separate things or separate factors that you can
take into consideration so the first factor is your portfolio or your past
experience as a graphic designer and the second point is how you market yourself
and how you advertise yourself as a graphic designer and the third point of
a value is the actual scale of the project itself so firstly the portfolio
kind of speaks for itself and that is your previous word your previous
evidence for your skills as a graphic designer
this is one of the most crucial the most important value indicators to a
potential clients but the second point is really an interesting one and I’m
actually going to make a video on this subject entirely that is of course if
you guys want to see it and that is how you market yourself as a graphic
designer and how you advertise your skills
just you know the whole package that you bring to the industry of graphic design
this involves things like using blogs leveraging social media to advertise
your skills and what you’re offering but also it gives up to things like even
using paid advertising on Google and Facebook and the third point about scale
of the project this essentially comes down to is the project a rebrand is it a
project that needs a whole lot of research or is it a logo design from
start to finish maybe it’s just a typographic logo you know just
typography without any kind of logo symbols so these are the factors that
determine the actual value of a logo design but quickly there are two
different ways that you could charge a client and that is by a fixed rates and
of course you can also be paid per hour now it’s important to keep in mind that
if you are going to charge per hour you should give an estimation of how
long it might take or you think it’s going to take for the local design to be
complete and also for the fixed rates in the contract you should stipulate how
much you want to charge for extra work after the final our work has been
delivered this is so that you don’t get abused and kind of used and your time
doesn’t get taking up for free so before we go into the kind of fun part of the
video and look at some notoriously logo designs and their price tags there’s a
rough guide I’ve made after doing loads of research online and just my
experience as a graphic designer and this correlates to the kind of tiers
of a logo designer so as you can see at the very bottom we’ve got the things I
really detest and the things I know you probably hate as well it’s the
artificial intelligence logo generators and then you have the beginner
freelancer who often charges fifty to five hundred dollars and of course this
is a rough guide and I have seen freelancers selling logos for five
dollars but this is the kind of industry standard that you will see here now the
experienced freelancer will send the logos from five hundred up to around
three thousand dollars for a single layer design
a top-tier freelancer can expect to make around 3,000 to 5,000 dollars per logo
design but then you move into the realm of having a design studio and you have
to remember this isn’t just one person though this is often a team or a couple
of people and they stand to make around five to thirty thousand dollars for a
logo design project and they move up to the average design agency which again is
probably scaled up it has a lot more staff members and these can actually
make around 5,000 to 50,000 plus dollars on a logo design and then we’ve got
branding agencies that as the name suggests they probably don’t just work
on our Lego design they do work on entire branding projects which you know
involves a lot more work and a lot more time they can expect fifty to a hundred
thousand dollars for a single project then at the very top of the echelon of
the Lego design industry we’ve got a renowned branding agencies that can be
making up to a million dollars for a single logo design project and also this
price tag is mirrored for the world famous designers and those are the just
the the elite of logo designing who could just walk into a project and you
know demand a million dollars just like that we want to be at that level of
someday I’m pretty sure but even if you’re just you know hovering around the
experienced freelancer range you can make a very nice and a very tidy amount
of money per year or per month just by selling your Lego designs so if you do
want to see more videos from myself about how to market yourself as a
graphic designer and how to leverage the internet to really you know grab more
clients and get your work in front of more eyes do let me know with a comment
down below but yeah finally today let’s take a look
at five Lego designs and see what their price tag was and if you think the
artwork is worth that much money now Accenture implies putting an accent or
an emphasis on the future and this logo was designed back in 2000 by the design
agency the lambda associates but how much was it sold for so yeah that’s right it was a hundred
million dollars and do let me know down below your thoughts on these five
designs because I really would like to know what you think Ally worth their
price tag or not the second of five logos today is the city of Melbourne
logo and again this was designed by the lander associates but this time back in
2009 how much was it sold for yes it went for six hundred and twenty five
thousand bucks and obviously this design agency is in
high demand now the third lego today is the Enron
logo that was designed by Paul Rand back in the early 1990s just quite an old
school logo design but how much was it so this logo was in fact sold for thirty
three thousand dollars and I personally really am NOT a fan of this design but
then again I’m not someone selling logos for thirty thousand dollars so what do I
know the fourth illega design today was again
designed by paul rand and it was for a computer company the owner being Steve
Jobs back in 1986 but how much do you think it costs so this time Paul Rand earned three
times more than the previous entry on this list and the lady sold for a
hundred thousand bucks so the last logo design today needs no introduction but
how much was a Twitter logo designed for this one is pretty crazy actually
because the legal rights to the famous and Bluebird Lindo were simply bought by
Twitter on iStockphoto for just fifteen dollars and the author of the logos
Simon Oxley might have just received around six dollars for the job after all
fees were accounted for but yeah big thanks to million-eight for sponsoring
today’s video I really do highly recommend it and I’ve been using it for
nearly two years now myself you can easily streamline your creative process
from start to finish on any project that you’re working on but also it’s very
easy to share your ideas and your projects with other clients or even work
colleagues so yeah do check out the links down below for more information on
Milla nodes and start streamlining your creative design process in a more
efficient way today so what did you think of those 5 Lego designs do you
think they’re worth it or do you think they’re overpriced and you know they’re
hyped up who say let me anyway thought today’s
video in general because I do want to hear feedback from you guys on the
content I put out like and share my videos on social media if you do dig my
content and of course until next time design your future today peace

44 thoughts on “How Much Does A Logo Design Cost In 2019!? (Explained)

  1. The answer to the question in the thumbnail is in fact $35, and this question wasn't in the video. But there are 5 more notorious logo designs for you to learn about!
    Also if you disagree with the price list, check the links in the description that are other opinions from other designers.

  2. How many years will take you to be a famous designer Tom? :)) by the way i think you are much closer then you think 😀

  3. you have shared a video once …… guidelines Graphics Proposal/logo guidelines that was useful but i lost that can you send link me that please

  4. Same, I'm not a fan of Enron logo either one being the colors, they should've stayed w/ only one, I am shocked about Twitter logo costing only 15$ 0.0 now that was a good deal

  5. hahahahha I liked the cheapest one the better…but again I don't the story behind those logos that I didn't like at all.

  6. I am a self-taught freelance from Morocco, the first contest I won, the price was 286 $ for a logo and a business card,
    the first logo for a customer directly, was for 1,500 dollards,
    there is a lot of opportunity in Morocco, if you want to work together, it would be an honor,

  7. I'm sorry Satori but the logo tiers list only raised so many questions than answers for me. How is it that a logo can cost 500$? I mean I am trying my absolute best to be a designer and I would LOVE to be paid hundreds of dollars for a logo but even I feel that this is a bit too expensive.
    Btw. I have seen the video about Futur "Pricing design work & Creativity" though I did not get a clear answer from it. In my mind, I feel like its all charisma.
    I would also love a video by how to market ourself.
    Sorry for the long read.

  8. The styling of a logo and its appearance doesn't tell its price. What matters most is the client you're working for. If you're promoting yourself try target the big fishes. Don't work for small people. They won't value your logo no matter how well it's done

  9. i think that logo design is dying , because of online logo makers , clients not valuing design and freelancing websites . it suck . correct me if im wrong tell me what you guys think !!!

  10. Satori I love your Channel, but I had to wait 6 minutes of useless bla bla bla before seeing the first Logo.
    You turned a very interesting subject into a boring as hell experience.
    Six minutes of superfluos informations in a 10 minutes video is a bit too much.
    Jump to the point Earlier man!

  11. I really want to improve and get more clients. I am from Nigeria. My Instagram page is falkeh_world. Thanks, friend

  12. wow.. that's awesome.. I was waiting for this video as its important for me to know my self worth as some people have requested me to design logos for them and I was not sure how much to charge from them.. thank u so much..
    also.. I am waiting for the contract tutorial where we can learn what to write in our professional contract while doing a project with our clients..
    The twitter logo is most shocking for me! Thank u arranging such information for us..

  13. first thing thank you for your awesome videos. yes we would like to see videos about the marketing part and where and how to get more clients, and how to make a passive income as a graphic designer 🙂 .

  14. Great video Satori Graphics and I am also interested in the marketing part on how to get more clients and price listings, thank you!

  15. I think it will depend on your level of design experience, as well as the fact that others charge ridiculous amounts for a logo designs because they can. in terms of pricing, in my opinion comes down to the designer.

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