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How IBM Cloud helps Royal Mail Group deliver faster, efficient services | The New Economy

How IBM Cloud helps Royal Mail Group deliver faster, efficient services | The New Economy

Karen Dewar: Martin Moore is Platforms Delivery
Director for Royal Mail Group; one of the oldest mail carriers in the world. What some people might not know is that certainly
from an IBM perspective, we consider you as really an innovator in your use of cloud technologies
to drive competitive advantage into your business. So, tell us a little bit more about your use
of cloud-based technologies. Martin Moore: So at Royal Mail we’ve been
innovating with cloud for quite a while now. We started off with the IBM private cloud; and that’s where we implemented
our API Connect platform. You know, the key driver for that was to expose
our APIs in a secure way out to our customers. And that went tremendously well. It took us about three months from inception
through to the actual final delivery of the project. That now exposes our APIs in a much more easily
controlled way. We get analytics, we get data, from all those
interactions. Even down to what customers are making what
sort of enquiries. So we can really start to understand our customers’
needs. And due to the success of that, we’ve actually
moved from the public cloud now to a dedicated IBM Cloud platform. And that’s really enabled us to ensure that
we’ve got a highly scalable solution as our APIs really take off. And – yeah – it’s a really good foundation
for the future. Karen Dewar: Brilliant! How are you seeing the cloud bringing you
some competitive advantage? Because I guess the speed is one of the key
aspects of that. Martin Moore: The speed is the key thing. That’s why there’s a cloud first strategy
now. And I think we need to innovate more, we need
to fail fast, as other people do. We need to just get out there and just try
things. So, we’ve changed our ways of working. And the benefit of that is, we’re now able
to on-board our customers in a handful of hours or days, instead of what used to take
weeks or months. And the way that we on-board them is now far
more secure and modern; so our customers are happier, we’re happier, and – you know,
it just works really, really well. Karen Dewar: Fabulous, and: what does the
future hold for Royal Mail Group? What do you see as the sort of, challenges,
and maybe advantages, of adopting a multi-cloud strategy? Martin Moore: For me, the key thing is about
laying down the foundations of how you govern and manage your multi-cloud environment from
day one. You need to consciously decide what processing
powers you need to run where. Different clouds will give you different advantages
in different places. But coupled with that, we need to ensure that
our traditional, sort of, hub-and-spoke integration method, is modernised. And we need to have more of a federated integration
service. And be cloud agnostic. Karen Dewar: Thanks Martin. Martin Moore: Okay! Thanks Karen.

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