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Happy Fourth of July Flog!

Happy Fourth of July Flog!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Felicia Day here, and
welcome to The Flog. I grew up on military bases, so
Fourth of July has always been a big holiday for me. Therefore, I decided to make
The Flog this week themed. Look at the decorations, huh? Red, white, clear, and blue. Red, white, blue. It’s everything I
had in my house. I don’t have a production
design budget. [SINGING] Fave five for Fourth. First up this week is a flagged
themed cake I found on a blog, 17 and Baking. When you cut into it, there’s a
flag there, and it’s covered in cream cheese frosting. I mean, it is well
worth your yearly allotment of food coloring. Put it in my American
mouth, please. Number two this week is a book
I found called Flag– An American Biography
by Mark Leepson. Did you know that Betsy Ross had
nothing to do with making or designing an American flag? And that our 50-star flag was
designed by a high school student in 1958 for a history
class, and he got a B minus? Lame. All of these facts and
more are in this really interesting book. So if you’re a history buff,
definitely check it out. See, I got a flag in here. Next is a web comic with
a romantic and revolutionary plot. The Dreamer focuses on a
17-year-old girl whose dreams take her into an alt universe of
Revolutionary War times and a very hot soldier. But are they dreams
or are they not? This comic is probably best
for teenage girls, but the history and characters will
appeal to anyone. Hello Vaginal Fantasy young
adult web comic. Hello. Number four, patriotic
video game? I would suggest playing America
in a Sim 5 game but that seems really on the nose,
so Fourth of July, patriotic, bald eagle– ding! Nuclear Eagle is a game where
you play a giant nuclear bald eagle, where you drop tiny
unsuspecting humans into your nest of babies, and
they get eaten. That’s– because it’s independence– Happy Fourth of July! And lastly this week,
giant sparklers! [MUSIC FROM THE “MARINES’
HYMN”] For our segment this week,
me and my friend Tom Lenk interpreted the Star Spangled
Banner in the only way we knew how. Well, there are other ways,
but we did it this way. It’s uploaded as a separate
piece, so click anywhere on the screen to take you to it. If you want to know how we got
those pants to move around, check this out. [VIOLIN MUSIC PLAYING] That’s my associate producer
Brit Weisman. I made her do it. [MANIACAL LAUGHTER] Ha! Ha! The power! And our question of note this
week comes from Jake who asks, what president, dead or alive,
would you want to be best buds with? Dear Jake, I feel like the
president I could most get down with would be
Teddy Roosevelt. He was the youngest president
at age 42, so I’d love to stump with him. I especially appreciate him for
his love of the outdoors, and we could totally
have toured the national parks together. And I think he’d have a really
good sense of humor. Pull my finger! Heh! Sincerely, Felicia Day. OK, Jake, your letter
is on its way. And if you have a fave five
suggestion or a question of note, please email it to
[email protected] Next week is our VidCon segment,
so a lot of you will see yourself on the show. Yay! Hope you guys celebrate
our nation’s independence in style. And remember, fireworks
have fire in the name, so stay safe. Bye! [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July Flog!

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for recommending The Dreamer! It's one of my favorite webcomics now! Also wanted to recommend back Delilah Dirk; there's only one episode available online, but it's still awesome!

  2. I really don't get how American people can be proud of their country. I guess they really have no clue what's out there.

  3. So glad you're reading (and loving) The Dreamer! It's fantastic to see it get a mention here at Geeks & Sundry. It deserves all the love! 🙂

  4. No! JFK was the youngest president. I won't hold it against you much though… Teddy don't play around. Yes, I said that..

  5. Different strokes for different folks I guess, as I've actually found that the Flog gets funnier and funnier with each passing ep. The more random the humor, the more I enjoy it. Comedy is a subjective thing, though, so to each their own.

  6. I do feel the earlier vlog-y videos on her own channel felt more natural and naturally funny. Maybe it's the editing or the (to me) more rigid, TV-esque structure and feel of the Flog. I think that works better for stuff like Tabletop and S&L and less so for a vlog-type show.

  7. I can see the distinction you're drawing, where you enjoy a format where someone speaks to the camera in a bit more of an off-the-cuff, stream-of-consciousness fashion.
    I guess for me, it’s an area where different tastes are applicable. For example in The Guild, I love Codex’s video logs. Though they’re scripted they always struck me as hilarious because I think Felicia has such a huge talent for comedic writing and funny delivery. So I really enjoy those sort of jokes/punch-lines in the Flog.

  8. I've been reading "The Dreamer" for about two years now. Lora Innes is one of my favorite comic artists. Thanks for posting on our "Five."

  9. Welcome to the crazy party known as Geek and Sundry 🙂
    Felicia is actually an executive producer on TableTop, and is a founder of the whole G&S YouTube channel. I remember back in the day, when all I knew Felicia from was her role as a Potential Slayer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then I saw her awesome performance in Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. Then I looked up her hilarious web-series The Guild. And I quickly learned she's a talented writer/producer/actress and is made of awesomeness 🙂

  10. Dear Felicia,
    Firstly, great video for "Pants"; very cool, and your violin playing is great. Two things, 1. Happy to hear that the goofus who "questioned your relevance" got carpet-bombed. He deserved it, and you're awesome. Secondly, you really should interview "Abney Park", because A. They're a great Steampunk band, and B. They use a lot of violin, and you could join them for a jam session:) You're awesome,

  11. No, Teddy became president after Mckinley was assassinated. Teddy was the youngest president, but Kennedy was the youngest president elected.

  12. When are you going to provide in iTunes or other Podcast catchers? I'd like to watch your shows…but won't watch them on YouTube.

  13. I am so exciting by the Fave Five's name dropping of The Dreamer Comic. This has been one of my favorite comics to follow for a while now. Not only is the story gripping and dynamic, the art is wonderful! Please check it out, if you haven't already!

  14. I was at VidCon so I was waiting for the evil laugh in the video and I started to lose hope and was thinking, "I was promised an evil laugh!" Then it came up and I was happy 🙂 Can't wait for the VidCon Flog!

  15. Soooo, when she said that Teddy Roosevelt would be her pic for a presidential best bud, I totally teared up. You get it, Felicia TT__TT You so get it….

  16. her hair looks brown oh no! also she grew up on military bases?! Why do I feel like Felicia's long lost twin everytime I learn something new about her?

  17. If you could have dinner with three historical people (living brought into our time briefly) who would you want to join you? What do you really thing the conversation would be like?

  18. @ All those who spend one ore more seconds on thinking about what happens to this piece of cloth: you Americans are effing out of your mind.

  19. No. It was not a full sized official flag. If one person can hold it up themselves, then it's a miniature replica.

  20. That's just a random website. The actual US code doesn't actually specify flag sizes, so there really isn't a correct answer in that regard. It does differentiate between real flags and replicas though, and to me that's a replica.

  21. There are two objects people get really, really mad about if they think it has been "desecrated". One is the quran, the other is the flag of the US. I wish those people cared as much about actual human beings.

  22. According to urban dictionary

    A sexual act of penatration (vaginal or anal) involving an amputated limb.

  23. A representation of the flag is still the flag, as per the US Flag Code, thus a white strip on the top edge doesn't magically make it stop being the flag. The bottom line is dropping the flag is disrespecting it. But then, flag blankets, napkins, scarves, shirts, dresses, etc etc are ALSO violations of the code. I give leeway to people ignorant of the code. I think it only becomes an issue when someone knowingly, WILLINGLY disrespects the flag (though I think everyone should read the code).

  24. The segments are the only good parts of her show and that is because she is herself there. Not this, manuscript reading fake (very american) crap.

  25. Its actually the image of Mohammad which is never supposed to be portrayed in art. Very different from how Christianity or Buddhism portray the central people of their religions (many, many images). It is very important in Islam and is important to understand. Also the flag is slapped on motorbikes, football helmets, and women's bikinis in the name of patriotism so its not that sacred to Americans. Just my opinion.

  26. I was so excited when you featured The Dreamer in your favs! I've been reading the comic since it came out, so to me this is like, the ultimate flog episode thus far. I don't even care that I'm totally late to the party. BEST THING EVER. <3 Does Lora Innes know she was featured here? Now I have to check! :O LOVE IT <3333

  27. Teddy was the youngest president to assume office while JFK was the youngest president elected into office! Thank your lucky stars that McKinley croaked Teddy or JFK would own your title!

  28. OMG! That dress SO made me think of Goldie Hawn in Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In (from many, many years ago)! Was hoping the Pride Pants would be rainbow, but you probably shot before the SCOTUS reminded the whole country they should pull their head out and come up for air once in a while…

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