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Fremantle Dockers Content Marketing Project | Curtin University

Fremantle Dockers Content Marketing Project | Curtin University

>>Student: And we recommend that Freo take this approach as well.>>Sonia Dickinson: Our client was the Fremantle Football Club and they came to us with a really interesting project, which was the launch of the inaugural Fremantle Dockers Women’s team.>>Justin Beavis: The two ladies from the Dockers came in and told us about their goals, their objectives, what they wanted to achieve out of everything that we we’re going to do.>>Caitlin Di Stefano: We don’t have access to the data systems that they do. There were some surprises from us, so it was really interesting.>>Joshua Wasley: So we looked into the past 90 days, which was kind of the focus of the project. And we came up with some recommendations for them on content they can put out there. I guess the best way to engage the most number of people, engage the right people as well, that was one of the really important parts of the project.>>Justin: The Agency’s pretty high-tech, it’s pretty cool. Some of the software we use in here, the Radian6, it’s pretty interesting to use and it’s quite useful when you’re trying to analyse social trends.>>Caitlin: Using these data systems now whilst you’re at uni puts you so far ahead of everyone else when you enter the workforce.>>Kaycee Meads: So it’s really good going into a real-world project because you finally kind of start to apply the theory and stuff that you’re learning in your classes.>>Sonia: Communicating with the client, emailing the client, scheduling with the client, responding to client needs and those skills around communication and professionalism are those soft skills that sometimes we just, we can’t teach inside a classroom.>>Joshua: I think that’s really important that we weren’t just writing tech-speak emails, it was a proper professional email each week about what we’d found within those particular seven days.>>Sonia: Connecting with industry really underscores where we want to be as a university. And we can deliver industry connectedness in many ways to our students.>>Caitlin: To have the opportunity to work with the Football Club is a great start and I think a lot of people would be envious of the opportunity that these students have been given.>>Joshua: If you can go in to any employer and say, I’ve worked with the Fremantle Dockers, used this software…>>Kaycee: I’d definitely be more of an asset now that I’ve had some work experience.>>Justin: It’s been really fun, really interesting and pretty helpful for a learning experience.

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