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FIX – YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing on Facebook

FIX – YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing on Facebook

Hey, Derral here. So have you ever tried to
share a link on Facebook and the thumbnail doesn’t show up? Isn’t that really frustrating?
Well the other day it happened to me. I was going to post this really cool YouTube video
and this is what I got. Man, it even made me so mad that I even said the dreaded “f”
word… “Facebook!” Now in this video I’m going to show you two separate ways to have
those thumbnails always show up in Facebook. Now this technique really works with YouTube
videos and other types of links. Stay tuned. Alright, let’s go ahead and fix that thumbnail
and get that Meta information pulled into your post. Now there’s two ways to do this.
The first way is using Facebook. And you’re going to go to
now you’re going to see that here, and it’s also in the description below. And what you’re
wanting to do now is to go ahead and to put your URL here and hit “Debug”. What this does,
this actually puts Facebook and it goes back and spiders the information and you can see
that it went and scraped the information back on that URL. And it pulled in the object and
it’s seen the image there. And we’re able to pull all this information, which it looks
good! It looks like it’s now fixed. Now let’s see if we fix that post, so let’s go ahead
and delete this one off. And let’s hit refresh here and let’s go ahead and hit it and now
it’s fixed. Now that’s the first one, but here’s the second
one because sometimes this other one doesn’t work, the debugger tool doesn’t work. You
actually need to make a URL shortener. So you can go to, ok? This is
one that I prefer, or you can go to any URL shortners. Google has their shortner and there
is also a list in the description below. You put your URL there and you hit “Shorten” ok,
and once you do that you can just copy the URL and this just gives you another URL shortner
here go ahead and copy that real quick, come back over to… let’s go ahead and refresh
this again. This gives you a different link. And then that fixes that as well! Hey, you’ve got to love it. Now your thumbnail
is actually going to show up. I was frustrated when my thumbnail didn’t show up. Now before
you go I have a lot of great training coming up. Now on Mondays I have Facebook or Google+
training. You don’t want to miss that, and on Thursday I have some great YouTube training.
You guys don’t want to miss these training videos, so subscribe to my channel; you won’t
miss it, look in the feed. But also follow me on Google+ I have a lot of great training
coming out on Google+ as well. Thanks, guys for watching and have a productive day!

100 thoughts on “FIX – YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing on Facebook

  1. How do I get my videos from youtube to play directly on facebook? I could do that before, now we only get a LINK to youtube to have the video play.

  2. AS he showed in the video, this is not much clear. 1. You have to copy the link when your are watching it. 2. Now paste it and click on debug as shown in the video … 2. Scroll down to link preview. if it shows preview then .. again copy the link from debug space and go to your facebook .. refresh ur facebook. Paste the link .. This time it will show thumbnails of the video…

  3. Ahh fabulous! This actually worked for me using the debugger. I had to click “scrape again” however it worked like a charm and uploaded the thumbnail to Facebook.
    You have just saved me so many more hours of frustration haha thanks buddy!

  4. If anyone else like me is a few years late to the party, as someone in a reply to a comment said below, just hit "scrape again" a few times until the image preview starts showing on the debugger page, and it works!

  5. Thanks! The first technique didn't work, as you warned, but bitly took care of it. I loved that the info was so easy to understand and duplicate. 🙂 I appreciate your help!

  6. For me the preview does not show, just the URL which does work, no error message. I back the cursor up to the beginning and re post and it works. Why is this doing this? It also types real slow sometimes but I am not logged on twice.

  7. Darral , you are a star my friend . I was getting so frustrated when trying to upload some of my videos to facebook and like you some of then didnt show the thumbnail.

    I knew if there was info on how to do this ,,,,you would have been the man .

    The first way didnt work but the second did …thank you

  8. Why use a third party URL shortener, when YouTube has one built in? Just click "SHARE" under the video, and the shortened URL appears in the box, with the social media links above it, and the copy button beside it.

  9. Neither worked for me either. Used to not be a problem, but recently I noticed sometimes the url is there, but no preview, not what you showed in your video…help!

  10. With the first method, he doesn't clearly explain where the fixed URL is coming from, or where he's grabbing it from on the Facebook developers page.

  11. HOLY SMOKES!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I just posted a video I worked really hard on. For weeks I looked forward to releasing the video. Then I post it all over and find there's no thumbnail….AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH Dang you FACEBOOK!!!! So glad I found your video, it was a life saver, I had to go the Bitly route. You have my gratitude and a thousand thanks!!!!!

  12. So I put the vid URL in the debug thing and it says this:
    The 'og:image' property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags. which is an error. In your example everything was tickety boo so you didn't have to do anything. How do I fix that? Disliking b/c bazillion ppl have same problem and you not addressing it.

  13. Does not work… either method… this just started happening… and it's a major problem when you're trying to share your youtube videos on facebook…

  14. When I share there is a thumbnail but it's not the thumbnail selected on YouTube. WTF? I've tried both methods here and neither worked.

  15. following ur recommendation and I tried the 2nd method first but it didn't work, any how the 1st method worked perfectly . thanks for help

  16. I am having this problem, it just started a year ago or so. The debugger worked for a while but then quit working all together and so did Bitly. My question is "why" is this happening? I have shared videos for over a decade now and all of a sudden, this started. Under "warnings that should be fixed" it always states
    "The following properties are specified on the webpage but NOT supported for the specified 'og:type': og:video:tag"
    What does that mean?
    Again I would ask "why" is this happening all of a sudden? It happens with the same message under warnings for every video I try to share now.

  17. Hi, I have a question about scheduling a video and adding it to the playlist. If I make the video private and schedule it while adding to the playlist, it shows a black icon in the playlist with Private video label. I can't make it public and the last option is unlisted which I believe displays the video in case the playlist is public. If you want to schedule videos before hand adding them to a public playlist, is there a workaround?

  18. neither one of those two methods works for me…though ALL of my thumbnails suddenly dissappeared from facebook….ALL the thumbnails from all links that i ever posted…ten years of thumbnails vanished overnight and neither one of those two methods can't fix it in past nor in future, nor in present

  19. It seems that it doesn't work for the majority of people… it's strange. I've seen several videos and they all offer the same solution… that doesn't work. Any news on how to fix this problem?

  20. Hi Derral, and thanks for sharing. This video topic currently applies with Youtube videos shared to Linkedin. Do you or any followers have a fix? My thumbnails on shares of Youtube videos are grayed out. Thanks, Delfino

  21. Me too was mega frustrated when my thumbnail didn't turn up… Now as a precaution I am going to shorten all my URLs before putting them into FB.. thanks man

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