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FISHY BOOPKINS helps with Mail – SMG4 Mail Time #12

FISHY BOOPKINS helps with Mail – SMG4 Mail Time #12

Come to me, Fishy Boopkins! *ded* SMG4 Movie 2: Rise of Fishy Boopkins (Bleep) (Meme dance) *Intermission* Welcome! *Pissing Themselves* plz stap Okay, okay. Go. Hey. Everybody love everybody just a quick announcement before we start the mail video. You know, so we’re going to be removing the Retarded64 as a label for the video. 🙁 Yeah, so don’t worry people are like, “Oh my God! No! I love Retarded64!” Don’t worry the videos. I haven’t changed at all. They must still be retarded as ever the only thing that is changing is the label. So we’re just removing it and now it’s just the name like you’ve seen recently yeah, people get confused as to what’s the difference? They get confused by the difference between a blooper and Rearded64, I don’t even know what the difference is, whats the difference? I Don’t know, but the bigger reason was YouTube recently put up the new policies. Put it up. Put it up! I hate it! There’s this friggin’ part here that says yeah. If you have like a Mario or a Fishy Boopkins and they were doing this yeah if they do that. You’ll be you’re gonna get freaking de-monetized. We know this was directed towards the Spider-Man and Elsa cancer… (Don’t forget the slime and fidget spinner trend, those are cancer too) Kinda plaguing YouTube, Making the YouTube sort of it sucks that we got sucked into it. Yeah, you know we make cancerous videos too (No you don’t) But the thing is like Youtube didn’t tell us at all They were just sort of like boom demonetized boom they said nothing to us, and we don’t know like why which videos exactly? Dude! What’s gonna happen to us? It looks like only the videos that have retarded 64 in the title the word retarded so far anyway Yeah, it’s not obviously a PC word right and so the bots when they look through it They’re “Oh the words retarded,” yeah and so they’re like Yeah retarded Mario Okay, ooooooh and *Mumbles Insanely* You broke the lights Mario! Mario, what did you do! Mario so sorry! Two hours later Mario fix the lights. Hey guys! Like the video! *unintelligible* Stop! Your holding my neck I can’t breathe! ahh. AHAHHA! SOFUNNY Okay… AHHHHHH So if we sit here and not do anything hopefully everything sort of just Hands out and YouTube doesn’t do monetize our stuff If stuff does go down here with like more videos get de-monetised, we’re gonna be a bit of a pickle We’re gonna be like seriously screwed. We’re gonna be actual hobos But like we still, we love animating we love doing this sort of stuff. So if worse comes to worse, we’ll make a Patreon. Yeah, but we don’t want to do that now. I don’t do that. Yeah, because we love you guys I don’t like taking peoples money. We don’t need your donations, yeah exactly. If you are watching SMG4, retarded64 has been changed and that is all okay We’re gonna no let me do it Bodyslam. Oh My yeah we also got efficient vocals plush toy for no reason Look at me, I’m gay! *Pisses themselves* Luke actually bought it for my birthday. Yeah, everybody likes Fishy boopkins more than SMG4!!!!!! So I’m gonna be remains today. You don’t have a neck (aww no fight) ded again mail time! repeated words… and see new music new Country Look at what is okay. I love your videos and I love how you sometimes put thomas in them, too He’s more valuable than Fishy Boopkins The best hey look someone give you money. Yeah my money okay, so I’m a fan in Colorado u.s. Tells it says Mario. Don’t open yeah mario you hear that Mario Pokemon card as well as a dollar bill. Holy moly. This is really long the sexiest hobo, hi My name is Aleta I’ve been watching a bit of it since that came out. I love how you make such weird funny videos Yeah, I know it’s Kevin’s fault. He made me this way I dropped you on your head when you’re a job a lot of people jump Beyond My head I would like to do a suggestion if Maya was in Street fighter. Oh We never done a site, so we do it now ready go honey What he said? No, quinn. Yes, where did a Paris go he? He was making some spaghetti with mario. Yeah. He’s the only guy. He’s a guy hey make spaghetti forever What do you think will we get the spaghetti hey wait? I’m Elina. Thank you. I later you See you like Sushi Buca’s in the corner Somebody called I won or something in here It’s a game case. It’s stool sample. You can do look I believe we do Package package with other package is a game format division Is that commission have any good games? Yes? manicure Yeah Which you really been wanting to play this game Alright, so this is one of been named Tom, but he didn’t attach anything But he does say I’m pretty sure he means a lot of love by sending this to you given big kiss This could I give her a big kiss julia from Patsy a which I’m hoping is California. Yes, I liked all your videos. You’re awesome you inspire me and I am your biggest fan a lot of People’s biggest fan you know you’re my fan People watch this show for me right right just like the video if you want you to lose, you know That we dislike some do this haitian. Thank you making funny videos You make us love when we are sad, and you have so many inside jokes for most of the new videos Hope to meet you someday and keep up the great work Ps. I hope you enjoyed these pictures that you took me well? That is cute That’s cure that look like a chinese, emma you are Chinese Mario look at you. Thanks, Julia You are the best this is from a 1 to A so yeah, it’s a rock Aaron from yeah, I a year year learn noise Hey, I don’t know what that’s fun. Hey, so you want to be super Cooper, please? I love your videos and come wait to see what the future holds thanks for your great content It certainly keeps me laughing the first episode was Sm64 my best friend Slender man from there I kept on watching and watching thanks for reading this on camera also. Don’t they – oh fanny. I may be Ollie moly, I look like you also Scott for like a smack with it looks like some Asian disowned asian kid Because I mean I love my $10 you just made all the commercials I’m gonna even kid like a commercial like a token engine, Nintendo put me on and this could be my logo You would you want this next to Mario right here? And there’s your thumbnail Aaron, thank you very much justice from Joseph Az movie Amazona Sed for your videos or collapse if you’re my favorite Youtuber I hope you enjoy the fan out my favorite video Is that either stupid my make or my guts in the telos which those are pretty good videos? It’s all my ideas by the way Wait for me to be in the photo photo thanks, Joseph moving on this is um do not bend Michelle from Atlantic blend their lens is often a de moi Ma massachusetts eyes check what this is from the fan art Good. It’s actually good. I like the other one mean. No you go whoa that doesn’t look like me at all, but I’m to painting Yes, it’s awesome. Just use my hand I had my nails and sean I’ve watch your videos for a long time at least five years That’s a long time. They’ve continued to make me burst out laughing in the middle of the afternoon It makes me really glad to see a youtuber for my younger years still continuing something that well that they Enjoyed sitting away as time goes on. It’s all part of being a youtuber if any Things change I’m happy that you’re very cory has gone out. Oh, ho ho it’s all Kevin so not Kevin. Thanks again. Do anything, whoa? Mate, and I hope that you continue to do what you do You seem like a fun person to be around and you’re such a game is odd Yep, what is the right choice not? What is there no clue, but you have on the TV that was your idea for the bad quality dancing though? That’s on call the police okay attaches an acrylic fortune nice benefit. I hope you like it. It’s some paper stock That’s sturdy. So hopefully it stayed intact on its way. Thank you very much Michelle. It looks beautiful this looks like a Korean Pop Star version of me Lucky me looked any handsome, but thanks for making me look nice And that’s all the mail. Thank you all so much you beautiful fans So if you want to send more mail, send it here boo put a little put a little sparkle Oh, yeah, now you’ll want to send stuff to that. Thank you all so much fans for Everything you know I wouldn’t be here without this fat ass and My retarded sense of humor. So look what do you think was your favorite meal from today want something? With fishy book and look like looking like a salad I’ll take that as a compliment. All right guys this is SMG4 for efficient broken say goodbye You think you’re the best character? No? I just think I’m cute and people like me. I’m cool and a Vote up here. Gonna make a poll. You wait. Who’s cuter? Who’s cuter? Who’s cuter? God chose! I got a gun to the cameraman’s head! [ono] Fishy boopkins cuter in my opinion I know right Seems dumb When are you going to make that poll SMG4 ! (Outro SMG4. Subscribe, Like and comment if you want ^^ !)

100 thoughts on “FISHY BOOPKINS helps with Mail – SMG4 Mail Time #12

  1. I have a theory that Elsagate channels were created by disgruntled teenage boys who believe that YouTube rightfully belongs to them and them alone. So in other words it's teenagers scaring children off YouTube

  2. The last year when SMG4 videos were really good.
    I hope that the stupid mario series don’t die as the R64 series… oh stupid mario paint, it’s already five month’s ago 🙁

  3. I thought fishyboopkins must be a person because why would fishyboopkins say some things that nintendo wont let him say

    (And i saw right)

  4. 4:49
    Boop: thats me
    Luke talk
    Luke: thats dark green and its shi-
    Luke: no me
    Boop: HEY

  5. the difference is that sm64 bloopers follow in a story with random comedy and retarded64 is taking a scenario and making this stupid

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