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FIGHT or FLIGHT – It’s Your Choice!

FIGHT or FLIGHT – It’s Your Choice!

maybe you’re struggling with keeping up
your report deadlines and all the exams approaching maybe you’re going through
some family problems or financial difficulties or friendship problems or
relationship issues but that’s okay you still have enough fight left within you
shake off that doubt shake off the negative thoughts going through your
mind you’re in the right place you’re exactly where you need to be now your
next step is to get your mind set in the right place and this is where it will
challenge you but that’s not a bad thing you will have to forge a huge shift in
mindset I’ve seen it happen I’ve seen D grade students suddenly make a decision
that they are better than that that they are capable of achieving more
than D grades and within weeks they’ve made a transformation and suddenly
they’re a great students I’ve seen it happen I’ve seen students that have been
getting average grades their whole educational journey and then suddenly a
shift in mindset happens and they climb to the top of the class and they stay
there they stay at the top of the class until they graduate no don’t get me
wrong it doesn’t happen often it’s not an easy thing to do but I’ve seen it
enough times to know it’s definitely possible
and what I noticed is they fell into a dark place somewhere where they had
nowhere to go they were pushed into a corner and fight-or-flight mode kicked
in they had to make a decision fight or flight
and they chose fight because if you choose flight you continue on the same
path you continue getting the same grades you continue having the same
mediocre life that most people have because you choose to run from your
problems but if you choose fight doors start to open opportunities make their
way to you you become happier so how do you do that
how do you choose fight mode this is how you face your problems head-on you
increase the amount of studying you’re doing from four hours – five – six –
seven when you have ten minutes free instead of taking out your phone to
scroll through Instagram you open your ebook and you read for ten minutes you
drastically cut down the time you’re procrastinating because you’re so
focused on the goals you are chasing you start to find that you’re having fewer
problems in your life the stress of exams approaching does not exist anymore
because you’re so well prepared and you studied so much for them when the exams
do come you find them easy when deadlines are getting closer it doesn’t
bother you because you have completed everything
weeks before the final deadline and if you keep this up you’ll find yourself
building up momentum day by day until you’re swimming with the tide rather
than against it studying actually becomes easier and you start to enjoy it
this will be a transformative year the truth is everyone watching this is going
through some kind of transformation we’re all in the process of transforming
into a better smarter version of ourselves
don’t let the bad habits you may have picked up in the past slow down your
transformation destroy them there in the past map reset the habits you make now
will determine your future path this is your time

14 thoughts on “FIGHT or FLIGHT – It’s Your Choice!

  1. Thank you so much, I have been so much more motivated after watching you. I hope you continue doing what you are doing!

  2. The most significant mistake you can make is not taking action. If you take action and make a mistake it can always be corrected, but you cannot succeed if you never start. My YouTube channel lost 3 years of potential growth, because I failed to start uploading videos consistently until a couple of months ago. If you have a dream, take the 1st step today.

  3. I wasted so much time last year and never worked with my true potential but I want a transformation and I will fight with my only and the biggest enemy….myslef. I want to be my best version!!!

  4. I gave my Exams.
    First attempt was too bad But made to qualify it.
    I will again try in April Attempt and this time I will score 99.9%.
    I will FIGHT till end. Till I get to the College of Dreams.

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  6. Thank you this helps alot!
    Now I will study more and pick fight. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I used to just get A's from not studying but I wasn't really keeping A's. The grades wavered around A's. Now I hope to keep A's.

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