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Easy 3 ingredient shortbread

Easy 3 ingredient shortbread

So You Want To Make Amazing Buttery Shortbread,
That Only Takes Three Ingredients, Because Were Going To Be Baking That Right Now.
Welcome Back To The Bakers Journey, If You Want To Learn How To Bake, And You Want To Truly Master
The Art Of Baking, Hit Subscribe Ring The Bell So You Don’t Miss Anything. So Its Shortbread Season, And I Want To Kinda
Get Talking About The Concepts Behind Making Shortbread. So We Made A Lot Of Dough’s In
Our Previous Videos, Such As Bread And Buns And Stuff Like That.
And Bread And Buns Are Actually Considered A Long Dough And What I Mean By A Long Dough,
So Were Developing Dough’s And Were Developing Structure In These Dough’s When Were Making Bread. By Adding Liquid Or Hydration To The Dough. And When We Add The Hydration To The
Dough, Were Developing Gluten And Were Developing This Structure.
So When Were Making A Long Dough That Is What We Want.
We Want This Structure We Want This Volume To Our Loaves, But When Were Making Shortbread
We Got To Throw All That Out The Window, And What I Mean By That Is, Short Dough Hence
The Name Short. Is Were Going To Be Trying To Prevent Gluten
From Forming, And By Preventing Gluten From Forming Were Going To Have This Amazing Tender
Cookie Now When Were Making Shortbread There’s A
Few Things We Want To Consider, And The First Thing We Want To Consider Is Were Trying Not
To Develop Gluten, So That’s Number One. And Number Two Is We Want To Follow A Specific
Ratio, And I’ve Seen People Put Eggs In There Shortbread, Or They’ve Put Flavourings Or
Other Liquids In There Shortbread To Provide A Little More Flavor.
Today, Were Just Going To Use Three Ingredients So Its A Very Simple Recipe, And By Using
These Three Ingredients Were Going To Use Them in A Certain Ratio,
And That Ratio Is Three Two And One, So Its A Ratio Of Three Parts Flour Two Parts Butter
And One Part Sugar. (Music)….. So Thanks Again For Tuning Into The Bakers
Journey, It Was A Blast Today Learning How To Make Shortbread, Learning Some Concepts
On Making A Short Dough And Also Learning The Tree Two One Ratio, Which Is Going To
Make Shortbread A Breeze During The Season. So I Know I Was Going To Get Into Sour Dough
Starters, Natural Fermentation And Preferment’s In Our Next Couple Of Videos, And Were Still
Going To Get Into That, But Were Just Getting To Be Around The Time Short Breads Popular
And I Wanted To Throw A Recipe Out There, And Give You Guys A Recipe To Work Off Of
For The Season. If You Like The Bakers Journey, And The Content
That We Provide. Subscribe And Hit The Bell. We Also Have An Email Subscription List , So
If Your Interested Ill Leave The Link In The Description Below.
You Guys Have An Amazing Day.

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