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Do You Know These Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts? | Illustrator Shortcuts

Do You Know These Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts? | Illustrator Shortcuts

today’s video consists of multiple
keyboard shortcuts for advanced workflow in Adobe Illustrator so follow along so
you can elevate your knowledge with keyboard shortcuts and sponsoring
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very end of the video and make 2020 the year where you explore new skills and
expand on your passions so the first shortcut is kind of split
into two separate shoka’s now in the layers window we can select individual
objects on a layer and the blue icon lets us know when it’s selected but to
select them all simply just hold down the alt/option key and then click the
layers panel here but this is a quick way to highlight all objects on a single
layer but also you can press command or control a to select everything outside
of the layers window you essentially do the same thing but without the layers
window open now the second a shortcut is a real gem
and it saves me a lot of hassle in my workflow sometimes we have a really busy
artboard and we might need to access shapes or objects below other objects
very quickly now obviously the circle is in the way
of the Fox below but I can hold down the command or the control key while still
using the selection tool and then just double click this will grant access to
parts of my design below the circle without having to hide or remove other
objects so the third keyboard shortcut helps in
viewing your design without any anchor points or handles obstructing your view
they can be annoying sometimes and so to hide them simply press command
or control key and then H this will hide your anchor points and your handles by
pressing the same shortcuts is going to bring them back into view now this is
especially useful for those of you who use illustrator CC and opt to use the
anchor points with a large setting now one of my favorite tools that I use on a
regular basis in my workflow is the group selection tool now it doesn’t
actually have any keyboard shortcut given to it as you can see it’s right
here below the direct selection tool now you could always assign your own
shortcuts or you can simply use a direct selection tool and then hold down the
alt option key and this is going to bring up the group selection tool for
use now letting go of the alt option key will bring you back to the direct
selection tool and so you can easily toggle between the two with this way now
we all know that under the color palettes we have the fill box the
gradient box and then the nothing box well they’re actually shortcuts for all
three of these so firstly if you press the comma key on your keyboard you opt
to use the fill on a selection and then you can press a period or a full stop
which will add a gradient and then a ford slash is going to apply nothing on
the object at all but now a quick example of how to use this and speed up
your workflow is that let me just select one part of the fox and then use the
select same function to access all orange shapes I can then press the
period key on my keyboard to apply a gradient to all the objects and then
press and G for the gradient tool so it’s applied evenly across the design
itself this way shortcuts are very useful
indeed and when working with color it just speeds things up a little bit now
it’s a quick and a neat little shortcut for when you’re using the shape builder
tool now of course you need to select your objects as you usually would and
then look at the shape builder tool here or use a shortcut of Shift + M now to
unite my entire selection I would have to draw all over the place like so or I
could just hold down the shift key and then click and drag to select and unite
my entire set of shapes now this obviously works like the Pathfinder
unite function but it’s nice to know that you have this when using the shape
at at all on large designers now for the next keyboard shortcuts I will bring up
the preference settings with command or control K now notice here you have the
increment settings and – set to 1 this indicates how far I can add an object
along my artboard in Adobe Illustrator so if I press the arrow keys on my
keyboard the Fox is going to be belong at this pace however if I want to speed
things up I could just hold down the shift key and then nudge them again so
now things are sped up by a factor of 10 and again this is something that will
save you time over your days and your years working with illustrator now this
keyboard shortcut is handy if you’re working on various documents or have
many windows open instead of coming up to the top and then selecting the
document you want to use you can just hold down the command or the control key
and then press the apostrophe on your keyboard to toggle between your
documents now as I mentioned at the start of video sponsoring today’s
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arsenal and do remember if you want to keep learning essential skills within
illustrator or as a designer in general subscribe to my channel for weekly your
graphic design content do have a great day and a positive start of the week and
until next time guys design your future today peace

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