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Digital Marketing Diploma

KRISTIN UTTECH/INSTRUCTOR: “What’s a testimonial?” BILL BESSETTE/REPORTING: “Things move fast…” KRISTIN: “So let’s get together in small groups…” BILL: “In Kristin Uttech’s…” STUDENT: “Give them like, one for free.” BILL: “Digital marketing class.” KRISTIN: “Did you read the chapter?” STUDENT: “No, I didn’t.” BILL: “But then again…” STUDENT: “He had a laptop.” BILL: “That’s exactly what you would expect…” KRISTIN: “There’s a lot of stuff we covered
in 10 chapters…” BILL: “For this one-year technical diploma program.” KRISTIN UTTECH/MADISON COLLEGE DIGITAL MARKETING INSTRUCTOR: “This is really designed for people who are interested in being a social
media coordinator or a digital marketing specialist. I would call this program very unique. And I think one of the key factors for us
is an ever changing curriculum.” BILL: “To learn more about Madison College’s
Digital Marketing Diploma, visit or call (608) 246-6003, ext. 8.” KRISTIN: “All right, so what did you learn
that was insightful?” BILL: “For Madison College Minute, I’m
Bill Bessette.”

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