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Day of Service

Day of Service

It was important for us to use our Design
Sketchbook in inaugurating our Day of Service because we thought it would be a good communication
tool with the organizations that we were going to serve. They are the experts in what they do. But we are designers and if we could facilitate
a transfer of knowledge between what their needs are and what their goals are, into a
process by which we can tell their story, the Design Sketchbook would be a perfect tool for that end. And so, I think this idea of parity and architecture
is so important, you know, creating opportunities for women, for people of color, to be able
to experience architecture and the framework that you take in this collaborative approach. It shouldn’t just have to be one-percenters
that get to build the buildings and get to define
the spaces that we’re all in every day. It’s for everyone. And I think that it’s just remarkable and
awesome that Rothschild Doyno would be the first firm to do that in Pittsburgh, but hopefully
not the last. We’re using pro bono to work with people whose
ideas have not yet seen daylight, and they can help focus, energize, fundraise and eventually
be built. And so that’s what we believe to be the power
of pro bono.

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