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Content Marketing 2018 — How To Make Your Content Spread Like Wildfire

Content Marketing 2018 — How To Make Your Content Spread Like Wildfire

– I’m gonna make your
content spread like wildfire. Scott Oldford here, and today
I’m gonna teach you viral hack your content so it can be distributed to the people that need you. (upbeat dubstep music) Do you ever feel like
when you create content it’s really difficult to get anyone to actually look at it? We’re living in a time
where it’s so difficult to be able to actually
take someone’s attention towards our signal. It’s becoming so costly and so difficult. So today, I wanna create a framework and ensure that you are able to have content that is virally sheared and it allows for people to
be magnetized towards you, because those that actually
consume your content are the ones that are gonna
end up doing business with you, allowing you to grow your business. So, the very first step, the very first piece of being
able to have viral content is ensuring that you understand who the content is actually developed for. Now, and it comes to
knowing your audience. You need to be incredibly specific. You can’t just simply say, okay, anybody that is a marketer, or anybody that is an entrepreneur. You need to be very specific on the avatar of the person that you’re actually attracting. Because, with so much content online, being general is not going to be enough to get someone’s attention. You must be specific, and further than specific, ensure that the person’s pain is being dealt with directly inside of the piece of content. The second piece of what you need to do is ensure that you understand which lane your audience is in when they’re reading the
article or piece of content or video or whatever it may be. See, it’s very important
that you understand the sidewalks flowing
fast lane methodology. Now I’m gonna share that with you via a link above or below, instead of going in that today. But what you must understand is that a piece of content that is
for someone in the sidewalk is very different in the fast lane. In the sidewalk, your piece of content is showing the pain or problem. In the slow lane, it needs to focus on the
process or methodology. Uniquely that will allow
them to fix their problem. And in the fast lane, go
deeper into the actual solution of being able to fix that specific problem that they have. The third is what type of
emotion are we trying to evoke inside of this article
or piece of content? Are we trying to allow
them to have discovery? Are we allowing them to
understand themselves better? Are we trying to make a
villain of an idea or concept and that our idea or personal philosophy is better or a better version
of their particular reality? See, it’s very important
that inside of your content you’re evoking emotion. Emotion is what allows someone
to push the shear button. Because when it resonates
on an emotional level, it allows that person
to actually buy into it, going past someones logical brain and into their emotional brain. And when that happens, and when this occurs, you have content that
actually makes a person feel like they’re getting to know you better, and that is a content that goes beyond the steps of this or the in depth article and actually creates magnetization so that you can take strangers and turn them into potential customers. From there, we need to
figure out which story type makes the most sense. Now there’s seven overall
story types from Len Wilson. Now, I’m gonna link that article above so you can go check it out. The seven story types
are based upon Hollywood, and the ones that, as general, human beings connect with automatically. The idea is being able to pull out stories from yourself or your
personality or your company, being able to connect with that
person in a likewise place. These seven different story types allow you evoke further emotion, allowing you to go beyond just logic and into a further level of connection that’s going to allow that person to shear and want to align themselves with you and your brand. Bringing a person from just an anonymous stranger on the internet to somebody who is going to begin to know, like and trust you. The final piece is the six
different types of posts, the six different types of content. Now, I am going to link that video above, which is a full detailed video on the six different post types. But it’s about having personal
philosophy or personal story, or case study and
understanding the purpose of the actual content itself. See, it’s really important
that you’re intentional about what the piece of
content is supposed to do. Is it going to get someone
to sign up for a webinar? Is it gonna get someone to know you more? Is it going to build your authority? Is it going to get that person to see the type of lifestyle
that you believe in? Is it going to allow that person to see you as the authority further? Is it going to allow you
to build a social proof? What is it actually going to do? So I’m gonna put that above so that you can go and
take a look at this, but when we take these five pieces and we push them together, when you sit down and write, it’s not about just writing, it’s about planning those
five pieces together so that when you write
that piece of content or when you create this video, or whatever content is that
you want to push out there, it allows for a virality effect, and it’s not just content, it’s just not another list, it’s not just another piece of
information on the internet, but it’s something that’s
going to magnetize someone and align themselves with you, allowing you to bring
them closer and closer to who you are, and allowing them to become a
customer or client of yours. This is the difference
between having content that nobody cares about, and content that allows
you to create profit and further ability to
turn complete strangers into raving fans. With that said, go, implement, and if you want extra help, I’ve included an awesome resource
at the end of this video. So just click above or below to go ahead and download that. Scott Oldford here, and
I’ll see you next time. So if you enjoyed this content and you want more of it, make sure you go ahead and subscribe and if you want other
entrepreneurs just like you to be able to also
access this information, this knowledge, make sure you go ahead
and share it with someone that means the most to you. Remember, as entrepreneurs, it’s our job to be able to help other entrepreneurs continue to elevate, allowing us to evolve
society and evolve our world. I’ll see you next time, bye. (upbeat dubstep music)

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  1. Thanks for watching 🙂 So… what do you have in store for your content marketing in 2018? How are you going to make sure your content is actually consumed?

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