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Blackboard Episode 3: Building the Website Banner

Hi everyone! In today’s video we’re going
to take a look at how to add a slide to a Blackboard website’s banner. And the only difference is that
in Blackboard that banner is called a multimedia rotator. So, let’s get
going. Now the first thing that you want to do is go to your organization’s
Blackboard web page, click on “sign in” in the top right hand corner of the screen, enter in your access information (your
username and your password), click “sign in”. Next click on “site manager” in the top right. Then click on “homepage”. When you’re on “homepage,” we’re going to click
on the “MMR” that stands for Multimedia Rotator. Notice that it indicates that
all slides that go into the Multimedia Rotator should [have the size[ 675px X 465 px.. Go ahead and
click on the Multimedia Rotator and we’ll take a look at a few things that
are available for you. First of all, with these slides that are
already in existence, you may go ahead and inactivate them or activate them by
simply clicking on the icon to the left of [each] slide.
You can also sort them into a different order by clicking on the “sort” button.
This opens up a new window in which you may either click on “sort alphabetically”
or you can sort by dragging and dropping. We’re going to keep the order as is for
right now, so I will close this window by hitting “cancel.” In order to create a new
slide, click on “new record.” You must enter a title for the record and this
title will match a Google Doc that I will be linking to the slide.
And the name of school Google Doc is “Traffic Pattern Rules.” So going back to this, in the title box I
will enter in “Traffic Pattern Rules.” I’m going to click on “Hide” so that way the title of the slide will not appear because it’s really not needed. I’m not going to
include a caption; captions are optional. If you type out a caption, it will
appear beneath the slide and can be a little distracting in my opinion. So I’m gonna click on the checkbox next to it that says “Hide.” Next thing we need to do is upload an
image. So click on “upload an image” and choose it from your list of downloads,
and in this particular example, I’m gonna click on “Traffic Pattern Rules.” This is a
slide I had made previously for our website. I’m gonna double click on this,
but, as you can see, it is not working…it is not uploading. It says “You have not uploaded
a file.” It is working. It is making an effort. It’s not going to succeed however
because the file name is incorrect. You see, Blackboard will not accept file
names that have special characters in them. Going backs to a “New Record” we’re gonna click on “Upload Image” once again and take a look at the filename.
The filename has parentheses-1 and parentheses. We have to get rid of those
parentheses. So to rename the file, you right click on it and normally this happens very quickly… try this again.
Right click on it–there we go. You click on “Rename” in the window that opens up,
and we’re going to fix the filename by eliminating the unnecessary characters.
Just click outside of that and the new filename is saved. Now we can double
click on the file, and it has been approved. I’m gonna have to enter in the title name once again though so… Traffic Pattern Rules. I’m going to hide it. Hide the caption. The alternative text simply explains to
people who are sight-impaired what is in the image. So…”Image of a bulldozer as part of an advertisement regarding new traffic pattern rules.” And I’m just going to scroll through this to
make certain that there are no misspellings. Alright, looks good! Next thing I’m going to do is–I’m going
to go up here to “Display Duration” and I can, if I would like, put an end date
on here. However, I’m going to leave it blank for right now so that way it stays
active for a lengthy period of time. I can also click on “Viewers.” By default, all website visitors can view
the record. You can limit who’s able to view it by adding specific users or
groups. Currently all visitors can view this record which is what I would like, so I’m going to keep it as is. Going back to the record here, I can click on “Link an Image.” And the
web address will be this Google Doc right here. And regarding anything that
you want to link, make sure that it is accessible by anybody who has the link.
The way you do that with a Google Doc is to go over to the
“Share” tag here, click on it, and make certain here that it says that anyone with
the link can view it. Make certain it does not say that anybody with the link can edit the document–that would be a big mistake. So “Anyone who has a link can
access. No sign-in required.” So that is exactly what I want. I’m gonna click on
“Copy Link.” The link has been copied to the clipboard. So going back to the
Blackboard site, I’m going to make certain that the field here has the
desired link. I’m going to hit Control-V which enters in the URL. You can also go through the URL just to make certain is correct. Then you click on “Save.” And a little message appears at the bottom: “Success! You created your record.” To see what the website now looks like with
this new slide added to the Multimedia Rotator, simply click on this link
up here that says “View Website.” Expand it out and you can see this new slide right here. Notice that this message here on the new slide says “Click on the link in the bottom right to learn the new carpool and
parking guidelines.” That link will be right here; hence it’s a good idea to always check on this. We’re going to click on this link here to make certain that it
pulls up the desired document, and it does! Going back to viewing the website, notice
that, if there is a link, there is a semi-transparent rectangular white bar
here at the bottom. For that reason, avoid putting text here
at the bottom of your slide. If there is no link and you indicated
that you want to hide the name of the slide and you wanted to hide the caption,
there will be no white rectangular bar at the bottom of the slide. And that’s all there is to adding a
slide to your Multimedia Rotator also known as the website banner. As you can
see, adding a slide to a Multimedia Rotator is very easy to do–so easy, even
Bubby here would be able to do it. So, thank you for watching this video today.
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