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Bernie Wins New Hampshire, Trump and Barr Protect Roger Stone: A Closer Look

Bernie Wins New Hampshire, Trump and Barr Protect Roger Stone: A Closer Look

-Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary,
making him the clear front-runner
for the Democratic nomination, as President Trump bullied
the Justice Department into going easy on one
of his convicted henchmen. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheering and applause ] There were two huge developments
happening simultaneously on split screens last night:
On the one hand, a crisis in the
Justice Department created by President Trump;
and, on the other, the Democratic primary
in New Hampshire; and we all had to do our best
to follow both at the same time, which is just how
our lives are now. We’re like bank security guards watching five different
screens at once. [ Laughter ]
On one screen, there’s a bunch
of customers waiting patiently in line to complain about how
they’re bein’ ripped off and, on the other four,
there are dudes staring directly into the camera, smiling
and holding giant bags of cash. [ Laughter and applause ] First, Democrats held
their second contest of the primary season
in New Hampshire last night and, whatever else
you could say about it, it was honestly
just a relief to move on from the mess in Iowa,
where the final results were screwed up by mathematical
errors and an app that crashed that was made by a company
called Shadow. [ Laughter ]
In fact, the final results are still not confirmed. A hundred years from now,
after hordes of zombies supercharged by climate change
have ravaged the country, [ Laughter ]
a lone survivor will wander
into an abandoned barn in Iowa and find a note carved
into the wall that says, “Still too close to call.” [ Laughter and applause ] Honestly, it was just a relief
to finally see people voting in actual polling stations,
as opposed to whatever the hell was goin’ on in Iowa.
[ Laughter ] I’m sorry, but this is
not an election. These people look like
the burnout kids who had to sit out of volleyball because they purposely
forgot their gym clothes. [ Laughter and applause ]
“Sorry, Coach. We’re so bummed we can’t learn
how to bump, set, and spike! [ Laughter and applause ]
The only thing we spike is heroin, Coach! [ Laughter and applause ] [laughing] I’m sorry
I yelled at you, Coach.” [ Laughter ] [laughing] Basically,
what we know about Iowa is that Bernie Sanders
won the popular vote; Pete Buttigieg slightly
edged him out in the delegates, thanks to obscure rules; and Elizabeth Warren
came in third. And the Iowa Democratic Party
is having trouble keeping things together. In some cases,
together literally. The chair of the Iowa Party held
a press conference on Monday to update the media on the
results, and this happened. -The sheets are signed,
not only by the precinct chair and the precinct secretary — [ Clattering ]
[ Laughter ] Uh.
-Oh, man. Did you use an app
for your podium, as well? [ Laughter ] Was the app called Metaphor? [ Laughter ] You can tell. [ Cheering and applause ] You can tell that we had moved on from Iowa
to New Hampshire because it seemed like
virtually every candidate showed up to greet
their supporters with the local delicacy boxes
of Dunkin’ Donuts, [ Laughter ]
and that includes
Senator Amy Klobuchar, who repeatedly bragged about how many Dunkin’
locations she’d been to. -What are you gonna do
to solidify your place in the top three? -Well, Joy, we’re doing it
right now. I go everywhere. I’ve been in Dunkin’ Donuts. I’ve gone
to Dunkin’ Donuts. And it feels like, for me,
that it’s a fresh start here. I got to go to every
Dunkin’ Donut I could find. [ Laughter ]
-That’s no small feat. I’m from New Hampshire
and, as I recall, every third building
is legally required to contain a Dunkin’ Donuts. [ Laughter ]
-Although, I have to say, when your big highlight
about visiting New Hampshire is that you got to go
to every Dunkin’ Donut, you definitely sound like
an out-of-towner. That’s like goin’
to New York and saying, “We really got
to experience the culture. We went to all
the Duane Reeds!” [ Laughter and applause ] [ Fresh laughter ] But, hey, the strategy clearly worked
for Klobuchar because she finished in a strong
third, with 20% of the vote. And, while Andrew Yang
dropping out means the remaining Democratic
field is all-white, it’s pretty amazing that the top
three finishers in New Hampshire were a Jewish
Democratic socialist, a gay veteran,
and a woman from Minnesota whose next coffee
is probably free. [ Laughter and applause ] But the big takeaway — [ Applause ] The big takeaway, of course,
was that Bernie Sanders is now the clear front-runner
for the Democratic nomination with his win in New Hampshire and his current lead
in many national polls. And you can tell that he senses
his place as a front-runner because, in New Hampshire,
he started to aiming his fire squarely at Donald Trump. -We are going to defeat
the most dangerous president in the modern history
of America: Donald Trump. [ Cheering ]
The American people, no matter what their
political views may be, are sick and tired of a president who is
a pathological liar. [ Cheering and applause ] Who is running
a corrupt administration. [ Cheering and applause ] Who is a bully
and a vindictive person. [ Cheering and applause ] Who is a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe, a homophobe, and a religious bigot. [ Cheering and applause
intensifies ] And those are
his nice qualities. [ Laughter ] -Damn! [ Applause ]
I mean, I gotta say. [ Cheering and applause ] I was always a fan
of Gruff Bernie, but I like Insult Comic Bernie
even more. [ Laughter and applause ]
You can catch that and more on his new Netflix special,
“Ya Burnt!” [ Laughter and applause ] And Trump’s actions
this week have shown that the stakes
of the Democratic race could not be higher. Now, the Republicans, with the
exception of Mitt Romney, have acquitted Trump
in the impeachment trial, the 2020 election is really
the last chance we have to stop our system
from fully sliding into a corrupt banana republic. Republicans have given Trump
the green light to subvert our democracy
and the rule of law without consequences and, now,
he’s pushing full steam ahead. He’s literally bullying the
Justice Department, via tweet, to dole out lenient sentences to the cronies who committed
crimes on his behalf. Every time I think Trump has done the worst thing
he could possibly do, he finds a way
to one-up himself. He’s like the exact opposite
of Simone Biles. [ Laughter ]
Like every time you think she
can’t stun you of a new routine, she posts a video of herself
doin’ something like this. -Whoo! -Up! Yeah. [ Audience oohs ]
-I mean, it’s fun to imagine Trump attempting
even one part of that routine. [ Laughter ] You know, I imagine
it would look like this… -Witch hunt. [ Explosion ]
[ Laughter and applause ] [ Applause and cheering ] -We had like 15 people
workin’ all day on that. [ Laughter ] [ Laughs ] [ Fresh laughter ] 100% first time I’ve seen it. [ Laughter and applause ] Republican Senators tried
to tell us that impeachment would be a teachable
moment for Trump, but Trump made it clear
that wasn’t the case. He was basically an inmate
at a parole hearing and, when they asked him,
“So, what are your plans when you get out?”
He said… [as Trump] Uh,
I’d like to kill again. [ Laughter ]
Last night, we saw how little
Trump has changed with the case of one
of his long-time confidants, convicted criminal Roger Stone, seen here in his very real
outfit from the inauguration. [ Laughter ]
I mean, look at him. Is he attending the inauguration or Mr. Peanut’s funeral? [ Laughter ] He’s dressed like
Punxsutawney Phil’s coke dealer. “Good news, Phil, baby. Six more weeks of winter
and it’s the good snow, baby.” [ Laughter and applause ] [laughing] Stone — [ Applause ]
-Whoo! -Stone was convicted
of lying to Congress and witness tampering, both
actions intended to help Trump during Robert Mueller’s
Russia investigation. You might remember that Stone even tried to intimidate
one witness by threatening to steal
that witness’ therapy dog. Stone wrote in an email,
“You are a rat. A stoolie. You backstab your friends–
run your mouth my lawyers are dying
to Rip you to shreds.” Stone also said he would
“take that dog away from you.” [ Laughter ]
That’s right. He threatened
to take someone’s therapy dog. Even Spirit Airlines
doesn’t do that. [ Laughter ]
And they don’t even
have cushions. [ Laughter ] So, on Monday,
prosecutors recommended up to nine years
in jail for Stone and then,
in the middle of the night, Trump lashed out at that
sentence on Twitter, writing, “This is a horrible
and very unfair situation. The real crimes are
on the other side, as nothing happens to them. Cannot allow this
miscarriage of justice.” He lied to Congress,
tampered with witnesses, and threatened
to steal someone’s dog. Dognapping, alone,
should get you jail time and you should have to serve
those years in a dog pound. [ Laughter and applause ]
And then, outta nowhere, in a shocking move,
the Justice Department, led by Trump’s co-conspirator,
Attorney General Bill Barr, announced on Tuesday
they were changing the sentencing recommendation,
after Trump’s tweet, prompting all four prosecutors
working on the case to withdraw in protest. Barr is turning
the Justice Department into a political weapon
for Trump and, when Trump was asked
about the move yesterday, he insisted both that he hadn’t
directed the Justice Department to go easy on Stone and also, that he had the absolute right
to do it, if he had wanted to. -You seemed,
from your tweet today, that were upset about the
Roger Stone sentencing. -Yeah.
I thought it was ridiculous. -Did you ask the Justice —
-No, I didn’t speak to the Justice — I’d be able
to do it, if I wanted. I have the absolute right
to do it. I stay out of things, to a degree that people
wouldn’t believe. [ Laughter ]
-No. We wouldn’t. We wouldn’t believe it. You don’t stay out of anything. You couldn’t even stay
out of Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s
relationship. [ Laughter and applause ] You’re like the guy at a party
who walks up to a couple that are clearly fighting
and says… [as Trump]
So, who cheated on who? [ Laughter ] Karen! I didn’t know
you had it in ya. [ Laughter ]
Also, this is not the first time Trump has insisted
he has the absolute right to direct
the Justice Department to do his political bidding
or, the absolute right to do a buncha other obviously
unconstitutional stuff. -He tweeted, “As the President
of the United States, I have an absolute right,
perhaps even a duty, to investigate, or have
investigated, CORRUPTION, and that would include
asking or suggesting other Countries to help us out!” -“I never offered Pardons
to Homeland Security Officials, never ordered anyone
to close our Southern border (although I have
the absolute right to do so).” -The president tweeting that
sharing intelligence with Russia is something he has
“the absolute right to do.” -He told The New York Times
tonight, “I have the absolute right
to do what I want to do with the Justice Department.” -No, you don’t.
You don’t have the absolute right
to do any of that stuff. Also, anytime you use the phrase
“I have the absolute right,” you’re not the good guy
in that situation. Trump sounds like an angry
customer yelling at a Dunkin’s because they wouldn’t
let him use the bathroom. [as Trump] I have the absolute
right to use the bathroom! You gotta buy somethin’
or get out. Besides, Amy Klobuchar’s
still in there, canvassing for votes. [ Laughter and applause ]
“Somebody’s in here!” “Somebody undecided?!” [ Laughter and applause ] So, in the last 24 hours,
we’ve learned that Bernie sanders
is now the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, promising to fundamentally
transform the corrupt system that created Trump
and from which Trump benefits. Meanwhile, Trump is stoking
a constitutional crisis at the Justice Department by interfering
in criminal cases, protecting his cronies,
retaliating against his enemies, using the government
as a political weapon, talking like a thug
and a dictator… -And those are
his nice qualities. [ Laughter ]
-This has been “A Closer Look.” ♪♪
[ Cheering and applause ]

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