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so one of the biggest questions I get
asked on this channel is how do I make it as a logo designer and is the logo
design industry too saturated so in today’s video I’m actually going to show
you some tips on how to make it as a logo designer and we’re gonna explore if
this industry is in fact too saturated as some of you probably know I’ve been
designing logos for 15 years now and I’ve seen the industry change in
many different ways during this somewhat short period of time but it’s the lego
design industry – saturated follow along with me today and we’re gonna answer
that very question and I’m also gonna show you how to make it as a logo
designer heading into 2020 if you simply a Google search logo design you’re going
to find a whole host of logo design maker websites you know these things the
the programs are spew out crummy and unoriginal designs day in day out and
that’s the whole problem with these things a logo maker lacks originality
and they really turn out unprofessional logo designs on top of that because so
many people use them the exact same or very similar logo design might be turned
out by the Lego maker itself now before technology exploded it was only a small
portion of people who had access to the professional tools of graphic design
this is simply because software and hardware was so expensive back then this
enlargement that only the professionals were putting at work into the industry
and thus there were not many graphic designers around at that time so now
that’s technology is easily accessible to pretty much anybody it does mean that
anybody can claim to be a logo designer all you really need is a Wi-Fi
connection and a really basic knowledge of image editing software or you know
drawing programs there are many free programs out there like GIMP and canva
for example however it’s still and always will require professional to
understand color theory to have a life of balance with the logo to pair fonts
in harmony and so on so the people with the knowledge and the skills are always
going to charge more for their time and the reflection of their work is
their portfolio now there are tears from the teenager designing a logo on canva
or GIMP up to branding agencies spending several weeks on a single Lego design so
there is a spectrum and you can find a place for yourself anywhere within the
spectrum depending on your skills and your experience so now that we’ve
established the logo design industry isn’t actually that saturated how can
you get yourself a steady stream of clients as a logo designer I’m gonna
show you some tips on how to get that steady flow of clients as a lego
designer wherever you fall into the spectrum now it just goes without saying
that you need to have good liquor designs to get more clients so you need
the skills and also of course you do need a graphic design portfolio of your
later work and I’ve actually spoken about that many many times on this
channel so today I’m not gonna go into you know the importance of portfolio
because it just should go without saying one hugely powerful tool that many
designers just forget about is a blog so like with anything else it does take
time to build up a blog but once it gets going is really fruitful to you as a
logo designer talking in length about design topics such as logo design color
Theory shape psychology and so on you come across as a kind of professional
who knows exactly what they’re talking about and this instills confidence in a
potential clients who’s reading your blog so on the blog you really want to
showcase your best work as you would with a logo design portfolio for example
you will need to promote your blog we’re posting on social media platforms like
Twitter Facebook reddit and just market yourself really effectively on social
media so when you do show your work and you’re not just talking about graphic
design topics do you make sure your work is the best that you can actually
produce that you want to send out there onto the internet it might only require
that you spend three to four hours per week on a single blog posts and this is
going to be enough to get the ball rolling at the start of your blog’s
creation but yeah like I said a blog isn’t gonna
have success overnight and so something you need to keep building up and when
you do get some traction a blog can be very lucrative to a designer and also
just you know gaining that presence online that you do want to strive to
have so yeah blog is very powerful to utilize as a logo designer but another
tip is to start networking as early on as you possibly can in your career so
that probably means that you should be doing it right now
networking isn’t using social media to advertise yourself networking refers to
making real life connections and friendships with fellow creatives but
how can this be helpful to you as a graphic designer
well for example if you end up connecting with somebody who strictly
works on coding for websites and apps sometime in the future they might need a
graphic designer to work on a logo or some graphics for a website establishing
these networking connections early on could really help you later on down the
road and also you might need something doing you know in the future that you
don’t have skills for so if you don’t know how to code a website one of your
network connections might be able to help you there and for a lower rate than
normal now it should go without saying that you need to know the basics of
graphic design but many do forget that they seem to want to just jump in the
deep end and bypass the fundamentals of graphic design now these include the
graphic design principles such as contrast hierarchy balance and so on two
books I do recommend is firstly know your onions and secondly graphic design
a user’s manual now you really can’t become a successful and a competent
graphic or logo designer without understanding and utilizing the basics
so you should familiarize yourself and master these basics as early on as
possible in your career also of course you need to know how to use the tools of
the trade and this is a learning process and it does take time as well as
patience for every single designer out there nobody is born with the innate
ability to use Adobe Illustrator or any software for that matter is something
that’s needed to be learnt and once you have learnt how to use these programs in
confidence you can express and formulate your ideas visually
that much easier than if you you know having trouble with the pencil or
whatever now another good tip is to ask your peers for feedback on your designs
as somebody who isn’t going to tell you white lies just to make you feel good
you need solid and blunt critique so you can see the flaws and the areas that you
need to improve on and like with most things in life it just becomes more and
more natural and second nature as you progress and as you use the
programs more and more and more practice does make perfect we all need to
practice and improve and is sometimes difficult to see our faults and also the
areas that we need to improve on so it’s always nice to have some people there to
guide us and just point out you know that’s not good that’s not working out
that doesn’t look good and so on being a freelance or in-house designer does
require knowledge of business more so if you are a freelancer because you’re
making all of the decisions on your own so in the description of today’s video
I’ve linked some older videos where I go into the business side of graphic design
because that is really really important to success as well so there were some
tips on how to make it as a Lego designer and like I said if you do want
to check out the business side of things I’ve got some videos linked down below
just about that very topic and also we did explore if logo design is too
saturated because I do get some comments from time-to-time saying there’s no
point studying or trying to become a Lego
designer in 2020 because it’s just too saturated now I personally do tend to
disagree with that from the points in today’s video but let me know what do
you think do you think the logo design is too saturated or maybe you even think
graphic design in general is too saturated I do have a video on one of my
logo design projects from start to finish and that’s going to be coming
very very soon also do let me know what you want to see
on this channel down in the comment section below because I’m always eager
to read your comments and see your opinions and your suggestions if you
don’t help out my channel share my content on social media and of course
give this video a thumbs up button so next time guys design your future today
peace you

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