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An Alien in Charge of NASA

An Alien in Charge of NASA

Greetings. We begin today with the end in mind. Today will be a little less action packed
than most – primarily because I want to address a message that came in via electronic
mail. Today’s question comes from Sophie, who
lives in the United States. Sophie asks “Francis, if you were in charge
of NASA, what missions would you prioritize”. Excellent question, Sophie, and this is a
complicated one. You see – NASA is responsible for all of
your governments space projects. This is too broad of a focus. They have to decide what science missions
to do and they have to decide what exploration missions to do. I am a traveler – so I am biased, but I
would personally deprioritize some of the deep space science missions and focus on establishing
extra planetary human settlements. Here is why –
Once you have humans living and reproducing off world you will see a dramatic accelerating
in pure scientific results. The reverse would not have a similar effect. For example – if you setup a colony on the
moon, and set up manufacturing facilities – you could build many, many more satellites
and telescopes. The moon has less gravity and no atmosphere
– so you could launch many, many more experiments from there than you could from earth, and
more cost effectively. The same goes for Mars and the moons of Jupiter. Humanities real priority should be getting
off this planet – not because it is bad or a lost cause, but because getting off this
planet teach you lessons that make life on this planet better. And vice versa as well – making life on
this planet better will teach you lessons about how to survive on other planets. So if I was in charge of NASA I would throw
everything at human exploration and settlement off world. You space station is actually a good start. Establishing permanent bases on the moon and
Mars is even better – because those sites have vast resources that could be used in
situ to synergistic effect. Humans.

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