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10 Most GENIUS Advertisements Ever!

10 Most GENIUS Advertisements Ever!

hey guys what's up bitch Charlie here and today we're going to be looking at the 10 most genius advertisements ever so we all hate TV ads as they're very boring when they come on you likely get out of the room go to the bathroom we'll make a snack but here are some advertisement which I'm not boring at all these adverts are awesome and actually make life better and may sound crazy but hear me out and have a look at these amazing advertisements but first why not subscribe to top tens and press the notification bill to coming in at number 10 we have dollars so have you heard of the company 3m in case you haven't if they make various building supplies and something they specialize in is security glass they make glass for things like banks and large buildings this is so no one can destroy the buildings or rub the banks but just how secure is their security glass well to prove how confident they are with their glass they put their glass on a bus stop at and then in between their security class they put $1,000,000 they said if you can break the glass you get to keep the $1,000,000 and as you can imagine that led to a lot of people trying to break this glass people punched it kicked it ran and hit and even drove their cars into it but it seems 3m security class really is secure literally nothing broke it and 3m got to keep their 1 million dollars and when they put it up they even install the camera to capture everyone trying to get in they then made the compilation of people trying to break the glass into another commercial and I have to say the videos of the guys trying to break the glass is very funny for a million dollars I'm surprised somebody didn't get some kind of movie gadget and cut through the glass but it seems 3m s glass is too tough to break next up is parking spot so this one is slightly more dark but it is also kind of funny and delivers a very serious message so we all know that drinking and driving is a big problem tons of people pass away every year from this and there are many typical adverts telling you not to drink and drive but sometimes these aren't have all that much impact well that is why one city installed this very very ominous advert as you can see they painted a parking spot on a sidewalk with a tree on it saying reserved for drunk drivers so if they're pretty much saying if you're driving drunk you're going to crash into a tree now this may be kind of dark and harsh but hey it's true and it definitely isn't effective if not eerie reminder not to drink and drive next up is light bulb so we all know in those old TV shows when people got a good idea a light bulb would appear above their head well The Economist magazine decided to make this a reality on their billboards they installed giant light bulbs then they put motion sensors underneath those light bulbs so when somebody walks underneath the billboard the light bulb lights up this is basically to say that if you read The Economist you're gonna have a bunch of good ideas if there's one thing the economy could need right now it's some good ideas but this really is one we'll some advert it's very plain and simple bill so very effective and also technological next up is coffee so we all know that some sewers produce steam this steam comes out of the holes in the sewers and it's not exactly a nice sight to see it can make cities look all nasty and smoggy well that is why foggers Coffee decided to transform some of these nasty drains instead of having the smoke come out of manhole covers they put cups of coffee over the covers this then made a very tasty looking cup of fresh hot coffee imagine if somebody was high and saw this yes they probably think they found the world's biggest cup of coffee on the anthers it also says for the city that never sleeps and that's because they mainly did these in New York which is the city that never sleeps and the coffee capital of the USA next up is in the trunk so this is another awesome at in New York we all know the HBO shows Sopranos it's about a bunch of gangsters in New York well when a new season of The Sopranos was coming out HBO decided to do this very funny and eerie ad and still have a very obvious ad campaign they simply put a hand sticking out the trunk this makes it look like they have a body back there now clearly this is just a decoration for an advert but as you can see from the images there were a few concern you'll because you didn't get it at first but I'm sure once they saw the soprano sticker they got the joke I have to say this is some clever and also kind of scary advertising I just hope not too many taxes with these ads got pulled over next up is all-you-can-eat so when you're on a road trip there's nothing better than pulling into an all-you-can-eat rest stop you get hungry on the road and need a bunch of food well one rest stop decided to advertise on the highway in a very genius way just before the rest stop is a large tunnel so instead the average billboard they did this that's right they made a ginormous image of a woman's mouth the tunneled Sochi see you and then you can get an all-you-can-eat I have to say will be kind of scary driving right into somebody's mouth by two you can't deny this is one amazing and funny advert next up is sewer barbecue so most of these interesting adverts have been from big brands with a big budget but this one goes to show that the average show can't make an awesome app with some creativity instead of nasty sewers all over your city wouldn't you rather have barbecue girls well that's exactly what one guy calls VJ who was selling barbecues thought so he put things like skewers spatulas and grills over sewer drains he then spray-painted need any barbecue call me this is a very subtle but also genius idea and I guarantee he got way more calls than he would if he just got a simple billboard I don't know if the guy paid to do this but I seem he didn't I'm pretty sure you can't just come around graffitiing the street but then again that means this guy ran this ad with a zero budget it really else goes to show if you want to make some sales all you need some creativity next up is blue so I'm sure we're all aware of the world water crisis it's hard to believe that billions of people in the world don't have access to clean water it's something we just take for granted but in many countries around the globe people don't have access to safe water one charity working to stop this is called water for life it's a charity located in Oklahoma USA we see those TV ads for charities all the time they get kind of tyrant so that is why water is life did a massive and very impactful campaign they painted an entire massive street blue this was to demonstrate how many people don't have access to water for us water is literally everywhere it's in stores our fridge the faucet the bathtub but many people don't even have enough to keep them alive so that is why this is one awesome campaign not only is it for a good cause it's also massive and incredibly elaborate next up is dropped calls so one of the most boring ads are cell phone ads we all think cell phone providers are pretty much the same but one cell phone provider named Cingular thinks they're different and according to their ads they are they installed a massive billboard saying hate dropped calls but instead of just saying hey drop calls they showed it as you can see they made the effect is that the word calls have been dropped from the Billboard now this may look like a massive accident but no this is just clever advertising they claim to have the fewest dropped calls but to be honest I don't care how then it work is with advertising like this I'm sold coming up next is cameras so here's another example of an ad making a city look awesome in cities there are tons of metal pillars all over the place they're there for a good reason to stop cars from driving up onto the pavements if they make the city look unsightly that is why canon decided to make the city look a bit cooler instead of having these metal pillars they made them into lenses they painted cameras on the ground and then painted an optical lens onto the pillars this way it looks like there's tons of ginormous cameras all over the city they do this to introduce their new finepix cameras with a 10 time optical zoom I'm not sure who came up with this idea but whoever they are they're thinking outside the box check out the pole the top right corner works for the most amazing advert on this list my favorite was the million dollars in glass one don't lie I'm sure we would all try and break that glass for a million dollars but as always thanks for watching check out some more jars and screen rights now leave a like if you enjoyed and if you haven't already what you waiting for subscribe to top ten

25 thoughts on “10 Most GENIUS Advertisements Ever!

  1. Anyone notice that the 3M money one was in the uk lol bring that here to deltona Florida ill get through that glass with my truck and if not i got a 100 round drum mag for the ol mutant ar runnin 7.62X39

  2. Glass with million dollars in it
    brings car
    calls North Korea for 2 atomic nooks
    calls astronauts to bring down the biggest asteroid
    asteroid smashes in glass
    WAIT WHAaaaaaAAAAaAaaAt it didn’t break
    And we didn’t die
    I’m gonna need one of these for a whole glass house that I’ll feel safe in

  3. I used to make the bulletproof Sky lighting for banks (3m polycarbonate)… Come on guys use your head they just did not form that plastic they cut it off a bigger sheet… USE A SKILL SAW!!!

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